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BDAS Methodology


Strategic Questlons

Frameworks Applied

“nm. &wh. u'"M Mn.  5? Market Rese...
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Innogress BDAS Methodology


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This is Innogress's BDAS Methodology Snapshot. Innogress helps its customer’s to align products & solutions proposition as per market requirements and enables Business Development function as a service.
Gamut of BDAS (Business Development As Service):
-Business Ecosystem Development
-Market Segments Identification
-Products and Solutions Positioning
-Account Mapping, Development & Strategic Relations
-Account’s Opportunity Research
-Business Propositions & Proposals
-Business Deals Management

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Innogress BDAS Methodology

  1. 1. lnnogress’s BDAS Methodology ADVISE EXEC UTE Strategic Questlons Frameworks Applied “nm. &wh. u'"M Mn. 5? Market Research. Prlmlsrv- F60, Di, Secondary Opportunity Analysis: Market Bl Demand Sizing Wm‘ uelmfimd muh, “i"_, tllmugll pr: -rllctlvr analytics model What to be Asplred 8: Erwlrslonod ? Wllk. hMar| :lto6oFor8-How ? Min. Segments to Focus ll its Onracterlstla 7Howto Position? GO-T0vMB(| t£l Strategies: Blue Ocean o SWOT ¢ Porter 5 Force, Vision 8: Missions Strategy Frameworks DEllI8l’iIbl(‘S Market Analysis Rupert (Quill) Market Size Report (Quanti) GTM Thin Blue Boo| r(Quali, Quanti) Segmentation & Positioning, (luster Analysis, (0 lolnl Analysis, Target 8: 4!‘ s Positioning GTM Fuii Blue Book lM( (Integrated Marketing Comm. ) (ontenl 84 Wha"°<°mm~l°! ¢'wM*l-? Web Strategies, Min Lollaterals 3. wk Marketing Wllatare t. hoConwl. Charurels?7 c°«. t!f. ]5 mndcvelo Strategic Questions Who are our Iarrget customers? What arelhe business potentids -r. . . intar edAmounts? Whom to pannev 7 What is the lstutfi ? what are thebusiness & solutions What kind of business propositions uired towintar edaccxs? How to manage business proposals &deals leadl to awln? Partners/ Vendors Evaluation 8- Development Model, Strategic Partners, Vendors, SCM Plans Marketing Frameworks Frameworks Applied Account Mapping, Parameters Lists, Accounts information Collection 8: Analysis, Valldatlons Prospects Analysis: (RM, Opportunity Scanning, leads Generation, Prospects lnlo. gathering Business Analysis: info. Gathering, Stakeholders Expectations & Business Requirements Analysis Solutionlng & Proposition Development: Evolving Functional 8: Tech. Specifications , EA Proposals 8: Deals Mgmt; RFI/ RFP Responses, BOM, Sol. / Project Costing, PMO, Presentations Business Development Frameworks Channel Dev. 8: SCM Netw. Plans Dellverables 4 Target Accounts Prospects 8: Leads ‘ Business Requirements Doc. ’ Sol. Frameworks, F5, TS, EA RFllRFP~ Proposals & Presentations