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CV Sultan Mohammad Sultani


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CV Sultan Mohammad Sultani

  1. 1. Contact information Cell Phone: 0093- 781 612 320 Email: Home Address: 1st Macrorayan Block No: 5th Apartment No: 10th , Kabul Afghanistan Sultan Mohammad Sultani Nationality: Afghan Date of Birth: January 01, 1980 Gender: Male Marital Status: Married
  2. 2. Objective To apply my knowledge and skills for the mutual benefit to myself and the organization for which I work. To prove myself as an important, significant and contributory team member in the growth and development of the organization. PRESENT EMPLOYMENT Chief Financial Officer for the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project (SDNRP) World Bank Funded Project under the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. Education 2014- Ongoing MBA Master of Business Administration. Indian School of Business Management ISBM 1999 - 2003 B.A – Bachelor of Economics and Finance, Nangarhar University, Afghanistan 1986 – 1998 High School Diploma, Chiknowri High School, Nangarhar Afghanistan 2000- 2001 Certificates in English Language IRC English Language Center Nangarhar Province. 2001- 2002 Certificates in Computer program Nangarhar Computer Center. Professional Courses and Training No Seminar/Training Date Organization 1 World Bank Financial Management & Disbursement Workshop 25-27 October, 2015 World Bank and IFC office New Delhi, India 2 Budgeting and Financial Management in Public Sector 25th May 02-Jun- 2014 Grail Consulting Services, Bangkok Thailand 3 World Bank Disbursement and Client Connection Training 27-31 May 2013 World Bank Treasury Chennai, India 4 General Management for Officer from Afghanistan Government 11-21 Jan, 2013 International Management Institute (IMI) New Delhi India 5 Financial Management and Disbursement training for World Bank funded project May 28- Jun-3rd 2012 Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) Hyderabad, India 6 Financial Management and Disbursement Course for World Bank Financed Projects 03 to 14 May, 2010 Malawi Institute of Management -Malawi 7 English Language Course Jan 2009 British Council - Kabul 8 Online training on international Player in Public Finance and Debit Management 27 Jul 28 Aug, 2009 United Nations Institute for Training and Research. Switzerland Office of UNITAR 9 Six week Accounting and Financial Reporting Training course Aug to Sept, 2007 Afghanistan Institute of Business Management (AIBM), Kabul 10 Quick Book Training Aug 2007 Afghanistan Institute of Business Management (AIBM), Kabul
  3. 3. 11 Financial Management Capacity Building Workshop Jul 30 2007 The World Bank, Kabul 12 In house Senior Management Training 2007 SDNRP/PMU, Kabul 13 Financial Compliance Workshop Feb 2005 USAID/RECH, Kabul 14 Financial Management Jan 2005 IbnSina Public Health Program for Afghanistan 15 Financial Management Sep 19 to 23, 2004 16 On Job Financial Management Training 2004 Employment record: More than 10 year of practical work experience in the field of accounting and financial management: Organization: Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSMAD) World Bank Financed Project- Safety Nets and Pension Support Project SNPSP. From/To: 20-July-2016 to present, Position: Senior Financial Management Specialist, SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES ARE AS FOLLOWING. - Developed a financial management software for the project bookkeeping, accounting and reporting. - Supervise and monitor project FM staffs, and perform performance appraisal review at the end of each fiscal year. - Preparing detail annual budget for the project based on the procurement plan. - According to the donor and government requirement perform Monthly, Quarterly and Annual bank reconciliation and financial management reports. - Request the WB to update the client connection for the prior review contracts. - Establishment payment process mechanism for the project. - Establish and enhance internal control system including payments and fixed asset. - Prepared project budget and cash flow forecast as per the approved annual budget. - Petty Cash management and control system. - Follow up of Donor operating procedure and the government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan procedures. - Prepare monthly withdrawal application in order to maintain sufficient budget in the project special account. - Follow up of payment to MoF, SDU and DAB. - Liaise with the external and internal auditors and response for the audit observation. - Follow up of government of Afghanistan Public financial procedure and WB disbursement procedure, and maintaining of the accounting records according to the GoA accounting policies and practice and comply with the chart of account of the MoF developed by treasury department. - Update and revise project financial management manual as and when need. - Support capacity building of the civil servants of the MoLSAMD’s finance department. - Work with project safety net team, MoF and with other stakeholders to finalize/update the payment mechanism for the cash benefits transfer. - Maintain all necessary FM safeguards are in place for the safety net benefit transfers. - Maintain and update project books of account for each component of the project.
