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EDITORIAL                                             W                                                              e are...
101                                            Real estate Magazine                                            11 | RATES ...
GTA REALTORS®                                                     REPORT MONTHLY                                          ...
RATES REMAIN UNCHANGED                                               W                                                    ...
LOOKING TO BUY A NEW CONDO?                                                                                               ...
THE VALUE                                                                FACTOR                                           ...
T                   BelizeIt!                                                                                             ...
HOW TO FIND A REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PROPERTY                                                                             ...
PFAFF PORSCHE STOOD OUT FROM                      THE CROWD AT THE 2011 CANADIAN                          INTERNATIONAL AU...
FEAUTRED LISTING                                         43   SELBY DRIVE                                              A J...
101 Real Estate Magazine March2011
101 Real Estate Magazine March2011
101 Real Estate Magazine March2011
101 Real Estate Magazine March2011
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101 Real Estate Magazine March2011


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101 Real Estate Magazine March2011

  2. 2. 101 Real estate Magazine EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mahdi Raza EXECUTIVE EDITOR Sameen Jafri MARCH 21, 2010 - VOLUME 1 NUMBER 2 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE Is published monthly by Mahdi Raza at and is available always online. To order print please visit our website and send an email under the contact form or call 416.659.6336. Copyright © 2010 101 Real Estate Magazine. All rights reserved. 101 Real Estate Magazine is owned and managed by Mahdi Raza. It is not intended to solicit properties that are currently listed. This publication, including all third party material and all schedules, appendices, pre-printed forms, standard clauses, processes, facts, information and any other material contained therein (the “Publication”), is summary in nature and not intended to replace direct research of original source documents and expert advice. Real estate practitioners and consumers should seek appropriate counsel in matters relating to real estate. At all times, diligence and prudence should be uppermost as all real estate transactions are unique. Selecting the right real estate agent to help you buy or sell This Publication is strictly intended for educational purposes only. Mahdi Raza reserves the right to change or revise this Publication without notice, and will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by you as a your home is essential to a smooth transaction. For the best result of such changes or revisions. Mahdi Raza, advertisers and others associated with this Publication (collectively referred to as the possible experience, you should consider a professional’s “Advertisers”) are not responsible for any deficiencies, defects, errors, omissions, or for the adequacy, sufficiency, completeness, suitability, accuracy, currency or applicability of the contents of this Publication. This disclaimer, and all that follow, applies regardless of whether this Publication is made available to you background, personality and responsiveness. in paper or electronic form. In the event that you access this Publication by means of the internet or other electronic transmission, you expressly agree that the Advertisers are not responsible for any damage to hardware or software, loss or corruption of data, or any other loss or damage, that may result from your use of this Publication or from your accessing any web-site related to this Publication or utilizing any other means of electronic transmission owned or operated by, or on behalf of, the Advertisers. The Advertisers make no warranty or representation that any such web site, electronic document or electronic transmission will meet your requirements, will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free or that defects, if any, will be corrected. The Advertisers disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, related to this Publication. Further, the Advertisers are not liable for loss or damage, whether direct, indirect or consequential, and whether or not it was foreseeable, arising from the utilization of this Publication.2 | 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE | 3
