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What do i have learned before


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What do i have learned before

  1. 1. Mini Quiz: Qualities of a good scientist
  2. 2. Q: Am I a ________?
  3. 3. No. Attitudes Description 1 I like to explore the environment and find out how about and why things work. 2 I like to think out of the box and look for new and inovative way to solve the problem. 3 I do not think something is good or right just because I like it. I seek information and evidence to support my views. 4 I do not cheat to get the desired result. I do not copy someone's work and result and use them as my own. 5 I am willing to change my views if the evidence is convincing. I am willing to have my ideas questioned. Curious Creative Objective Integrity Open- Minded
  4. 4. No. Attitudes Description 6 I pursue the problem until a satisfactory solution is found. I do not give up easily despite failures and hardship . 7 I show care and concern in living things and the environment. I am aware of my responsibility for the quality of my environment. 8 I accept all knowledge as tentative and not as absolute truth unless the evidence is convincing. 9 I am not proud when I am successful and I am willing to admit my mistakes when I am wrong. 10 I can work well in my team-mates most of the time. Perseverance Responsible Sceptical Humble Co-operative