Airtel money business case executive summary @sukesh gain


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Airtel money business case executive summary @sukesh gain

  1. 1. Executive Summary Submitted by, Sukesh Chandra Gain Problem Definition:  Designing customer acquisition strategy  Using internet, e-mails and social media to create buzz about the product  End to end sales and marketing exposure – from strategizing and acquiring customers to increasing usage and retention. Mainly, we have to convey the value propositions offered by Airtel Money to customers. Segmentation: We can segment the target group in 4 user groups according to the values they believe in and the features they want: Family head (who can influence the family members), Students (Age group- 16-25 years), Young Professionals (Age group-25-35 years), Businessmen (who are running small to medium scale business) Recommendations  Designing a Campaign: “Reveal the power of your money with Airtel”  Educational Institutes: Promotion in major Govt. & private educational institutes by setting up kiosk (Delhi University (~ 250000 students), JNU, VIT, Manipal Group etc.)  Push Strategy: Extending the offer to activate the Airtel Money service to the new Airtel customers while buying Airtel SIM card  POS Terminal: Encouraging retail outlets to install POS terminals for Airtel Money  Self Financing Promotion: Advertising on the back side Airtel recharge voucher  Collaboration with major nationalized banks (SBI, PNB, IDBI, HDFC, ICICI etc.) to activate the Airtel Money service while customers are opening new account with the banks Designing customer acquisition strategy
  2. 2.  Corporate tie-up with organizations operating in service industry (TCS, Infosys; Apollo Hospital, Makemytrip, IRCTC etc)  Tie up with large and medium retail chains (Bigbazzar, Spenser, Central, Chroma) I would be promoting Airtel Money on Social media (FB, Linkedln, Twitter, BookmyShow etc.) awareness and customer acquisition. Designing Facebook Campaign: “Airtel Money Star of the Day” & “Airtel Money Star of the Month” I. A competition- “ Airtel Money Star of the Day” & “Airtel Money Star of the Month” will be launched on FB II. A demo video of Airtel Money will be uploaded on the FB page to crate a buzz. This video should show the end to end process of using Airtel Money III. Initially (2 days) the FB page will be populated among all Airtel employees and FMS student community to make sure its visibility to FB users Rules for the FB competition: a) Find out the nearest retail shop where you can recharge your SIM with Airtel Money b) Recharge your mobile with minimum of Rs. 100 c) By a product of minimum Rs. 5 d) Upload a your photo taken at the retail shop along with your transaction id e) Share your experience on FB page Star of the Day will be decided based on number of transaction/purchase. You will receive a gift from Airtel. You can choose a merchandise from the range displayed on the information page of FB. Star of the Month will be decided based on maximum number of transaction for a particular month by a single user. You have a chance to win an iPhone. For More information: Finding all merchants and retailers according to your preferences is now just a few clicks away. Search a merchant: Link Using internet, e-mails and social media to create buzz about the product
  3. 3. Search a retailer: Link N.B: i. This facility is currently available in Delhi (NCR), Chenani & Bangalore ii. Register for Airtel Money by just creating your 4-digit secure mPIN password for authorizing transactions and loading cash iii. You can call 12121(for Airtel users) and 880-001-2121 (Non-Airtel Users)  E-mails Marketing  Receiving 1.67 crore Indian consumers Email Database from  Using email of the Airtel's existing database for selected cities : Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore and send mailer to them  Sending mailer with all the required details and link  Showing them the benefits of Airtel Money and how life could be lot easier using Airtel Money  Attaching a demo video (by showing end-to-end process of using Airtel Money) with the mailer  Sending the FB & Airtel Money Website link with the mailer  Promoting through Orkut, Twitter page  Banner advertisement on,, etc.  Depth: Promoting Repeat Usage o Promote among family members, friends & relatives thorough existing customer. Communication: Son: “Send me some pocket money”; Papa: “Check your mobile in 1 minute”  Breadth: Increase consumer base in other cities  Creating new channels – Airtel outlet near established corporate offices or industrial zone. (These are not hard & first rules; it could be tweaked based on the input from Airtel's management) End to end sales and marketing exposure – from strategizing and acquiring customers to increasing usage and retention