SIJIL KEMAHIRAN MALAYSIA                                    BAHASA INGGERIS                                         1 JAMN...
8.        A: Is this your pen?          B: _________________________________________________          A: You are welcome.9...
1. Dr Chan is attending his patients.                                __________________2. Dr Chan listens to their complai...
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Sijil kemahiran malaysia


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Sijil kemahiran malaysia

  1. 1. SIJIL KEMAHIRAN MALAYSIA BAHASA INGGERIS 1 JAMNAME: _____________________________________________________ FORM: _________Answer ALL the questions in this paper.SECTION AFill in the blanks with the correct statement provided that matches the situation given.1. A: _________________________________________________ B: She is alright. She just has a sprained ankle. A: Please take good care of her, then.2. A: It’s a good thing you brought umbrellas. B: _________________________________________________ A: We could have caught ourselves in the rain and get sick.3. A: _________________________________________________ B: It’s RM 1.50 each A: Can I have 10, please?4. A: What’s wrong? B: I’ve lost my wedding ring. A: _________________________________________________5. A: Thank you for helping me. B: _________________________________________________ A: Shall I buy you lunch?6. A: _________________________________________________ B: But it is only 9.00pm, Dad. A: You need to go to school tomorrow.7. A: Hooray! I have scored a goal! B: _________________________________________________ A: The coach will be happy to hear this. 1
  2. 2. 8. A: Is this your pen? B: _________________________________________________ A: You are welcome.9. A: That is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen. B: Yes, it is. A: ________________________________________________10. A: ________________________________________________ B: Yes. C: It looks really delicious. Yes, it is! Thank you very much! How is Sahira? I would like to take a picture with it Are you cooking chicken curry for dinner? It is time for bed, son! Congratulations! I heard the weather forecast earlier How much is one apple? Let me help you find it You are most welcome (10 marks)SECTION BRead the passage below. Write TRUE for the statements that are correct and FALSE for thestatements that are incorrect based on the passage. Then, complete the sentences based on thepassage. 2
  3. 3. 1. Dr Chan is attending his patients. __________________2. Dr Chan listens to their complaints. __________________3. Dr Chan charges them expensively. __________________4. The people in Kampung Choh hate Dr Chan. __________________5. Dr. Chan is a poor farmer’s son __________________6. Dr Chan is at his clinic in _______________________________________________________.7. The people at Kampung Choh _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.8. If a patient tells Dr Chan that he has no money, he _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.9. Dr Chan says that he is _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.10. Dr Chan is now only too glad to be ______________________________________________. (10 marks) KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT 3