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Resume (Suman Mondal)


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Resume (Suman Mondal)

  1. 1. SUMAN MONDAL Mobile:08420450629 ~ E-Mail: ~ PPPrrroooccceeessssss AAAssssssoooccciiiaaattteee /// SSSeeennniiiooorrr DDDaaatttaaa AAAnnnaaalllyyysssttt wwwiiittthhh aaa llleeeaaadddiiinnnggg ooorrrgggaaannniiizzzaaatttiiiooonnn ~~~ Offering more than 9 years of rich experience in Financial Process Management and Operations in the KPO (Financial Service Sector). Currently designated as Senior Analyst with Tata Consultancy Services, (TCS) Kolkata. Successfully completed Bachelors Degree of Commerce with Honours from Calcutta University. Proficient for running successful noise-free process operations. Possess excellence, interpersonal communication, multi tasking and organizational skills with proven abilities in team management and customer relationship management. Total Work Experience is 9 years and 6 months. OBJ E C T I VE To build a long-term career with an established organization, to use my skills in the best possible way for achieving the company’s goals and to solve problems in an effective/creative manner in a challenging position. C A RE E R C ON T OU R CMC LTD has Merged with Tata Consultancy Serviceseffective from 1st October 2015. Since JULY 02, 2007 CMC LTD (A TATA Enterprises) Kolkata Senior Associate FINANCIAL PROCESS DEPARTMENT:- AUGUST 2011 onwards Job Responsibilities :-  Extracting Financial Data from the documents of International Brokers related to the Global Share Market.  Manage the complete process application work – This includes updating the Bloomberg Terminal, as well as verifying the values of different Co’s Income Statement,Balance Sheet & CashFlow.  Posting the different types of attributes on the basis of reports provided by Bloomberg.  Research and resolve mail escalation reports receipts.  Persuing of the core measures done by the analyst, and dealing with the client through conference call.  Updating daily new rules on global market basis.  Managing the different Industry codes,tickers, analyst name along with the headlines from the report.  Auditing process for all type of data points to identify errors and for maintaining quality of work.  Achieving the targets and to reach at the highest POD count during Month Ends.  Preparing the track reports from the data submitted to the client.  Applying knowledge, to my teammates to help them extract data from the report as well as giving them updates as and when necessary.  Ensure major risks are communicated to senior management.  Identify and implement opportunities to improve processes and procedures that impact the project. All the above activities are performed in software tool developed by BLOOMBERG. PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENTS Since September ’06 Teamlease deputed at CMC LTD Process Associate (09/09/2006 to 30/06/2007) Growth Path 09/2006 – 10/2007 Data Processing 10/2007 -- 06/2008 Escalation Process 06/2008 – 01/2010 Floor QC (QC Department) 01/2010 – 07/2011 Quality Controller (QC Department) 07/2011—12/2012 Team Leader(QC Department) 12/2012--- 06/2013 Workflow Process Department
  2. 2. 06/2013----09/2015 Process Analyst 01/10/2015 ----- Till Date Senior Analyst (BPO 1) Transition of process  Earning Estimate Project (Real Time):-  Expertise in analysing the reports.  Involved in processing financial data.  Handling the escalation process.  Handling the queries related to the reports.  Analysis and rectifying the errors committed by associates.  Worked on CMC DOCS (ASP.NET)  Working on Bloomberg Real Time Tool. Achievements  Recipient of $1000 for maintaining the 100% Accuracy and Highest KPI from Bloomberg. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS 2006 Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from University of Calcutta, AJC BOSE College securing 59.2%. 2003 Higher Secondary Examination from West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Education South Point High School securing 59.4%. 2001 Secondary Examination (Madhyamik Exam.) from West Bengal Board of Secondary Education South Point High School securing 58.25%. Professional Qualifications:-  Successfully completed Computer Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFAS)- From State Youth Centre (Yuva Kendra).  Certificate course in Japanese Language (Elementary Level 1) from NihonGo Academy. AREAS OF EXPERTISE  MS Office and Internet Operations.  Working in Software Tool developed by Bloomberg.  Keen mind and very positive approach.  Good communication skill and ability to handle difficult situation.  Goal driven.  Leadershipquality.
  3. 3.  Believing in working as a team.  Ready to work round the clock with the intensity and dedication. PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth :-- 13th September 1983 Address :-- EE/102/4B Abharan Apartment Saltlake City Kolkata 700091 Father’s Name :-- LT. Sunil Krishna Mondal Nationality :-- Indian Religion :-- Hinduism Mother Tongue :-- Bengali Languages Known:- English, Bengali and Hindi Passport:- Yes Hobbies:- Playing cricket, Sports and listening to music. Date:-- -------------------------------------- Place :-- Kolkata Signature