  3. 3. EDITORIAL W e are pleased to introduce our 2nd Edition of 101 Real Estate Magazine. I am delighted to add 7 new great companies to this edition. These 7 new companies are the true definition of excellence; Pfaff Porsche, CSPI Business Training Academy, Verico COD Financial Inc., Zip Equity Corporation, Centum Mortgages, A Smart Step & Cellworks. I would also like to thank Pfaff Audi, SP Law Office, CanadaLend, TD Bank, and Gear4Tech for their continued support. I would also like to announce that I have been ranked #2 on Google. With the countless effort and help of my marketing team, especially Stephan Wallace, .Type in “Vaughn real estate” on Google (the most common search term) and see for yourself. The goal for the next month is to be ranked top for Markham and Ajax. Coming soon also is an Iphone/Ipad/Ipod App specifically designed for the Real Estate industry. There are a lot of exciting things happening in the next coming months and I look forward to you, the reader being a part of it. I hope you enjoy the 2nd edition of 101 Real Es- tate Magazine. This edition is going out to 45,000 people. If you are interested in advertising, writing or wanting to bring ideas to the table let me know. Mahdi Raza Thank you for your support! 8 SHADLOCK STREET, SUITE #7 | MARKHAM, ON | L3S 3K9 | DIRECT: +1.416.659.6336 | OFFICE:+1.905.471.002 | FAX: 905.471.7441 | INFO@MAHDIRAZA.COM4 | 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE | 5
  5. 5. GTA REALTORS® REPORT MONTHLY RESALE HOUSING MARKET FIGURES TORONTO, March 16, 2011 -- Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 4,138 sales during the first two weeks of March 2011 – a five per cent decrease compared to the first two weeks of March 2010. The number of new listings also dipped – down by 15 per cent compared to the same period last year. "A positive economic outlook for the Greater Toronto Area, including steady growth in jobs and incomes, has kept households confident in their ability to purchase and pay for a home over the long term," said Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) President Bill Johnston. The average price for transactions during the first 14 days of March was $460,196, representing a 4.6 per cent increase compared to the first two weeks of March 2010. "Market conditions are tighter compared to this time last year, resulting in more competition between buyers and sustained upward pressure on the average selling price. The annual rate of price growth is expected to range between three and five per cent in 2011," said Jason Mercer, TREBs Senior Manager of Market Analysis.8 | 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE | 9
  6. 6. RATES REMAIN UNCHANGED W BY MAHDI RAZA ould they or wouldn’t they? This was on the mind of many Canadians. In terms of inflation, Canadian inflation levels are moving reasonably, and are keeping This was the question on many countries like Greece, Ireland, and in line with what is expected- “Underlying pressures affecting prices remain subdued, France’s lips for the last couple of weeks. There has been much talk reflecting the considerable slack in the economy. “ Global inflation continues to grow—but that a rise in interest rates is inevitable. That may be so—but not at a manageable pace. today. “Reflecting all of these factors, the Bank has decided to maintain the target for the The Bank of Canada “is maintaining its target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent. The overnight rate at 1 per cent. This leaves considerable monetary stimulus in place, consistent Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 1/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 3/4 per cent. “ with achieving the 2 per cent inflation target in an environment of significant excess supply Despite all the buzz and speculation about interest rates, with reasonable Canadian in Canada. Any further reduction in monetary policy stimulus would need to be carefully economic growth, political turmoil in Libya and the price of oil, and a myriad of other considered.“ factors, the Bank of Canada has held its status quo for interest rates, again. The changes to mortgage lending introduced by Jim Flaherty earlier this winter are set to This latest announcement marks the fourth consecutive time that Mark Carney has left take affect this month; there has been widespread concern that the combination of tighter rates unchanged; he is not without his reasons though. lending restrictions, The Global economy is moving along as expected, “FOURTH CONSECUTIVE TIME THAT MARK shorter amortizations and higher rates, might although “risks remain elevated’; perhaps most the most CARNEY HAS LEFT RATES UNCHANGED;” prominent flag in this regard is the storm that is churning in cause stress to an already heavily debt burdened Libya- and the possible surge in oil prices; This gives Canadian investors and consumers typical Canadian consumer. At least for now, they will get a reprieve from higher rates. alike an unwelcome taste of déjà-vu- from the pre-recession days—when oil prices were widely forecast to reach between $200-$300/ barrel. What will Carney’s next move be, and what will the implications be on Canadian borrowers and the economy alike? Let the speculation begin for the next rate announcement- which That said, the Canadian economy is modestly beating growth forecasts; the US economy comes down on April 12. continues to chug along, put in sustained motion by government stimulus; similarly, businesses are continuing to spend, and are starting to contribute to overall economic growth, through investment partially funded by government stimulus.10 | 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE | 11
