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Girl scouts 21st century learning skills


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Skills CEW Inservice #1

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Girl scouts 21st century learning skills

  1. 1. 21st Century Learning SkillsGirl Scouts works hard to ensure that we are preparing girls for every aspect of their lives. Everyprogram activity that Girl Scouts provides works specifically to achieve the Girl Scout NationalLeadership Outcomes. These outcomes directly coincide with 21st Century Learning Skillswhich will help girls achieve greater success in school as well as in all other facets of their lives.Each girl completes a survey at the end of their Girl Scout experience that measures their successand helps us determine what areas to focus on in the future. The surveys are specificallydesigned to measure the girls on the Leadership Outcomes below.21st CenturySkills Girl Scout Leadership OutcomesInformation Media Literacy Girls gain practical life skillsCritical Thinking Problem- Girls develop critical thinkingSolving SkillsCreative thinking Skills Girls can resolve conflictsCommunication Skills Girls educate and inspire others to actCollaboration Skills Girls promote cooperation and teambuilding Girls advance diversity in a multiculturalCross-Cultural Skills worldLeadership Skills Girls are resourceful problem solvers
  2. 2. Girls feel empowered to make a difference in the worldSocial Skills Girls develop healthy relationshipsSelf-Monitoring Girls seek challenges in the worldSelf-Direction SkillsProject Management Skills Girls are resourceful problem solvers Girls develop positive values Girls feel connected to their communities,Ethics locally and globallyCivic Responsibility Girls can identify community needs Girls advocate for themselves and others, locally and globallyAccountability Girls develop positive values(for High Standards) Girls feel empowered to act