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My Creations Solution Brief 2011


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A blueprint of the MICROS myCreations solutions used by people like Tesco, Sainsbury\'s, Makro, Waitorse, Sobeys, Bakkovor and others to centralise the management of suppliers and product information, allowing protection of client brands and rapid responses to industry and product issues

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My Creations Solution Brief 2011

  1. 1. myCreations Collaborative product & supplier lifecycle managementmyCreations offers myCreations is a comprehensive and integrated suite of applications and key working documents are managed in myLibrary. Thefull end to end designed specifically for development of products, manufacturing, retail and food production of specifications and thecollaborative service businesses to develop and generation of pack copy and artworkproduct and protect their brands, manage their approval is achieved in myRecipe, suppliers and ensure full end to end myProduct and myArtwork.supplier lifecycle product lifecycle The solution, which provides a The compliance of raw materials, intermediates and finished goods tothrough a unique collaborative environment the specification is measured, accessible by all relevant parties, analysed and reported inintegrated range of covers all aspects of product myQuality. Consumer feedback inmodules management, from the identification terms of comments about product of market trends and identifying, quality, complaints etc are managed selecting and approving suppliers within myConsumer, whilst product (myMarket, mySource and information developed across the mySupplier), the development of full myCreations suite can be made project briefs, plans and workflow available for publishing, consumer management (myProject and information points and e-business myCustomer). Issue, receipt and links through myCatalogue. acceptance of policies, guidelines myCreations myCreations myCreations myCreations myCreations myCreations Support Academy Modify Mobile Assist Host Call Centre Class Room Analysis Smart Phones Advisory Data Centre Online E-Learning Development Handhelds Config Remote MICROS Retail and Supply Chain 33 Pilcher Gate Nottingham NG1 1QF +44 (0) 845 602 9985
  2. 2. mySupplier Collaborative supplier, site & compliance management mySupplier has been designed tomySupplier provides allow the identification, approval andsupplier and site collaborative development of suppliers, sites and materials withinmanagement and the supply chain.approval to achieve It provides a full supplier and site contact management system thatdue diligence and full incorporates: audit assessment, supplier selection and performancesupplier compliance monitoring. mySupplier provides a powerful incident management capability enabling rapid response to industry concerns through quick and easy query management and collaborative supplier alerts. Features Benefits myMarket • Supplier, site and user management • Centralised, real time, up to date supplier information myCustomer • Audit and visit scheduling and management • Demonstrate supplier approval and myProject compliance • Centralised audit non-conformance mySource • Due diligence management of the management supply chain mySupplier • Supplier approval management • Improved efficiency through a single myLibrary • Non-conformance management approved supplier list myRecipe • Supplier performance management myProduct • Rapid incident and alert management myArtwork • Supplier communication myQuality management myConsumer • Single point of collaborative entry myCatalogue Powered by MICROS Retail and Supply Chain 33 Pilcher Gate Nottingham NG1 1QF +44 (0) 845 602 9985
  3. 3. myProductCollaborative product development and compliance management myProduct provides a collaborativemyProduct offers a environment for the development ofcentralised the full product record incorporating brief management, productcollaborative specifications, pack copy, artwork files and quality testing and surveillance.environment for Version controlled through a numberproduct development of stage gates, each one rigorously validated against a pre-defined set ofand verification rules ensures right first time dataaccelerating time to management improving accuracy, compliance and whilst ensuring Collaborative joint development of thecompliance and product record and all components has proven to significantly reduceproduct safety administration, rework and provides fast, reliable interrogation accelerating consumer response. Features Benefits myMarket • Brief management • Centralised, real time, up to date myCustomer product information • Configurable specification formats • Reduced data entry and duplication myProject • Collaborative specification management • Improves speed to market by Right mySource First Time specifications mySupplier • Specification validation and approval • Reduce re-work through Improved • Pack copy generation and approval compliance and product data myLibrary reliability • Product performance monitoring myRecipe • Product data, search, query and myProduct reporting myArtwork myQuality myConsumer myCatalogue Powered by MICROS Retail and Supply Chain 33 Pilcher Gate Nottingham NG1 1QF +44 (0) 845 602 9985
  4. 4. myQuality Interactive quality and compliance management myQuality offers complete in-processmyQuality allows the traceability combined with a qualityaudit, testing and data collection and management system.trending of material myQuality utilises the latest mobileand process data wireless technologies to eliminate paperwork and transform Qualityensuring product and Management techniques to provide an exceptional level of operationalprocess quality and control.compliance These features combine to provide integrity of process/traceability which prevents line downtime and quality failures, safeguarding against product recall. Features Benefits • Mobile data capture • Centralised, real time, up to date myMarket product and process quality • Validation against product record information myCustomer • In-process material traceability • Faster, error free and product data myProject collection • Immediate alert to out of spec. non- conformance • Reduce non-conformance costs mySource • Real time CCP and performance • Improve product quality and mySupplier monitoring consistency myLibrary • Continuous Improvement through • Non-compliance trend analysis and management root cause analysis of product / myRecipe process failures • Statistical analysis of process myProduct capability myArtwork • KPI, performance and trend reporting over current and historic myQuality data myConsumer Used by myCatalogue Powered by MICROS Retail and Supply Chain 33 Pilcher Gate Nottingham NG1 1QF +44 (0) 845 602 9985
  5. 5. myArtwork Collaborative artwork and proofing management myArtwork is an innovative solutionmyArtwork manages artwork and graphics fromautomates and concept to production.integrates all This end-to-end solution provides industry-leading asset managementcomponents of the and digital workflow software, colour management, production workflowartwork and labelling and proofing expertise in an easy-to- use, flexible and integrated system.process, helping youdrive innovation,improve quality andcontrol, and reduce Features Benefitsdevelopment timeand costs • Visual Asset Manager (VAM) • Create a dashboard view of all projects • Project Tracking and Reporting • Reduce cycle times from weeks to myMarket • Colour Management & Proofing days myCustomer • Collaboration and Mark-up • Reduce the number of status meetings myProject • Streamline routing and approval • Maintain global brand identity • Content Certification mySource • Centralize assets and increase • Automate colour control and file Utilization mySupplier conversions myLibrary • File Transfer Manager myRecipe myProduct myArtwork Used by myQuality The Worlds leading myConsumer pharmaceutical company myCatalogue A leading technology provider Global drug and pharmaceutical producer MICROS Retail and Supply Chain 33 Pilcher Gate Nottingham NG1 1QF +44 (0) 845 602 9985
  6. 6. myProject Stage Gate Management and end to end visibility and tracking myProject is a versatile project andmyProject allows the process management organiseradding, scheduling specifically for product development within the food and retail supply chain.and progressing of myProject provides the ability tonew projects to allow maximise success, minimise time-to- market and associated developmentthe controlled costs, whilst optimizing opportunities for innovation and product quality.development of aproduct specification Features Benefits • Covering the end to end lifecycle of • Centralised, real time, up to date myMarket range and category planning, product and process quality innovation funnel and the supply information myCustomer chain NPD process. • Ability to manage complex projects myQuality • Planning and monitoring a stage / with a large number of products gate critical path through development of new and existing • Minimises time to market and mySource products. associated development cost mySupplier • Workflow capability reduces • Cuts administration time and costs myLibrary progress chasing on project activity and significantly reduces duplication • Collaboration on briefs allow input of activity during a project from all relevant parties hence myRecipe better forecasting • Criteria for accepting projects can be myProduct pre defined and built in to the approval process myArtwork myProject myConsumer myCatalogue MICROS Retail and Supply Chain 33 Pilcher Gate Nottingham NG1 1QF +44 (0) 845 602 9985