  7. 7. LOOKING TO BUY A NEW CONDO? READ THIS FIRST. O ne constant in the Greater Toronto Area is the growing number of condominium transactions. Combining Fourth Quarter 2010 Chart 1: Condominium Apartment Sales-to-Active Listings affordability with carefree living and the latest amenities, Ratio and Median Price Growth (All Areas) condominiums are attracting more buyers than ever 70% Annual Median Price Change (Right Scale) 25% before. More Supply in Condominium Ownership and Rental Markets 60% 20% While many buyers retain the services of a real estate professional Annual Median Price Growth Sales-to-Active Listings Ratio (Left Scale) Sales-to-Active Listings ratio Strong year-over-year growth in active condominium apartment listings 50% 15% when buying a resale condominium, some aren’t aware that it is equally important to consult a REALTOR® when considering new construction continued in the fourth quarter of 2010. As completions continued to trend 40% 10% developments as well. upwards, more units were listed for sale on the TorontoMLS®. Investors 30% 5% When choosing a new condominium suite there are a number of 20% 0% variables of which you should be aware OF, and your REALTOR® can who purchased units at the pre-construction stage of development listed guide help you steer clear of any potential pitfalls. their units to take advantage of market value increases over the past few 10% -5% Your purchase agreement may for example, allow your builder to years. Another source of listings were purchasers who bought a unit during 0% -10% substitute the gleaming stainless appliances you expect with black or white alternatives. It goes without saying that finishing features may not be the the pre-construction or construction stage of development, but later found same as those displayed in the presentation office but you should also be that their housing needs had changed. While sales represented a larger aware that even room sizes and ceiling heights can be altered to make Source: Toronto Real Estate Board model suites more attractive. Even parking facilities might not be what share of active listings in the fourth quarter, market conditions remained you expect. much more balanced compared to a year ago. More balanced market Chart 2: Condo. Apt. Listings Chart 3: Condo. Apt. Average While every agreement should of course, be reviewed by your legal counsel, your REALTOR® can help you identify features that are most conditions have ushered in more moderate rates of price growth (see and Rentals Sept.-Dec. Rents Sept.-Dec. important to you, so that your agreement provides for those specifics. If sales-to-active listings ratio and annual price growth in Chart 1). 9,000 2,000 your priority is a spectacular view, your REALTOR® can advise on zoning 8,000 1,900 Sept.-Dec. 2010 in the surrounding area that could affect sight lines in future. During the last four months of 2010, the number of condominium 7,000 Sept.-Dec. 2010 1,800 Sept.-Dec. 2009 Given that REALTORS® have many contacts in the community, they Sept.-Dec. 2009 might even be able to give you insight into current owners’ experiences apartments listed for rent (Chart 2) also grew substantially on a year-over- 6,000 1,700 with your chosen developer. Using my access to RealNet, a database that year basis (+25 per cent). At the same time, however, the number of rental 5,000 1,600 includes 99 per cent of all developments greater than 15 units in size 4,000 1,500 in the GTA, Mahdi Raza can also help you compare a developer’s value transactions for condominium apartments (Chart 2) increased at a greater proposition to others currently available in the market. 3,000 1,400 rate (+29 per cent). With rental market conditions for condominium 2,000 1,300 While a provision to withdraw an offer does not apply to resale condominium transactions, the purchase of a new condo allows through apartments remaining tight, it was not surprising to see average rents for 1,000 1,200 legislation, for a 10-day cooling off period in which you are entitled to the popular one and two-bedroom units increasing by 2.1 per cent and 2.6 0 1,100 rescind your offer should you decide to explore other options. per cent respectively compared to the last four months of 2009 (Chart 3). Listings Rentals 1-Bdrm. Apt. 2-Bdrm. Apt. Given that many new condominium purchases involve buying into Source: Toronto Real Estate Board (TorontoMLS®) Source: Toronto Real Estate Board (TorontoMLS®) nothing more than a concept and that emotions are heightened when This suggests that there are many renter households looking to take the majority of your financial resources are involved, it’s wise to have Mahdi Raza on your side who is familiar with the many variables and can advantage of the location, finishings and amenities offered by newly Written By: safeguard your interests throughout the process. completed condominium apartments in the GTA. Jason Mercer For more information on how Mahdi Raza can help you find a condo TREB Senior Manager of Market Analysis. that is perfectly suited to your needs, visit where you will find neighbourhood profiles, GTA open house listings, information on government programs for home buyers and more. Picture of Trump Towers, Toronto, Canada.12 | 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE | 13
