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Resume (1)

  1. 1. SujithS, Senior Software Engineer Summary of Experience • 4 yearsand 11 monthsof experience indesign,development,debuggingandmaintenance of software engineeringapplications . • StrongskillsinAngularJSapp development. • Experience inJavascript, JQuery,AngularJSandNodeJs. • ProficientinGUIprogrammingusingHTML5 and CSS3. • Experience withanimationusingCSS,JavascriptandGSAPframework. • Experience withresponsiveUIdevelopmentandtestingacrosssmartphones,tabletsand desktops. • Experience withUItestautomationusingProtractorandcucumber. • Experience withUnittestingusingKarma+ Jasmine/Mocha+sinon&stub. • Experience insettingupContinuousIntegrationusingJenkinsandGrunttaskrunner. • Knowledgeof MVCSoftware designpatterns. • Involvedindesignanddevelopmentof UIapplication • Experience inworkingwithAgile SCRUMdevelopmentprograms. • Strongdebuggingskills • Provenskillsinunderstandingnew conceptsandevolvingsoftware technologies. • Excellentcommunicationand interpersonal skills. Professional Experience Organization Designation Period From To QuestGlobal Engineering ServicesLtd. SeniorSoftware Engineer Sep2015 Till date CognizantTechnologySolutions ProgrammerAnalyst Oct2011 September 2015 Technical Skills OperatingSystem Windows7,Linux,Mac OS ProgrammingLanguages C# DesignConcepts MVC designpatterns,OOPs WebTechnologies AngularJS,Backbone.js,HTML5,CSS3,Node.js,Bootstrap,REST APIs Animation GSAP
  2. 2. Scripting JavaScript,JQuery IDE Eclipse,Sublime,WebStorm Database ManagementSystem MySQL, MongoDB ManagementTools Tortoise SVN Unit testing Karma,Jasmine ,Sinon, Stub GUI testingautomation Protractor,Cucumber Tools Putty, WinSCP, Beyond Compare, Bugzilla, Jenkins, NodeJs, npm,Grunt,Visual Studio Major Projects # Project Description Tools/Technology/Platform 1 GE DCAR ELO An Application which monitors ECG ratings for technicians to use in hostpitals. It does usermanagement and patient medical reportmanagement. Responsibilities: • RequirementAnalysis • FeasibilityStudy • UI Implementation • Unit testing • Sprintplanning Technologies-,AngularJS, JavaScript,HTML5, CSS3 , JSON,JQuery IDE/Tools –Eclipsee ,Chrome DevTools,SVN OS – Windows,Linux 2 Chola Leap Chola Leap is an application developed to digitally transform vehicle business operation to deliver integrated customer experiences. Responsibilities: • WebService Implementation • Applicationtesting Technologies - Node.js,javascript,Restful Web Serviceswith postman,SVN,MongoDB 3 ArchMigration- Cognizant Mobility Trumobi is an enterprise mobile solution developed for Cognizant. It has the web portal ‘ArchMigration’ through which enterprise applications can be uploaded and allows users to quickly and securely find and access both proprietary enterprise apps and web apps This has helped to enhance the usability of applicationthanitwasbefore. Responsibilities: Technologies- Angular.js, Node.js,HTML5, CSS3,Restful WebServiceswithpostman, SVN,MongoDB OS - Windows
  3. 3. • RequirementAnalysis • UI Implementation • Applicationtesting 4 SanofieHATs An Internet application used by the Sanofi Employees which is used for pre-approval and documentation of relationships with Healthcare professionals and also to track all the activities and expenses done towards healthcare professionals and organizationsthatSanofi dealswith. Responsibilities: • RequirementAnalysis • UI Implementation • ApplicationTesting. Technologies- C#,.NetMVC, SQL SERVER OS - Windows