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Strangest animals in the world


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Published in: Education, Technology, Travel
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Strangest animals in the world

  1. 1. Baiji(Yangtze River Dolphin) Name: Sucelle Tapia U.Class: English Pedagogy l
  2. 2. Nickname "Goddess of theYangtze"Similar to the Chinesewhite dolphinPopulation Is one of the world’s rarest mammals, and a victim of China’s breakneck economic growth, competing for food with the human beings.Declineddrastically
  3. 3. WeightLength AppearanceLifespan DietBehavior
  4. 4. The first appeared 25 million years ago and migratedfrom the Pacific Ocean to the Yangtze River 20 millionyears ago.
  5. 5. Now the baíjí is the most endangered cetacean in theworld, according to the Guinness Book of WorldRecords.
  6. 6. The baiji dolphin is more agressive than the starfish,but nicer than the whales.
  7. 7. The baiji dolphin is faster than the sea horse,but slower than the tigger.
  8. 8. The baiji dolphin is bigger than the cat,But smaller than the elephant.
  9. 9. The baiji dolphin is more beautiful than the pufferfishBut uglier than the red fish.
  10. 10. The baiji dolphin is stronger than the gold fish,But weaker than the sharks.