Conflict case study assignment (final)


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Conflict case study assignment (final)

  1. 1. Conflict Case Study AssignmentConflict starts when there are people or groups having different ideas that are opposed, and trying to justify their opinions which lead to escalation. Conflict can be either verbal or become physical contact. Examples of conflict are arguing, physical violence, terrorism, and war. Also, it can escalate and become more violent. The purpose of this project is to observe and analyze why conflict starts and escalates between the West (U.S.) and the Middle-Eastern (Muslim) countries. One of the reasons why conflict starts is because there are value differences and conflict escalates as two opposite sides misunderstand each other and the unwillingness to compromise brings more tension.<br />The reason why the conflict between the West and the Middle-East started was because they have different values, and these two groups have diverse culture and values. Both the West and the Middle-East have different culture like knowledge, art or belief that are unique and important tool for survival which separates from each other (Dr. Dennis). In the past, these cultural groups have not got in contact but because of the globalization, the West and the Middle-East have some contacts which grows the value differences. This is because people usual recognize the culture or value differences when they are in contact with another cultural group (characteristics of culture). For example, when the US troops went into the Middle-Eastern countires to prevent Iraque from invading Saudi Arabia for stealing the oil and the US troops were successful about preventing the invasion(Part II:Al Qauda and September 11). If the US troops have left the Middle-East after this incident then the conflict between the West and the Middle-East has not started, but US troops continued to stay in the “Muslim World” because US has a value of make peace between the conflicting nations. On the other hand, the Muslim value that none of the non-Muslims shoud not be in their “Muslim World” (Part II:Al Qauda and September 11). These values clearly shows tht they are completly oppsed to each other and this triggered the conflict between the West and the Muslim. The event that clearly showed the anger of the Muslim was the 9/11. Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda who ordered to attack the world tade center, was angry that their value is being violated (Part II:Al Qauda and September 11).<br />This map shows the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in August  1990 and that there was a danger of Saudi Arabia be invaded too. image<br />The escaltion of conflict occures because of the misunderstanding between the West and the Middle-East. In the video clip that was shown in class about if Americans really know why 9/11 happened and majority of the people did not konw why but they just have negative feeling towards Muslim because they think that Muslim hates the way American live. Which shows that it is not true and that majority of the American misunerstand the reason behind the action of 9/11. Clearly, there is a misunderstanding of the reason why Al Qaeda commited 9/11, and majority of the American citizen do not know that Muslim are angry that non-Muslim troops are in the Muslim country which is for them is the violation against their values. On the other hand, the Muslim like Osama bin Laden believes that US is trying to destroy their culture and religion and declaring war on Allah but this is also a misunerstanding. US just wants to stop the conflict in the Middle-Eastern countries and not declaring war on Allah or trying to destroy their culture and religion (Part II:Al Qauda and September 11). This misunderstanding created more terrorist attacks and also sening more US troops to Middle-East (BBC).<br />This picture shows the 9/11. image<br /> Another reason why conflict between West and the Middle-East escalates in because of the unwillingness to compromise. Usually when there is a conflict, people tend to be unwilling to compromise and make the issue bigger. They also remember what they were done to them and that they think that the opponent started the whole thing. Therefore, the conflict escalates and they both hit harder over time (He who cast the first stone probably didn’t). For exmple, US sending more troops to Middle-East (BBC) or Al Qaeda increasing the number of terrorist attcks. Also, the Iran’s nuclear programme is an example of unwillingness to compromise because Iran is unwilling the US or the UN to inspect their nuclear facilities and US is unwilling to have a stable diplomatic relation with Iran. Iran is building a nuclear plant for production of electricity in Iran but the West thinks that Iran is using the nuclear for the production of weapon so US and UN sent inspecters to inspect the nuclear facility but Iran does not allow them. On the other hand, because of the behavior of Iran US told Iran that they will not have a stable diplomatic relation with Iran. These two sides shows the unwillingness to compromise (BBC).<br />This picture shows the creation of  nuclear plant by Iran. image<br /> <br />Conflict started between the West and the Middle-Eastern counties because two opposite sides have different ideas and the conflict escalates by misunderstanding of each other and the unwillingness to compromise. As from these examples, the problem that is causing it is the lack of conversation and the understanding of each other. One solution to resolve the US and Muslim world’s conflict, US government can just leave the country and leave the Muslim World alone. However, the problem is because of the globalization, having contact with any countries by business or other relation, the Muslim World cannot be left alone (US and Them). Therefore, these two sides should have a meeting talking all about their ideas and feelings but the opponent cannot argue. I believe this is the first step towards resolving the problem. One example could be a cultural convention of these two sides and held in Asia because it does not involve either side, so that not just the high ranking people but also the young teenagers could come and enjoy exchanging their ideas.<br />