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UK Telangana Business Meet - Post Conference report


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This document provides an overview of the UK Telangana Business Meet which was held at British Parliament, London on 16th July

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UK Telangana Business Meet - Post Conference report

  1. 1. © 2015 by Sivaleen Inc. All rights reserved UK Telangana Business Meet 2015 POST MEET REPORT Thursday, 16th July, 2015 British Parliament, Westminster, London, UK
  2. 2. © 2015 by Sivaleen Inc. All rights reserved British South India Council of Commerce, with Sivaleen Inc as the delivery partner and Telangana NRI Forum organised a business meet titled "UK Telangana Business Meet" at British Parliament, London on Thursday, 16th July so as to showcase business opportunities between UK and Telangana, a state in the South of India. UK Telangana Business Meet was the 12th meet of BSICC "business meet" series, which have been held at British Parliament over the last few years and these business meet have so far engaged around 1830 delegates as part of BSICC's mission to promote trade and investment between UK and India, specifically South India. The meet was chaired by Mr Virendra Sharma MP, Patron of British South India Council of Commerce and a total of 13 speakers shared their expertise during the 3 hour meet which had about 180 delegates who had registered to attend the meet THE MEET PROGRAMME SUMMARY Mr.Virendra Sharma MP, the Patron of British South India Council of Commerce welcomed the delegates attending the business meet. Sujit S Nair., FRSA. Director/ Chief Co Ordinator of British South India Council of Commerce (BSICC ) managed the running of the business meet whereas Mr.Uday Nagaraju co rodinated on behalf of Telangana NRI forum Lord Swraj Paul delivered the opening remarks and spoke about some of the opportunities available for UK companies in India. Mr.Ceeka Chandra Shaker, BSICC Vice Chair - Telangana / Telangana NRI Forum - President spoke about BSICC, TeNF and the objective of the meet. Lord Brett McLean , Chairman, East Sussex County Council's Economic Advisory Board & Board Member, South East Local Enterprise Partnership then spoke about the opportunities for businesses in South East England. Following this, Mr.Suhas Rao, MD , Bhima Jewellery spoke about why South Indians prefer to look at Gold as a investment option rather than investing in equity. Mr.Anil Kumarachalam, President of NRI wing of Telangana' ruling party, TRS, provided an overview of his party ideas and how his party, as the ruling party, is bringing about development in the state. This was followed by a talk by Jim James, International Trade Advisor, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) who spoke about how UK Trade & Investment is helping Indian and British businesses. Following Jim's talk, Mr.Vijay Dasari of Telangana Industrialists Welfare Federation put forth Telangana's Investment Climate & Policy framework for the benefit of the audience. Following this, Mr. Kumar Vuppala, Founder/ Director, Anantha Technologies spoke about IT opportunities in
  3. 3. © 2015 by Sivaleen Inc. All rights reserved Telangana. Then, Mr.Kostas Mavroulakis , Campaign Manager, Startup Britain spoke about UK's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and how it can support a company in UK and in India. Following Kosta's talk, Mr.Uday Nagaraju, Head of Advisory board, Telangana NRI Forum spoke about the UK Telangana Relationship and how United Kingdom has had strong trade relations with Telangana region for more than a century and how both regions can be mutually benefited by using each other's expertise. Following this talk, Mr.Charles Warner- Allen, Charles Warner Allen Associates & Mr.Frank Daly, One World Media spoke about trade finance and how their firm is in a position to finance trading activity between UK and India. The next talk was on the opportunities in Telangana's hospitality sector and this talk was delivered by Mr.Sunil Joginpally, Partner and General Manager, Seraphine Hotels. Following this, Mr. Pramod Anthati, Board of Advisor , Telangana NRI Forum provided an overview of opportunities in few other sectors in Telangana. In order to maximise the networking opportunities for the delegates attending the business meet, each of the delegate was given an opportunity to introduce themselves so as to explore business opportunities during the networking session and this session was moderated by noted motivational speaker, Mr.Paresh Rughani. Following this Mr.Philip Abraham, the Vice Chair of British South India Council of Commerce delivered the vote of thanks. British South India Council of Commerce and Telangana NRI Forum can provide ground support to those businesses who are looking to pursue business opportunities in Telangana
  4. 4. © 2015 by Sivaleen Inc. All rights reserved Important Disclaimer: Important please note: This report is for guidance only and has been prepared in good faith to give a fair overall view of the meet and is believed to be correct at the date of publication. Copyright All content in this document, including logos, text, images, graphics etc are protected by copyright and/or design right owned by Sivaleen Inc unless identified as belonging to third parties. The business meets of British South India Council of Commerce Ltd is initiated, implemented and executed by Sivaleen Inc , which also represents BSICC in India