  4. 4. - Tracking project expenditure under each category and components and report to the general manager and component team leaders. - Regular reconciliation of project disbursement with MoF, DAB and client connection. - Supervise Financial Management Officer, Cashier and Admin Section of the project - Contract analysis of the staff against actual payment. - Budget analysis and budget variances report to the World Bank and MoLSAMD Organization: Ministry of Mines and Petroleum PROJECT MANAGEMENT UNIT (PMU) World Bank financed - SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES Project-2 (SDNRP-II) – Kabul Afghanistan From/To: January 01, 2012 – 31-July-2016 Position: Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Responsibilities: In charge of the PMU Financial Management Department, in charge of Disbursement and Approval of Payments and Expenditure of the 93 local staff, 12 International Consultants and 16 International consultancy Firms. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBLITIES INCLUDE: - Developed a database for the project financial transaction record and preparation of the required financial Management Report to meet World Bank and Ministry of Mines requirement. - Provide on the job training and capacity building program for the admin and finance employees. - Maintaining contract analysis for project international consultant and consultancy companies in order to control the line budgets. - Closed Coordination with the World Bank Task Team, treasury office for the processing of withdrawal applications. - Responsible for the preparation of timely financial report to the project top Management and Minister of Mines and Petroleum. - Prepared the Project Financial Management Manual which brings together planning, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, internal control, auditing, procurement, disbursement, and the physical performance of the project’s activities with the aim of managing resources to achieve the development objectives. Sound financial management is critical to project implementation and hence the achievement of the desired development objectives. - Preparation of B27, PCS, M16, B20, M12 and other required documents to the Ministry of Finance budget and treasury departments - Facilitate Internal and External Auditors while auditing the project financial statements at the end of each fiscal year. And Responsible to provided response for the audit observation with the consultation of the of the project top management. - Preparing Commitment register management in order to shows total commitment against total disbursement. - Maintaining proper advance register for the project. - Processing of Invoices for payment according to the Government of Afghanistan/ Ministry of Finance accounting procedures and World Bank norms. - Prepare statements of Expenditure for Withdrawal Applications for the reimbursement of the Project Special Account.
  5. 5. - Prepare monthly progress reports to the project co-ordinator on the operations of the financial management system due date being the 14th day of each month. - Prepare monthly financial statements, quarterly (IFR) Project Financial Management reports and annual financial statements. For Project Operation and Management I have the following responsibilities. - Coordinate all the activities of the project and effect financial management of the project and assist the PMU executive Director. - Assist the PMU executive Director in the strategic planning and management of the program. - Regular liaison with the World Bank Task Team to insure maintained regarding technical, administrative and financial aspect of the execution of the project. - Process and transmit to the Bank’s TTL requests for no objection regarding procurement, work and training plans and all other actions requiring the prior no objection of the World Bank. - Assisting the PMU executive Director in ensuring that the legal covenants and other obligations of the client with regard to the project technical annex and financial agreement are met. - Follow up and reporting on the progress in completion of the tasks stated in each Aide Memoire following a World bank supervision Mission. - Monitoring outputs/ deliverables and performance of the consultancy firms/ individuals working under project. - Monitoring PMU expenditure against approved annual and quarterly budgets and ensuring timely budget forecasts for smooth cash flow and liquidity. - Monitoring existing systems, regulations and procedures in the PMU operations to ensure efficient delivery of services and to identify gaps and delays if any and advise the PMU executive Director on possible solutions. - Proposing and implementing new systems/ procedures or revisions to existing ones to enhance project delivery. - Authorizing expenditure for PMU operations in accordance with agreed PMU operational policy instructions. - Preparation of progress reports as required. - Assist the executive Director in coordination with donors. Organization: Ministry of Mines/PMU/SDNRP/World Bank Project– Kabul Afghanistan From/To: 01-July-2008 to December 31, 2011 Position: Financial Management Specialist Managed all financial operation, Designed, established and maintained an appropriate project financial management system including internal controls, budgeting, accounting, reporting and auditing, proving response for audit observation, produced monthly and quarterly Interim Financial Reports (IFR) etc… Organization: Ministry of Mines/PMU/SDNRP/World Bank Project– Kabul Afghanistan From/To: 26-Aug-2006 to 30-June-2008 Position: Project Accountant
