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  1. 1. tapferkeit Brave herzhaftigkeit intrepidez mettle valor beherzt osadia COURAGE nerve hero Tapferkeit tapfer daring furchtlos bravura mutig gallantry coraje schneidwhat is courage? motion graphic Han su jin
  2. 2. concept search imagewhat is courage?
  3. 3. concept search imageThere are many kinds of courage Awesome kinds Everyday kinds Still, courage is courage Whatever kind
  4. 4. Awesome kinds
  5. 5. Everyday kinds
  6. 6. concept search imageThose caourage maybe mundane, But still Courage
  7. 7. concept search image
  8. 8. concept search image
  9. 9. concept search image
  10. 10. concept search image
  11. 11. concept search image