  8. 8. THE VALUE FACTOR BY CHRISTINE RAE P ick one: Consumers today are smart, confused, busy, stressed, to value. What additional value does the stager bring to the table? Skills and suspicious and or numb. excellent work should be a given – what else? Value is usually a consideration. Really consumers today are all this and more. Never before Working with a graduate of the CSP program provides preferred pricing options in history have they had an explosion of information so readily to help save $$ for your client for services they will use anyway. Paint, lighting, available to them, yet frequently feel so helpless in making a movers, trash disposal, furniture and appliances, home equity loan, and much decision. Helping the consumer buy is what you need to do if you are to overcome more. the two primary challenges which every business faces. Those are: to get noticed CSP “authority credibility” is enhanced by the National Brand companies who and make a profit. have chosen to work with CSP™ like Aeromove, ICI, United Vanlines, Sherwin When you wake in the morning the difference between “oh god its morning” Williams and many others. or “thank god its morning” may depend on whether your business is getting One of the CSP values is that we work with services which allow us to pass noticed and making a profit or not. along savings via preferred pricing to your clients. The specialty options and Tack that onto all the positive thinking in the world and the bottom line is still exclusivity CSP™ provides its graduates provide marketing edge leverage to you “it’s up to you” whether your business sinks or swims. However, your day may the agent. Recently I spoke with 50 CSPs across North America who are thriving go more smoothly if you relish figuring out the puzzle. The puzzle is “how can I in down markets. Two reasons they all cited as contributing success factors were attract more attention and still achieve my financial goals”. The good news is that their availability to the agents they work with and being a total solution provider. consumers are emerging from a long hibernation in “lowpriceville” and they are Value becomes priceless when the stress of moving on up to value city. handling the staging process from start to finish dissolves. Service providers are starting to take a leaf from retailer business models and are redefining themselves. According to Wall Street Journal, “consumers The proof is in the RESULTS: Time and are being lured away from low price by the promise of greater convenience, again regardless of market condition I hear more selection, greater quality and better service”. So if there was ever a time staging success stories where property sold to gain more market share -now is the time. Learn from the mistakes the big at asking or more in a few short days. It all box stores made. Consumers today are willing to pay more for convenience comes down to Time, Work and Money how and knowledgeable service providers, who help them, make informed buying they are used, leveraged and valued. Think decisions, in a non harried environment. about it. Dan Kennedy said “people are silently yearning to be led”. “When people Christine Rae is President & CEO of CSP call you it’s because they have a need; your job is to explore the need, provide International Staging Training Academy. A solutions and charge good money for pioneer of the industry, an accomplished speaker and author of Home Staging for it”. The Certified Staging Professional Dummies(Wiley) program has always taught its graduates For more information call 1888STAGING or or www. the power of value selling. When you decide to optimize your business results by maximising the ROI for your seller, staging will have to be one of the four pillars of a successful sale. Skimping on this service forces the staging service provider to compromise the integrity of the work and the results. When selecting a stager for your team re-shift your focus away from price14 | 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE | 15
  9. 9. T BelizeIt! he island of Ambergris Caye the largest island in Belize and a short Chinese, Garifuna and Mennonite. 15 minute plane ride from Belize City is what Leonardo DiCaprio TAX HAVEN AND OFFSHORE BANKING and Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames call home, is where Zip Equity Corporation introduces the latest Emerald Shores project: Belize is recognized worldwide as being one of the best tax havens for safe Bonefish Bay. From the front of your private home, you will be offshore banking and investments, offshore accounts, IBC formations and able to ride your secure offshore trusts. Not only does the financially solid and trustworthy boat through the country of Belize cater laws designed so your assets are private and secure, the canals, green lush environment provides maximum privacy, worry-free asset protection, risk- mangroves into free wealth building and most importantly, your investments are tax free. the warm waters HOW TO GET THERE of the Caribbean Direct flights to Belize City, Belize on the following airlines: American Sea. Airlines; Continental Airlines; Delta; US Airways; TACA and Westjet via There is no Cancun and Maya Regional. place on earth BEST PLACE TO RETIRE other than Belize to show what No restrictions on foreign ownership - Belize is the only country in Central Emerald Shores is America where English is spoken as its first language - Belize follows British doing to preserve common law legal system - A secure land title system is enforced our planet. Its BONEFISH BAY IS A GEOGRAPHICALLY GATED/SECLUDED COMMUNITY: name invites curiosity as the Bonefish Bay is Phase most