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Ageism in Local Government Women s Experiences
Many women councillors in Local Government stand for election when they are...
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Julie Griffiths
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In June this year Julie Griffiths was ...
The Global Gender Gap Report 2013
WE may boast some of the world's most liveable cities, a strong economy and a laid-back ...
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The Big Issue Women's Subscription Enterprise provides job opportunities for h...
ALGWA Book Corner- Book Ideas for Christmas

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Cr. Colleen Fuller, ALGWA NSW President

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Australian Local Government Womens Association Dec13/Jan14 Newsletter


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The newsletter from the Australian Local Government Women's Association NSW Branch.
News for women who work in local government or who are elected to their local Council in New South Wales, Australia.

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Australian Local Government Womens Association Dec13/Jan14 Newsletter

  1. 1. DECEMBER 2013/ JANUARY 2014 ISSUE 41 President s Report from Cr Colleen Fuller Best Wishes for a very Happy Christmas and New Year to all ALGWA members and all women involved in Local Government -from myself and the ALGWA Executive team. Our thoughts are with all those communities devastated by bushfires, and the local councils challenged with rebuilding infrastructure and lives. ALGWA has had a busy and productive year in 2013. My aim for 2014 is to increase ALGWA full membership and associate membership. ALGWA is the peak body for representation of women in Local Government. We have a high profile nationally, with branches in all states and territories. All the year, but particularly at this time of year over the long school holidays, I think of children at risk in our communities. My community of Gunnedah, like most other rural regions, has a desperate need for crisis accommodation and care for vulnerable children. Foster carers are desperately needed in all communities. I know from personal experience as a foster carer for children needing urgent respite care. Homelessness for women and children is a growing problem. According to statistics: · 46,000 Australian women are homeless every night · 40 per cent of homeless people living in shelters are women The largest single cause of homelessness in Australia is domestic and family violence, which overwhelmingly affects women and children. Some councils have responded by supplying buildings, and financial and administrative support to set up facilities for women and children. More often than not, the initiative comes from councillors and council staff. So think about it urgently for your community so that children are safe and secure especially over the Christmas holidays. ALGWA Membership is due December 31st 2013. Financial members are eligible to vote at the ALGWA Conference and to stand for election to the Executive. Annual membership of $80 [Associate $40] can be deducted from a credit card for your convenience. Download membership forms from our website: Visit our Facebook page ALGWA NSW to see latest news and to leave your comments. Warringah Council Hosted the ALGWA Executive meeting in November. Mayor Cr Michael Regan, Deputy Mayor Cr Sue Heins and General Manager Rik Hart welcomed the ALGWA Executive. An information session about ALGWA and issues for women involved in Local Government was attended by a number of staff members. Cr Vicki Scott and Dixie, a community member,spoke about the benefits of council setting up a Status of Women Committee as Gosford has done.. Warringah Council is now an ALGWA member! Cr Sue Heins Deputy Mayor of Warringah holds the certificate of appreciation presented to the council by the ALGWA Executive. Photo by Bev Spearpoint. ALGWA NSW Executive Supports Local Government as a Childcare Provider The ALGWA Executive discussed the move by some councils to withdraw from involvement in Childcare Centres, resulting in their privatisation or closure. A motion was passed that ALGWA NSW Executive supports Local Government as a provider of Childcare in their communities. It acknowledges Local Government as the largest Childcare provider in Australia and a leader in the industry and recognises that Childcare is a core responsibility of Local Government. ALGWA will meet with the Minister for Local Government, Hon Don Page to deliver the motion and discuss the concerns raised. ALGWA NSW Annual Conference Broken Hill NSW March 20-22 2014 Embracing Change Be The Driver Not The Passenger. Early Bird registration until 21 February 2014 www
