Are women better marketers


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Are women better marketers

  1. 1. Are Women Better Marketers?The future of all successful businesses would be driven by right-brained thinkers; theconnectors and communicators who possess the six critical senses of design, story,symphony, empathy, play and meaning. And it is scientifically proven that women aremore right brained than men and have these qualities as part of their natural make-up.Hence, it may follow that women may take lead in running a successful venture acrossall categories of businesses.The Indian marketing landscape too, is witnessing growth of an inclusive culture givingimpetus to women professionals to break leadership barriers. Companies today arelooking at hiring diversity candidates on account of the following: a) the need torepresent more fairly the gender breakup in management, and, b) the differentperspective that they sometimes bring to the category or management decisions.Gender-benderDoes that suggest that marketing management styles are gender associated when itcomes to women‟s success in the marketing domain? It is the individual‟s capacity andcapability that makes one a better marketer irrespective of the gender. Every individualmarketer has his/her own operational style, which is usually influenced by the culture ofthe company rather than the gender.Marketing is all about the ability to present one‟s marketing skills to the consumer andmaking the right connect with them. And that is universal for both men and women andis not gender based.With socio-cultural barriers having come down, family and personal obligations havingchanged and women now being able to manage both home and business efficiently, weare seeing more women in the marketing fold. Factors like government policies,financial assistance from public and private institutions helps women excel in decisionmaking process.In today‟s world education and open-mindedness in accepting women as equals, is thereasons for women‟s success in marketing.“Today people have come to accept womenas an integral part of the workforce and discrimination based on gender has reducedsubstantially.” “There are more women in the corporate world; and a proportionatenumber of these are successful marketers. The potential of women is being moreappreciated today owing to the growing sensitivity to the fairer sex.” Parle Agro isconsidering setting up a day care centre so as to be able to help a woman manage thework life balance.
  2. 2. Are Women Better Marketers?Close fitIs there a natural fit when it comes to women opting for marketing jobs? We all knowthat marketing requires good communication skills, which women often possess. “But itmay look like women are more successful in marketing because a larger number ofthem join this field. And you can approach it with either a left or right brain, qualitativeor quantitative approach,”Certain sectors like FMCG do have a higher number of women in marketing positionscompared to other sectors. And it works well, because most FMCG purchases or majorbuying decisions are generally made by women consumers.The competency requirements for a job should not and do not distinguish betweengenders. “However if women form a huge chunk of say the workforce, or of theconsumers of the organizations products, then, having an adequate representation onthe board or in the senior management cadre would definitely be of advantage inunderstanding some of the issues better.As per a survey there will be a surge in women professionals across FMCG, Durables,Services, Entertainment, Healthcare, Digital and Fashion industries in India in thecoming days.Think PinkWomen are better talkers and hence by default, better marketers. Women have intrinsicqualities to express and communicate and marketing requires one to be extremelyarticulate and diligent in terms of perceptions.Retailers have much more at stake whendealing with women as majority of the money is being spent on purchases for womenand by women. In terms of preference or consumption patterns, women tend to dealwith things slightly differently and this is where an insight from a woman marketer wouldbecome extremely critical.In most of brand stores, they try to display women‟s products up-front because of thehigher impulse purchase nature of a woman. So that when they engage with a womanmarketer, specifically with regard to retail space management, the success would behigher because of the connect. There is no one better equipped to understand how tomarket to a woman, than another woman. The chances of a woman listening when awoman marketer talks, are very high. She feels that this synergy between the marketerand the consumer exists because of the decision-making and management styles, aswell as because of the personality traits of a woman. However, she too like the othersdoes not generalize that women are better marketers, but they certainly have qualitiesthat may set them apart.
  3. 3. Are Women Better Marketers?Women „listen‟ better. Marketing is all about understanding your consumer, which canonly happen if you listen.Women favour a „collaborative‟ approach, and desire to „influence‟ which are the bestways to produce a successful marketing programme. They like to build consensusbefore taking a decision.Women are more likely to be cautious and be concerned about the long term effects ofa programme.Women are more „flexible‟ and are more likely to alter a plan if needed.Women intuitively understand that the „one size fits all‟ approach doesn‟t work inmarketing.RoadblocksMost women marketers feel that challenges are similar to both genders in this domain.We know that dynamics of Indian economy are changing and hence challenges aresimilar to both men and women because of the nature of the field of marketing.There are, however, certain challenges facing women marketers in India. Among themost important ones is the difficulty to manage the work and family balance. Most ofthese marketers believe that managements should provide for better HR policies forwomen like flexi-time, better maternity policies, and work from home options.Traditionally too, women have been averse to taking transfers on account of theirspouses jobs being the primary ones, but that is history now. More spouses arefollowing their wives and acceding to their need for progression in careers.It might be something that we all have noticed that the most senior and best-paidmember in a marketing team is a man, but its equally likely that the best marketer inthe team is actually a woman. As per a survey girls score higher than boys from theage of seven years old. Women are also more sensitive to and better at decoding non-verbal communication, picking up the most subtle nuances from tone of voice orfacial expression, and judging character.Nonetheless, I remain convinced that when it comes to marketing, women addconsiderably more skill, potential and overall value to an organization.Women aresuperior when it comes to marketing because their brains are better suited than theirmale peers.So perhaps a fitting place to end this is to ask a philosophical question: am I reallyarguing that women are better at marketing, or is it more a case of men being worseat it?
  4. 4. Are Women Better Marketers?