undiscovered country in the region. Located in Central America, Belize, One of a master planned 100 part of the Caricom and Commonwealth of nations, is perfectly connected to acre community that will North America through its border with Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. eventually have beautiful BY SUKHJIT RANDHAWA We could not pick a more suitable location to fulfill our dream of ECO- condos, boutiques hotels GREEN friendly development. and a shopping promenade with walking paths. “ GREAT PLACE TO FISH, DIVE AND SNORKEL Owners will also have Belize has become one of the world’s most biologically diverse nations members only discount Belize is strategically located as the perfect haven for offshore investment; it’s close to the U.S. with the integrity of access to the Brahma Blue its natural resources Holistic Spa. Bonefish Bay (two-hour flight from Miami or Texas), has the cheapest land price in the Caribbean, provides is an ECO-GREEN friendly development, as houses will be “ a secure land title system, and there are no restrictions in foreign ownership or investment. Its beauty and luxurious status in the world’s tourism completely caters to Emerald Shores’ purpose. Thanks to our partners and great networks in the country, we can proudly state that Belize is the still very much intact. It boasts 93% of its land under forest covers, the largest coral reef in the western required to have some green elements like solar panels, 100% biodegradable septic system, rainwater collection and wind power etc. Private & Luxurious Communities: Helicopter Landing perfect environment to fulfill Emerald Shores’ promise. hemisphere (second Pad - Tennis Courts & Community Pools - Clubhouse & only to Australia’s), the Community Centers - Parks & Recreation Areas - Retail – Sukhjit Randhawa largest cave system in Centers & Restaurants. Central America, over 500 species of birds, Zip Equity Corporation is selling titled freehold residential thousands of Maya lots at pre-development prices up to 50% below appraised market values archaeological temples and providing the owners of the land with the option to build a property and the only jaguar reserve in the world. With only 8, 867 square miles within 3 years of receipt of property designsOwners of thecustomized to their of title to the land. land will be able to choose from a selection (22,960 sq. km) and 250,000 people, the population density is the lowest in individual requirements. which can be the Central American region and one of the lowest in the world. The only country in Central America with English as its official language, Belize also PRICES FOR Carribbean waterfront PRE – DEVELOPMENT LOTS starting boasts a rich mix of ethnicity including Creole, Maya, Mestizo, East Indian, from $79,900.00 USD. For more information contact Sukhjit Randhawa at Zip Equity Corporation: or 780.970.1638.16 | 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE | 17
  10. 10. HOW TO FIND A REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PROPERTY SAVING TREES, MOBILE MARKETING NEGOTIATION 101 T C BY MAHDI RAZA BY TONY MUHTAT BY MAHDI RAZA here are many ways in which you can find a great property for your real If you are rehabbing a home that is meant to appeal to families make sure the neighborhood an’t think of where to eat live in, direct to your cell phone. If you Mobile marketing is becoming more estate investment. The problem lies in the fact that many would be investors is safe, has a relatively low crime rate, access to good schools, and entertainment opportunities tonight? Wish you had live in Europe,you’re already savvy about and more mainstream as a way to market a In a negotiation, there are times when the arent exactly certain what specific types of investment they wish to make. that may appeal to families. These things will affect the price you are likely to be able to expect a reminder to use your advertisements showing up on your cell business’ brand or message. It is commonly people you’re negotiating with come up to Unfortunately, the type of investing will greatly affect the type of property once the rehab efforts have been completed as well as the type of renovations you will need local web coupons? Hate phone. Here in the United States, some are used by advertisers to increase brand you and say, “Well I’m not too sure”. What that will best suit your real estate needs. This article focuses on finding a great to perform on the property. Buying a property in an area that you know nothing about is like coupon clipping? Enter still a bit skeptical about receiving ads to our awareness, generate databases, and drive should you do whenever this happens? Youproperty for the purpose of flipping or rehabbing a property. buying a property without an inspection-which brings me to my next point. mobile marketing. Coupons, promotions phone. Luckily, most advertising platforms customer attendance to specific sales, events only need to make them feel that it’s common Seek Bargains Get a Thorough Inspection and recommendations for restaurants, or apps allow you to “opt out” or set privacy and locations. Most consumers today have and it’s what other people are doing also. shops, and services all from the town you settings, if you so desire. their phones not only somewhere deep in This is absolutely a necessary step when it comes to finding