  2. 2. Ageism in Local Government Women s Experiences Many women councillors in Local Government stand for election when they are older, because work life balance has freed them up more to undertake the demanding hours and work involved in being an active council member. Although ALGWA actively encourages and mentors younger women to stand for election in an effort to get that vital demographic represented, there are not enough young women willing to make that commitment. They see it as too demanding, especially if they have young children and a profession. The reality for most women is still that they bear most of the responsibility for childcare and household organisation on a daily basis. So while councils would benefit enormously from the input of young women councillors, statistics show that we generally take on the role when we are older and some of those pressures are reduced. There are also women councillors who took the challenge as young women, and who continue into mature years because their commitment to their community is recognised as they continue to be voted in. Councils benefit enormously from these women councillors who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and who are able put a lot their time and effort into the role. Why is it then, that women councillors are saying that they are being discriminated against because of their age in a way in which their male counterparts are not? The political party pre-selection process has been criticised by women who are continually put lower on the party ticket for elections, or passed over for the male candidate. The anecdotal experience of Councillor A is typical. Cr. A has been on council for 30 years representing a major political party. Prior to the last Local Government elections, she was by -passed for pre-selection and told she was too old and had done nothing for the community. Councillor A knew this was not true and stood very successfully as an Independent. On the other hand, a young, newly elected female councillor on a large male dominated council, claims that she is constantly taunted because of her young age, gender and perceived inexperience. Sadly these experiences reflect the stories of a number of women who claim that this discrimination is a gender issue and that it is not happening to male councillors in the same way. What do you think? Comment on our Facebook page or write to Editor at Page 2 Don't tell me I m too old for the job! Here is a woman who is not stepping down because of her age! Queen Elizabeth is not giving in to ageism. It is obvious that the Queen is still doing her job, and she is not handing it over yet. She is an inspiration to older women to stay in the workforce, contributing productively and earning respect for their life experience. Opinion Piece by Editor Governor General Quentin Bryce-The Boyer Lectures Back to Grass Roots. The 2013 Boyer Lecture series were presented by Her Excellency, The Honourable Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia. The title of the series, Back to Grassroots, reflects the Governor-General s involvement in community, the law, and human rights activism, reform and practice throughout her personal and professional life. Whilst she has occupied formal public roles on state and federal bodies, and leadership and teaching roles within academic institutions, the motivation for her work has primarily come from her experiences and observations on the ground, in the lives of Australian women and children. Consistent with this philosophy, the Governor-General has, in her current role, taken a hands-on approach to her outreach and engagement with the Australian community. This lecture series takes listeners on a journey back to grassroots in the context of her own life and work over the last fifty years, and in the context of contemporary Australia. Her Excellency s Lecture series, Back to grassroots comprised four 30 minute lectures titled: Joining the neighbourhood: a personal story of equal rights advocacy; Watching the women: the powerful role of Australian women; Australians at their best: courage, compassion and resilience in everyday life; and Advance Australia Fair: looking to the future of Australian citizenship. Quentin Bryce is Australia s first female Governor General and the first Governor General in office to present the Boyer lectures. Each of the four lectures was broadcast by the ABC Radio National and can be downloaded from the website. I am delighted to be giving the 2013 Boyer Lectures, contributing to a national conversation that has been hosted by the ABC for more than half a century now, said Her Excellency. Like the best sort of conversation it has taken Australians down countless paths enthralling, challenging, unworn paths. My hope is to open up yet another pathway; one that speaks to the importance of human rights in building neighbourhood, community and citizenship. ABC Books will publish the full text of the 2013 Boyer Lecture series on 1 December 2013. The paperback edition will be available through ABC Shops, ABC Centres and ABC Shop Online. An ebook edition will also be available. Full transcripts will be published on the RN Boyer Lectures site in early January 2014. Source:
  3. 3. Page 3 Congratulations! Ernies Turn 21- photos and info Meredith Burgmann, founder of the Ernie Awards in 1992, hosted the annual Ernie Award dinner at NSW Parliament House for over 300 women in October. The overall winner receives a Gold Ernie, with the awards named in honour of former secretary of the Australian Workers Union Ernie Ecob, who once claimed women only wanted to become shearers because they re after the sex. Prior to the event, Ms Burgmann said that, I think this year was particularly awful because Julia Gillard had the temerity to call out misogyny and that unleashed the dogs of war there s something about having women in power that seems to give men permission to behave badly. Other nominations were Tony Abbott for saying Liberal candidate Fiona Scott had sex appeal and Mark Latham for commenting that