  6. 6. Assist the Project International Accountant in the administrative, accounting and financial management of the project, specifically responsible for all accounting procedures related to the project execution and project book keeping, on completion of the term of contract of the project international accountant full responsibility for the project financial activities. Organization: Kabul Urban Reconstruction Project (KURP) Program Management Unit- World Bank Funded Project Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) Kabul Afghanistan FROM/TO: Aug 15, 2005 to Aug 31 2006 Position: Assistant Finance Manager Developed a Chart of Accounts, Preparing monthly withdrawal application, processing of payments on daily basis via Ministry of Finance, Petty Cash Management, performing regular Bank Reconciliation, Date entry of financial transactions in the data base, Preparing of B27, PCs, M16, B20 and other allotment relate form, Established and maintained adequate internal control, Maintaining a clear filling system for financial documents and matters, Classifying and Translation of bills into the English. Organization: IbnSina Public Health Program for Afghanistan From/To: March 01, 2005 to 31-July- 2005 Position Finance Officer, Laghman Regional Office, European Union Funded project Via Ministry of Public Health The project was multi donor’s fund, such as EU, World Bank, USAID, Data entry for Laghman Regional office, Use computerized accounting system for the recording of financial transaction, bookkeeping, reporting, cash book, general ledger and etc, Preparing statements of expenditure on monthly basis, Reconciling of the cash book balances with a computerize Accounting system, Classifying and translating of bills in to English, Updating hiring and firing of employment for the Laghman regional office and report to the Kabul main office, Checking of mission forms and routine expenses bills, Preparing of monthly and Quarterly financial report to IbnSina main office and donor agencies, Preparing vouchers, Cash flow & monthly Payrolls of regional office, Organization: IbnSina Public Health Program for Afghanistan – Mazar-e- Sharif From/To: May 01, 2004 up to February 28, 2005 Position Accounting Officer, USAID funded project, Institute of Health Since (IHS). Follow up USAID roles in regulation for implementation of the financial activities, Use a computerized accounting system for recording transaction, Prepare all kind of vouchers on daily basis, Collect and examine supporting documents, Adjusting of outstanding advances from the staff salaries, Cash Reconciliation on daily basis in special Cash count format, Cash Reconciliation on Monthly Basis, Preparing of monthly budget line control for regional office expenses, Preparing of monthly finance report to IbnSina main office. Organization: IbnSina Public Health Program for Afghanistan, European Commission (EC) funded project in Nangarhar province - Afghanistan From/To February 01, 2004 to April 30, 2004
  7. 7. Position Accounting Officer Collect and examine supporting documents, updating of outstanding advances, Cash Reconciliation on daily basis, Cash Reconciliation on Monthly Basis, Preparing of monthly budget line control for regional office expenses, Preparing of monthly finance report to IbnSina main office, Skills and abilities:  Well educational background  Capable of working in any circumstance and ready for assignments  Able to travel when needed  Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines  Having knowledge of World Bank/ Ministry of Finance and other international donors.  Eager to achieve the targeted goals. (Organization’s success) Capacities:  Well educated, completely self-controlled and high performance  Ability to work with all level of individuals  Ability to work in high stress and time sensitive situations Achievements:  Currently In charge of finance staff in the World Bank Project Management Unit.  Developed a financial management and procurement software for World Bank project in the Ministry of Mines grant (h238-Af and H699-AF  Design of Integrated Financial Spreadsheets in EXCEL for managing accounts  Design of integrated financial spreadsheet in EXCEL for contract analysis and control.  Preparing and checking Invoices from 40 national staff, 40individual national consultants, 22 individual international consultants, and 6 consultancies companies.  Verifying performance and managing PMU payments of 28 million USD on services and 10 million USD on goods since September 2006.  Special role in invoice payment system for 18 international Rescue Archaeologists at the Aynak Copper Mine.  Comprehensive experience of using Spread Sheets in Excel, MS Word, Power Point, Internet Use, Hardware and software trouble shooting.
  8. 8. Language Skills Have complete command on and informally taught the following languages: Language Reading Speaking Writing English Excellent Excellent Excellent Dari Mother Tongue Mother Tongue Mother Tongue Pashto Mother Tongue Mother Tongue Mother Tongue Urdu/ Hindi Fair Fair Fair Computer skills MS office, internet, Utilities and installation Typing English = 60 wpm Dari = 40 wpm Pashto = 40 wpm INTERESTS. Interested to upgrade my knowledge and skill based on new technology and standards References Upon request