properties with excellent This is one of the most important steps in the process of selecting the perfect property for their bags, but right in their hands at all Always remember that people don’t like topotential as flipped properties. Bargains are often sold at bargain prices for a reason. The your real estate investment needs. A qualified inspection will prepare you for any problems times. We’re too afraid to miss a text or a do things on their own, they only want thosegood news is that many of these reasons are purely cosmetic and quite simple to fix. Finding that may arise during the course of your work on the home. These are things that will affect call or even the opportunity to snap a pic of that others are doing. So, you must have aa realtor that is willing to work with you for lower prices, bargain properties offer an the amount of money you should offer on the home, the amount of money you will need to On March 16, story ready with you. You can make use of what we’re doing right then and there, andexcellent place to begin. If he or she is a knowledgeable professional you should have access invest in repairs, and the amount of money you can expect once all is said and done. 2011 Mahdi Raza your own city as well as the Feel, Felt, Found then send it to our favorite social networkingto properties that would have been unavailable to you had you continued the search without announced that he method. This method is essential when Failing to have a complete and proper inspection can lead to disaster when the renovations site. Ever love to text in your vote for showsthe assistance of a professional. was creating a real someone or your seller comes to you and begin costing extra money and time as efforts are undone in order to get to the root of the like“American Idol” or “So you think you can estate app. It will be says, “Yeah it sounds good so far, but I’m still Another great place to find bargains of this nature is to search through foreclosures, problems as you go. There are very few things that can save you the time or money that Dance?” You will sometimes get a text back created by Gazoo not sure.” So, you respond with, “I know howauctions, and homes that are preparing to enter into foreclosure. While not always the case, having a decent inspection can manage to save. Inspections can also make you aware of saying “thanks for your vote,” successfully Mobile a company you feel. We find that is the case with many,there are many in these situations that are willing to be a bit more flexible with the price. any structural problems, code problems, and other problems that may mean the difference adding your phone number to their data located in Toronto, many people.” By saying this, you are lettingNever offer full asking price first. Start low and negotiate up. This may lose some properties between this property offering a possible profit or a probable loss. It is much better to be base. If you’ve ever “checked in” at a place Ontario. The app is people know that their feelings are common,but in the end it will be a much more profitable venture if you can get the properties you want armed with this knowledge before ever making an offer on the property in question. you love, you’re basically doing a bit of designed to provide and that you know and understand how theyfor a smaller investment. mobile marketing for that company. Your Realize That You do not Need to Buy the First Property You See sellers and buyes feel and that they’re just like everyone else. friends will see where you are and take note Know the Neighborhood This is an important thing to remember. If the first property doesnt speak to you, move nformation on their So, you go on with, “I know and understand of the name of the place in their heads. New Before placing a bid on a potential property for flipping you need to learn as much about on until you find one that does. This process is part science and part inspiration. If you are finger tips 24/7. It how you feel, your situation is just similar media branding at its finest!the neighborhood as possible. You do not want to place a family home in the middle of a uninspired by a property it is unlikely that this property will suddenly take on a life of its own will also have a few with most people, there’s even a guy in cool suprises. The Consumers love texting and companies (name of your city) who’s feeling the sameretirement neighborhood, nor do you want to place a potential bachelor pad in that type in order to suit your real estate investment needs. Keep searching until you find the propertyof area. You also want to avoid areas that are entering a state of decline, as the rehab efforts that meets all of your needs in order to find the perfect property for your first or your fiftieth app will work on know this. And if you’re in their target way you’re feeling right now and his issue Iphone, Ipad and demographic, they want to appeal to you is similar to yours as well. He was about toare unlikely to achieve the profits you are hoping to receive. Instead, look for bargains in flip Ipod touch. The cost right there on that tiny handheld screen in purchase a three bedroom house, just likeareas that are approaching some sort of renewal or have very low crime and excellent growth of the app will be your pocket. Mobile marketing is appealing you, he had a four bedroom house that hepotential. free. Mahdi