Abbott had beer goggles on: It showed very bad judgment and it shows he has low standards I had a good look at Fiona Scott on page 8 and she doesn t have sex appeal at all. She s not that good a sort. Mal Brough s fund raiser menu listing Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail, Small Breasts, Huge Thighs, and a Big red Box. Bob Hawke when asked about Tanya Plibersek saying I don t think she s a candidate for the leadership she has a three year old child the most that Tanya would be interested in would be, as I say, deputy. He didn t mention the fact that ALP leadership contender at the time, Bill Shorten, also has a three year old child. Peter Slipper s odious email reference to female genitals made him a contender. Too odious to repeat. Some extracts from PS, SMH This year's Gold Ernies went out to Wesley College students at the University of Sydney for creating stubby holders bearing the words, It's not rape if it's my birthday''. About 100 stubby holders featuring the college crest were distributed among new Wesley students during orientation week celebrations in March last year. It was a close competition between the Wesley College students and Alan Jones' comment of Julia Gillard's father "dying of shame", but Ernies founder and former politician Meredith Burgmann said it was the "sheer awfulness" of the stubby holders quote that sealed the deal. "It's the students' unreformed 1950s misogyny that really gets up the women's noses. It's that 'born to rule', 'aren't we funny?' and almost criminal attitude to women that did it," Burgmann said. Criminologist Professor Paul Wilson took out the Judicial Silver Ernie for his observation that child victims of adult sex offenders are generally willing or active participants, and that they not infrequently initiate the sexual relationship. A 'Good Ernie' was awarded to Lieutenant General David Morrison for campaigning for the Australian Defence Force to treat female soldiers and officers with respect. Source: Money raised at the ERNIES this year went to the Mae Tao Clinic on the Thailand-Burma border run by Dr Cynthia Maung the winner of this year s Sydney Peace Prize. #destroythejoint is a call to arms for Australians seeking gender equality & civil discourse. DestroyTheJoint "Women are destroying the joint Christine Nixon in Melbourne, Clover Moore here. Honestly." Ernie Award recipient Allan Jones expounding on women in leadership. Photo: Ray Strange The Daily Telegraph Anne Summers Conversations presents Julia Gillard On 30 September 2013, Julia Gillard appeared on stage at the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House before a sold-out audience of over 2,600 people and engaged in a candid conversation with editor and publisher Anne Summers about her time as Australia s first woman prime minister. She then answered unscripted questions from the audience for 30 minutes. The next night, 1 October, Gillard and Summers had another conversation before a packed Melbourne Town Hall and again Gillard answered audience questions. These two unforgettable and never-to-be-repeated conversations are shown in full on this exclusive souvenir DVD. Please note deliveries of the DVD will start after 9 December 2013. Orders received after 16 December 2013 are unlikely to be delivered in time for Christmas. Price is GST-inclusive. Postage will be calculated and added during checkout process. This DVD is available only by ordering through this website. $29.95
  4. 4. Page 4 Julie Griffiths Elected to Women in Sport Board. In June this year Julie Griffiths was elected to the Board of Women in Sport. Julie is passionate about the women s game and sport in general and actively promotes the benefits of sport in our Communities. WRNSW Partnership for Strategic Planning Project which looks at access and equity for women and girls at local council controlled sporting facilities. Sport is beneficial, it instills healthy lifestyles and provides boundaries for our children. The Australian Local Government Women s Association has been a partner of Women In Sport NSW and can assist in building strong alliances around running programs in their LGA s. The Board has some high profile women who are passionate about programs and providing equity for all athletes who require the use of sporting facilities. Other board members are: Susan Horwitz President - Susan was also Vice President of Chief Executive Women and Chair of Chief Executive Women s NSW Events Committee. Amanda Spalding Vice-President- Amanda is the Director of Corporate and Community at Rockdale City Council Michelle Boon Treasurer - Michelle is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is currently employed by Swimming NSW Jill Baptist Director - Jill is a Program Director at IAG (Insurance Australia Group) and is responsible for leadership. Sarina Jackson Director - Sarina is the managing Partner in the Sydney office of Douros Jackson lawyers Danielle Warby Director - Strategy and Planning for The Women s Game, Producer of Australia s first women s football web, Content and Community Manager at Sport for Women Julie Griffiths Director - Julie has had a long term interest in female sport, coaching at the elite Level. Julie has held positions as National and State Soccer Coach for over 30 years in the sport. Julie is an Executive Member of Australian Local Government Women s Association and is Immediate Past President. ALGWA is a proud partner