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Evading AV - Veil-Evasion
Paylaod Delivery - Veil-Catapult
Post Exploitation - Veil-Pillage
Shellcode Generation - Veil-Ordinance

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  2. 2. WHO AM I ?  Working with NII Consulting as a Senior Consultant  Certified to CEH v 8, ISO 27001:2013, 22301:2012,20000-2011 LA, CCNA  Web Pen testing,VAPT, Network Security, ISMS & BCMS Implementation & Maintenance, IT Risk Assessments & Security Auditing
  3. 3. AGENDA  TheVeil Framework  Veil-Evasion Genesis Veil-Evasion Approach Veil-Evasion Features Demo • Veil-Catapult • Veil-Pillage • Veil-Ordinance
  4. 4. THEVEIL FRAMEWORK  Created byVeris Group Security Researchers i.e Will Schroeder, ChrisTruncer, Michael Wright  A toolset aiming to bridge the gap between pentesting and red teaming capabilities Veil-Evasion: flagship tool, generates AV-evading executables Veil-Catapult: initial payload delivery tool Veil-PowerView: situational awareness with Powershell Veil-Pillage: fully-fledged post-exploitation framework Veil-Ordinance: a tool that can be used to quickly generate valid stager shellcode
  5. 5. VEIL-EVASION : GENESIS  Antivirus can’t catch malware but does catch pentesters
  6. 6. SOLUTION  Security Experts :Will Schroeder, Chris Truncer, Michael Wright found a way to execute existing shellcode in an av-evading way i.eVeil-Evasion
  7. 7. VEIL-EVASION APPROACH  Veil Evasion does its’ work by: Using an aggregation of various shellcode injection techniques across multiple languages Having a focus on automation, usability, and developing a true framework Using some shellcodeless Meterpreter stagers and “auxiliary” modules as well
  8. 8. VEIL-EVASION FEATURES  Can use either Metasploit generated or custom written shellcode Metasploit Framework payloads/options are dynamically loaded  Third-party tools can be easily integrated Hyperion, PE Scrambler, Backdoor Factory, etc.  Command line switches add in script-ability  Check payload hashes againstVirusTotal
  9. 9. VEIL-CATAPULT  A basic payload delivery tool  Tight integration withVeil-Evasion for on-the-fly payload generation, can upload/execute or host/execute  Cleanup scripts generated for payload killing and deletion  Now obsoleted with the release ofVeil-Pillage
  10. 10. VEIL-PILLAGE  A post-exploitation framework  Multiple trigger options (wmis, psexec, etc.)  Completely modular, making it easy to implement additional post-exploitation actions  Comprehensive logging and cleanup capabilities
  11. 11. VEIL-ORDINANCE  Fast Shellcode Generation tool  6 different payloads Most commonly used payloads (rev_tcp, bind_tcp, rev_https, rev_http, rev_tcp_dns, rev_tcp_all_ports) All payloads were ported from MSF • 1 current encoder Single Byte Xor Encoder
  12. 12. QUESTIONS???   Twitter : @sukeshs89  Get theVeil-Framework: Github: Now in Kali! apt-get install veil Read more:
  13. 13. REFERENCES •  framework-30196828 