Raza to consumers in more ways that just a wanted to move away from and he was quite WAYS TO SELL A HOUSE will also include a few advertisement straight text message. Marketers are getting creative with gaming, music streaming and concerned that he had to move within the next three weeks and he was also concerned If you want to sell a house, your best people do not buy at the current market banner AD’s at surveys to get you to take note of them. Ads about finding a removal list truck whose joboption is to let a real estate agent do this job values of the property. They buy at a price the bottom of the are so targeted and relevant that consumers is to pack his house so he can move by thefor you. When you hire an real estate agent which is lower than the current market value. app relevant to the many not even realized they are being third week. But he found a solution and ityou can have the best offer for your property. This means that you will get a price offer buiness. “The Ads marketed to. In the not-so-distant future, was… now does that sound like it’ll work forThe real estate agent will ensure that you which is lower than any of the three options. will be tastefully..” mobile marketing campaigns will feature you as well?” Then the seller responds with,get the best offer for your home. If you are The good thing about this option is that you stated Mahdi when more campaigns using coupons,loyalty “Well, if it went well for him then I don’tin need of money quickly then a real estate can be sure that you will close the deal. asked how the programs and deals. Want to use that “free think there’s any reason why it wouldn’t workagent is the best option for you. Here are your options to sell a house. Each banners will look. coffee” coupon you heard about but can’t for me.” Another option to sell a house is to sell one can give you the best solution to your Stay tuned foks this be bothered to print it out? Just whip out app will blow other your cell phone and show it to the barista. So, that’s what a feel, felt, found methodyour property to an investor. Selling your problems. Learn more about these options apps out of the Advertisers will continue to utilize this is. You make people feel that you understandproperty to an investor is the quickest way and choose the best one for you. water. extremely effective channel for advertising, how you are feeling. Next, tell them that theirto sell your home. It is also the process where so get on board and save some cash while issues are common and most people have feltyou can find the guarantee that you will be you save the environment! the same way to sell your property. The downside ofselling your house to an investor is these SP Law Office A professional Corporation - Email: - Website: www.splawoffice.ca20 | 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE | 21
  11. 11. PFAFF PORSCHE STOOD OUT FROM THE CROWD AT THE 2011 CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL AUTOSHOW BY VINCENT HO T here was a little something for everyone at this year’s Canadian metallic black GT2 RS that just arrived in time for the show. International AutoShow in Toronto from the latest and greatest in new Never before seen builds were also on display from Pfaff Tuning – a division of Pfaff vehicle launches, a classics section and even a rare concept car that has Automotive Partners that provides custom performance and body enhancement yet to hit production. But what Pfaff had that none of the other displays packages for European luxury automotive brands. The brand’s expertise and could offer was an automotive experience based on three dimensions capability was shown through a range of vehicles including a Brabus Edition- luxury, performance and racing, not to mention a collection of the only Porsche Mercedes Benz, an Audi A8 ABT Edition and a 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo Techartvehicles at the show. Edition. The vehicle featured a Techart body package including Techart Formula 3 19-inch alloy wheels and Pfaff Pfaff Porsche was custom paintwork on the hood,in good company, roof, wheels and trim makingjoining an elite it a one-of-a-kind Porsche 911group of prestigious and one of the most impressiveautomotive brands vehicles of the Pfaff the ConcorsoExotica display – New to this year’s display wasan area reserved the Pfaff Motorsports 2011 racefor only the cars which are gearing up for amost impressive full race season starting in Maysupercars on the with the 2011 Castrol Canadianroad today. Touring Car Championship. The Audi A5 will be driven by Jeff Cloaked in red Pabst in the super touring carvelvet, the Pfaff series and the VW GTI will return with P.J. Groenke for its second consecutive yearbooth took a huge in the touring car series – both are expected to be strong contenders in this year’s PHOTO MENDO GARDEN BLOGdeparture from the race to the podium.typical Autoshow display and provided a dramatic backdrop for our most impressivePorsche models. Vehicle displays ranged from the newly launched 2011 Cayenne If you missed the Pfaff booth, please visit our Pfaff Porsche Facebook page at www.Hybrid, the 2011 Panamera Turbo and the star of the show – an awe-inspiring to check out all the action from the show!22 | 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 101 REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE | 23