with Women in Sport NSW- Promoting ACCESS, PARTICIPATION and EQUITY for Women and Girls through Sport and Recreation Advice to Australia s Next Woman Prime Minister. In November, women were given an opportunity to answer 5 questions in a survey on gender issues to be published in an E-book titled "Advice to Australia's Next Woman Prime Minister." This request came from the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW) .Book sales will help fund the ACLW which is a not-for-profit organisation. How would you answer these questions? Australia s first female prime minister, Julia Gillard said she was aware of misogyny around her leadership, which included comments in the media, derogatory doctored images and an infamous sexist menu, but chose not to focus on it. 1. Should Australia s future female PM: a} focus or ignore sexism around her leadership? b) take action as soon as it happens? c) take action at some later stage during her term? d) what type of action should she take to address the sexism? 2. Should Australia s future female PM be concerned: a) about using the gender card if she complains about sexism and misogyny that she might experience? b) that gender might be a dominant factor in how she is treated as a Prime Minister 3. Should Australia s future female PM: a) deflect that she is a woman and neutralise the issue of her gender? Julia Gillard, is writing her own b) conform to gendered expectations of how she should be in public and in private? book on her term as Australia s c) Be herself? first female Prime Minister. d) Govern as a male would? 4.How has PM Gillard made it easier for the next woman to be Australia s female PM? 5.When do you think it is likely that Australia will have a female PM? This is how Cr Wendy Waller from Liverpool City Council answered: Question 1 I believe sexism should be identified however often it is like putting fog in a bottle so the woman involved needs support I don t think it should be ignored. Naming it for what it is and giving examples needs to happen. Women need to talk about it and make it public not just go quietly into the night. Question 2 - You need strategies to combat such experiences and they need to be standard and factual so you don t appear to be an emotional package again support is needed can I say people including women are not prepared for female leadership in Australia in the political sphere. I remember being in New Zealand when there was a woman Prime Minister and some of the stuff people including women and media said was appalling, it wouldn t have been said about a male Prime Minister including slurs about the woman s sexuality. Question 3 - Again I believe it s important to be yourself ; including being professional and ethical in dealings with colleagues and the public. I have experienced bad press because I swore (in a private setting) at a male colleague; the male went to the press, the locals divided some saying strong woman others saying how dare a woman say that. A male wouldn t have endured that I believe especially when it was a private matter. Question 4. While I would like to think she has made it easier, I believe she has shown how difficult it is, women tend to think why put myself through this- I suppose there is the experience so you can be more prepared. Question 5. At least 10 years
  5. 5. The Global Gender Gap Report 2013 WE may boast some of the world's most liveable cities, a strong economy and a laid-back lifestyle, but when it comes to gender equality Australia doesn't even rank in the top 20. In fact the gender gap has widened since 2006, with Australia slipping nearly ten spots in an annual ranking by the World Economic Forum. Women in countries including South Africa, Cuba, Burundi, the Philippines, Latvia and Lesotho all enjoy greater equality with men than Australia according to a new report. The Global Gender Gap Report 2013 puts Australia at 24 on the gender gap index, just below the United States. In 2006 Australia was ranked 15th out of 136 countries. And we're well behind our cousins across the ditch, with New Zealand coming in a highly respectable 7th place in the gender equality stakes. Iceland topped the list for the country with the smallest gender gap, followed by the three Nordic states Finland, Norway and Sweden. The Philippines rounded out the top five. Source: The Global Gender Gap Index introduced by the World Economic Forum in 2006, is a framework for capturing the magnitude and scope of gender-based disparities and tracking their progress. The Index benchmarks national gender gaps on economic, political, education- and health-based criteria, and provides country rankings that allow for effective comparisons across regions and income groups, and over time. The rankings are designed to create greater awareness among a global audience of the challenges posed by gender gaps and the opportunities created by reducing them. Source: Why Iceland is the Best Place to Have Uterus. Iceland is also the best place to have a uterus, according to the folks at the World Economic Forum. The Global Gender Gap Report ranks countries based on where women have the most equal access to education and healthcare, and where they can participate most fully in the country's political and economic life. Read the whole article by Lynn Parramore Women and Leadership Australia Scholarships Advanced Leadership Program through their Industry Ambassadors Initiative through Women