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Marketing Jam 09: Events That Mean Business


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Clare Sullivan Jackson addresses Houston marketers at Marketing Jam '09.

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Marketing Jam 09: Events That Mean Business

  1. 1. EVENTS THAT MEAN BUSINESS Clare Sullivan Jackson, CSEP Sullivan Group Specialists in Strategic Marketing & Meetings
  2. 2. Question 1 How many of you have meetings integrated into your marketing plan?
  3. 3. Question 2 How many meetings will you be doing this year? 0-10 11-50 50+
  4. 4. Question 3 How many of you have been asked to scale back on your event budgets this year?
  5. 5. Golden Rules Design every organization s meeting aside from enjoyment and camaraderie focus to forward specific objectives within a well defined theme Be in touch with the expectations of your attendees Focus on how attendees will be engaged by their experience pre, during and after The more sensory an experience, the more memorable it will be. Always search for uniqueness Seamless Production/Timeline must be precise and inventive Focus on measurable return on investment
  6. 6. Marketing the Event Have a thorough Pre/Post Marketing Plan Communicate the Objective Tell guests what they are coming for but keep element of surprise (Give them the plot but not the ending!) Sell the event internally through sales staff Create pre-event Events, Webinars, Sales Rallies, Product Demos, Ads
  7. 7. Marketing the Event Have a thorough Pre/Post Marketing Plan Use your website/collateral to create anticipation (Create some mystery!) Provide incentives to drive attendees to your website post event Post event evaluations and results
  8. 8. VENUE Eliminate the Disqualifiers How are the guests arriving? Where s parking located? Is security present? Do attendees feel safe entering the venue? Are they getting wet or cold? How long is the bus ride? How are they greeted? THE EVENT
  9. 9. VENUE Size Avoid big rooms & large tables Arrange the floor plan for greater impact Flow Make Rooms just shy of crowded Design the room to stimulate intimacy & conversation Theme Consider unique venues like performing arts centers, historic buildings, etc.
  10. 10. Engage, Engage, Engage You have 10 seconds to make the first impression! Implement No Lines strategy Implement a Less is More strategy Engage guests with a total world of visualization and interaction Theming an experience means scripting a participative story. Always engage in multi-media
  11. 11. Imagination to Optimize Investment Use your philanthropic events to your advantage - Include clients and/or employees Capitalize on events already established - join in Stretch the entertainment budget by utilizing non-profit groups and schools Use your food and beverage budget to entertain Invest in media for variety versus static props Simply set the space differently
  12. 12. 2009 Trends Experiential Events, Multi-media Going Green. i.e.: Venues, Food, Rentals Mini-Size Meals Green Screen Technology to drive Marketing Guerrilla marketing - Actors, T-shirt TV s
  13. 13. 2009 Trends Reality TV, Celebrity Chefs V-Jays Contemporary Music played Classical, i.e. Queen Classical Music played Contemporary, i.e. Bond Customized Stage Productions Audience Engagement, Interactive Technology
  14. 14. References & Inspiration Quotes from The Experience Economy by Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore Special Events Magazine BizBash Successful Meetings Magazine Wall Street Journal The Age of SPEED by Vince Poscente Re-imagine by Tom Peters Houston Business Journal
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