Google Adword Display Campaign Guide – Step By Step : SK SeoIdiots


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Learn How To setup Google Adword Display campaign – Presentation visually helps you to understand all the topics involve in display campaign. PPT Bring by Sujit from SeoIdiots. PPT have all aspect of Campaign setup, ads creation, reports, bidding, CPM & CPC bidding, how to view report. how to use Re-marketing and how to use placements. Overall benefits of Display Campaign !!! - Sujit

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Google Adword Display Campaign Guide – Step By Step : SK SeoIdiots

  1. 1. Guide…
  2. 2. Display Advertisement Visually Appealing Grab The Attention Targeted Audience Various Ads Format Branding & Awareness
  3. 3. Display Campaign Sub Type All features : Includes all features of display campaign Mobile Apps : Display ads on Mobile Apps Remarketing : Target people who previously visited your website Engagement : Lightbox & hover ads
  4. 4. Devices
  5. 5. Location & Advance Location Location Setting same as Search Campaign – Advance setting give more control on target and exclusion of audiences for your campaign.
  6. 6. Language Setting
  7. 7. Bidding & Budget **Display campaign allows you to select CPM ( Cost per thousand impression bids
  8. 8. Ads Delivery ** Avoid daily Budget depleted !!
  9. 9. Ads Scheduling & Rotation ** Same as used in Search campaign !!
  10. 10. Frequency Capping ** Frequency Capping Determines, how many impressions obtained from same people if they view your add, you can control it to display ads to more new peoples.
  11. 11. Other Campaign Setting ** Social Setting, Experiments and exclude IP address to view your ads.
  12. 12. Ad Groups – Display Campaign ** Create ad groups for similar products or services. Choose target options and CPM Bids
  13. 13. Display Campaign – Target Options Display Keywords – Also known as Contextual Targeting ( sites related to search term ) . Work as automatic placements ! Interests & Remarketing – Category wise selection OR define a retargeting list of audience ! Different Targeting Method Topics – Pages about specific subject Placements – Choose own website list to show ads. Also known as Managed placements Age – Define age group of audience Gender
  14. 14. Display Campaign – Narrow Target Options Redefine audience list ; used with above selected placement options.
  15. 15. Display Campaign – Remarketing List Remarket or Retarget your ads who visited your site before… 1 2 3 First Create Your Remarketing List. Go to shared library >> Audiences Create list > grab code > use it on your website. (Remarketing tag). Check status of Tag (active or not ) Go To Ad group Targeting option and use targeting option (Interests & remarketing).. Choose your remarketing list from entire group.
  16. 16. Display Campaign – Ads Type In Display Campaign You can create Visual Ads !! Text Ads Image Ads Ad Gallery Ap Digital Content Ad WAP Mobile Ads
  17. 17. Display Campaign – Text Ads Text Ads
  18. 18. Display Campaign – Image Ads Image Ads Automatic Create Ads from Website or Get new idea upon website content Create New Image Ads using own images, upload image and fill option !
  19. 19. Ad Gallery Display Campaign – Ads Gallery Dynamic Product Ads – Show your product in Rich media format ! Product extension setup require for it ! Create Different Type of Video Ads, use from YouTube or Upload own file. This video used by display campaign ! Google Ad Builder Choose from Various Ads template and customize with own text and images. Apply own set of setting. Engagement ads
  20. 20. Display Campaign – Engagement ads
  21. 21. Display Campaign – Ads Gallery Ads Builder Google Ad Builder Tool – Build own animated ads for different sizes !
  22. 22. Display Campaign – App Digital Content Ads Ap Digital Content Ad Promote Your Mobile Apps and Build ads for Same (Android + IOS App Store )
  23. 23. Display Campaign – WAP Mobile Ads WAP Mobile Ads Create Ads which shown on mobile devices (mobile text ads and mobile image ads )
  24. 24. Display Campaign – Ads Format / Sizes Acceptable file formats: .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .SWF File size limits: 150 KB or less for all files. Desktop Laptop Platform Mobile Devices 250 x 250 square 320 x 50 mobile leaderboard 200 x 200 small square 200 x 200 small square 468 x 60 banner 250 x 250 square 728 x 90 leaderboard 300 x 250 inline rectangle 300 x 250 inline rectangle 336 x 280 large rectangle 120 x 600 skyscraper 160 x 600 wide skyscraper 300 x 600 half-page ad 970 x 90 large leaderboard
  25. 25. Display Campaign – Campaign exclusions It works as Negative Keywords of search campaign.. Exclude targeting which not useful for you ! Campaign exclusions Ad Group exclusions
  26. 26. Display Campaign – Bidding These are the Max. CPC or Max. CPM bids Bid only: Target & Bid : Enable custom bids: Use default bids: Enable Custom Bids For all Targeting
  27. 27. Display Campaign – Reports Show all data on display campaign dashboard
  28. 28. Contact Sujit Kumar Lucky from India involves in search and digital marketing.. Author @  WEB :  Email :  Facebook :  Twitter : @sujit_kr_lucky