and Leadership Australia! The National Scholarship Committee offered two scholarships of $11,000 to the Australian Local Government Women's Association members. Two applicants were awarded the scholarship: Cr Narelle Sharpe -Moonee Valley City Council [L ] & Cr Nora Lamont - Maroondah Shire Council Applications for 2013 have closed, but consider applying for scholarships in 2014. Women and Leadership Australia offered a further two scholarships for our members to support their participation in the Advanced Leadership Program through the Industry Ambassadors Initiative. Applications for 2013 have closed, but consider applying for scholarships in 2014 During a career-defining 12 month journey, students accelerate their career progression and become part of an exclusive cohort of exceptional women. Designed in sympathy with the challenges of fulltime employment, the program focuses on applied learning outcomes to quickly optimise leadership capacity. During the program, WLA s expert trainers work one-on-one with students to assist them to achieve real-time personal and organisational goals. This program addresses what s really happening within the leadership pipeline. It s about identifying and nurturing leadership potential and working together to give women the opportunities they really want. Suzi Finkelstein Executive Convenor, Women & Leadership Australia. For further information please contact Shaun Zapadlo on 1300 735 904 or email Accredited Course for Elected Members in Local Government Overview Aspiring local government leaders must have a high level of professional expertise together with a broad range of leadership skills and a sound understanding of the special characteristics of local government. The course is tailored to the local government environment and allows aspiring leaders to develop understanding and capabilities necessary for leadership in the public sector. There is a particular focus on the need for local government leaders to understand and demonstrate commitment to the production of 'public value' (Moore 1995); outcomes that are truly valued in the community. The course offers the opportunity to undertake an education program that responds to individual needs as well those in the workplace and the broader community. Subjects involve intensive block mode workshops, workplace action learning, self-directed study, scenariobased challenges and a real-life community leadership project. Course aims The course aims to provide students with knowledge, skills and capabilities and practices of local government leadership, with particular reference to their own organisation and community. Students also develop the learning skills that allow them to continue their own professional development through short courses or further academic study. Further Information: Gabrielle Watterson Administration Officer, www. Cr Karen McKeown endorses the course and says, 'This is especially relevant for both experienced and new councillors to expand their knowledge base. I feel I have benefited and as a result my community will have better representation. Download Brochures
  6. 6. A Big Christmas Gift The Big Issue Page 6 The Big Issue Women's Subscription Enterprise provides job opportunities for homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged women through the sale of The Big Issue mazine subscriptions. Women pack the magazines for distribution to subscribers every fortnight, giving them an income as well as access to training, mentoring and support. The Women's Subscription Enterprise was launched in 2010 and operates in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Why Women? While The Big Issue magazine already provides employment to hundreds of homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people each year, our vendors are predominantly men. This is because selling magazines on the street is simply not a safe or viable option for many women, including those fleeing domestic violence or caring for children. We established the Women's Subscription Enterprise to give women work opportunities that didn't rely on selling on the streets. Under the model, there is no pressure on women to make sales. What's more, they work in a women's-only space, providing a safe and secure environment. A subscription to The Big Issue magazine costs less than $3 a week and you will provide homeless and disadvantaged women with paid work in a safe, secure and rewarding environment. You will be doing your bit for the community and you will get a top read every fortnight! Did you know that 90% of Australian women have at least one risk factor for heart disease? Or that it is the number one killer of Australian women? Go Red For Women is the Australian Heart foundation s campaign to encourage women to make healthier choices and reduce their risk of heart disease. ALGWA is proud to be in partnership with the Australian Heart Foundation Go Red For Women. Ads From Christmases Past
