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Futurum corfinan valuation and financial modeling a case study


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This basic training gives the participant a quick understanding about how to build the financial projection and do the valuation by applying a couple of basic methods. A refresher as well for those that have ever been in Corporate Finance class.

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Futurum corfinan valuation and financial modeling a case study

  1. 1. Basic Class Valuation and Financial Modeling : A Case Study (1 Day) Contact : Topic Subtopic Valuation using Comparables The Business Plan Operational Improvements Capital Expenditures : a Needed Expansion Working Capital Management Capital Structure Changes : Levering Up Building the Financial Model Forecasting Earnings Working Capital Requirements Forecasting Free Cash Flow The Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows Estimating the Cost of Capital CAPM-based Estimation Unlevering Beta
  2. 2. Valuing the Investment The Multiples Approach to Continuation Value The Discounted Cash Flow Approach to Continuation Value APV Valuation of the Equity A Reality Check IRR and Cash Multiples Sensitivity Analysis