  7. 7. ALGWA Book Corner- Book Ideas for Christmas Page 7 I AM WOMAN HEAR ME DRAW - Judy Horacek Challenging, hilarious, occasionally tragic and always thought-provoking, these wonderful cartoons provide a snapshot of where women are today and encourage us all to keep on fighting the good fight. This fabulous new edition of Judy Horacek s I Am Woman Hear Me Draw contains 16 additional cartoons and is now in glorious full colour. Buy online now from the Museum Shop. RRP $19.95 Letter to George Clooney -Debra Adelaide Review by Chris Gordon, Events Manager for Readings and is a committee member of The Stella Prize More Information: Debra Adelaide s new collection of short stories, Letter to George Clooney, is wonderfully dark and humorous, making wicked fun at the familiar typecasts of poets, internet dating, government warnings, signage and the tax department. I particularly enjoyed her portrait of British poet Bill, in the story Glory in the Flower , which sees him travel to a literary festival with expectations as hopeful as a teenage boy.Adelaide portrays recognisable people in her work, but her most successful skill as a writer is her ability to balance detail with restraint. This style allows the message of each story to slowly envelope the reader in a wider context of humanity. The final story, Letter to George Clooney , is breathtaking for this reason. As the story progresses, it dawns that this is a tale of depravation and terror, and finely balanced with Adelaide s humour is an understated masterpiece: it is the best short story I have read this year. Adelaide is the author of several novels, including the bestselling The Household Guide to Dying, and her collection here is a treat. Take one story with each glass of wine before bed, but there is a warning: your dreams will have a twist in them. More reviews and Information: Hanna Rosin The End of Men - and The Rise of Women This book describes a new paradigm that can, finally, take us beyond winners and losers in an endless gender war. What a relief! Ultimately, Rosin s vision is both hope-filled and creative, allowing both sexes to become far more authentic: as workers, partners, parents and people. Peggy Orenstein, author of Schoolgirls and Waiting for Daisy Men have been the dominant sex since, well, the dawn of mankind. And yet, as journalist Hanna Rosin discovered, that long-held truth is no longer true. At this unprecedented moment, women are no longer merely gaining on men; they have pulled decisively ahead by almost every measure. Already the end of men the phrase Rosin coined has entered the lexicon as indelibly as Betty Friedan s feminine mystique, Simone de Beauvoir s second sex, Susan Faludi s backlash, and Naomi Wolf s beauty myth have. This landmark, once-in-a-generation book will take its place alongside the works of those authors, forever changing the way we talk about men and women and what happens between them. Rosin reveals how the new world order came to be, and how it is dramatically shifting dynamics in every arena and at every level of society, with profound implications for marriage, sex, children, work, and more. With wide-ranging curiosity and insight unhampered by assumptions or ideology, Rosin shows how the radically different ways men and women today earn, learn, spend, couple up even kill has turned the big picture upside down, not just in the United States but all over the world. And in The End of Men she helps us see how both men and women can adapt to the new reality and channel it for a better future. Amazon/Kindle Barnes & Noble / Nook Books-A-Million iBooks IndieBound
  8. 8. ALGWA NSW Promoting Cr. Colleen Fuller, ALGWA NSW President Women in supports and promotes women in Local GovernLocal Government. ment through: ALGWA supports and pro- Gunnedah Shire Council motes women in Local Gov· Advocacy ernment through: Advice Advocacy Action 0429 420290 Julie Griffiths, ALGWA NSW Immediate Past President 0448 725473 · · · Cr. Sharon Cadwallader, ALGWA NSW Country Vice President Ballina Shire Council 0419 973166 ALGWA NSW is the State s peak representative body for women who are in any way involved or interested in Local Government. Cr. Vicki Scott, ALGWA NSW City Vice President Gosford City Council 0418 699350 Bev Spearpoint, ALGWA NSW Secretary and Membership Officer Penrith City Council 0408 067718 ALGWA is not aligned to any political party. Founded in 1951, the organisation represents all women involved in Local Government, both staff members and elected representatives. Cr. Jennifer Lecky, ALGWA NSW Treasurer Muswellbrook Shire Council 0419 268130 Cr. Jackie Greenow OAM, ALGWA NSW Executive Member Penrith City Council 0407 464088 JOIN ALGWA Cr. Karen McKeown, ALGWA NSW Executive Member Individual member. $80 pa Associate Member $40 pa Council Member - $250 pa Download membership forms from our website. Penrith City Council 0401 995945 Cr. Marianne Saliba, ALGWA NSW Executive Member Mayor Shellharbour City Council 0409 689610 Cr. Karen Toms, ALGWA NSW Executive Member Clarence Valley Council 0403 195 178 Annual credit card deduction can be set up for your convenience. Immediate Past President National ALGWA Cr. Darriea Turley ALGWA NSW Executive Member Deputy Mayor Broken Hill Council 0429 848 480 share with your colleagues, in your Send your stories and ALGWA Newsletter. photos as well as details of Contact: events in your community to It is distributed electronically to all NSW members and is available as share with your colleagues in a download on the ALGWA NSW your ALGWA Newsletter. website: It is distributed electronically to all NSW members and is available as a download on the ALGWA NSW website: Cr. Wendy Waller, ALGWA NSW Executive Member Liverpool City Council 0414 809 936 Cr. Sue Whelan, ALGWA NSW Executive Member Queanbeyan City Council [02] 6297 5063 Denise Wilton, ALGWA NSW Executive Member Editor ALGWA NSW Newsletter 0411 526 626