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Use LinkedIn to grow your network and attract new leads


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These simple tips about LinkedIn will help you grow a stronger network and open up new opportunities on the social media site.

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Use LinkedIn to grow your network and attract new leads

  1. 1. How to grow your Network and Gain New Leads on LinkedIn
  2. 2. LinkedIn is a professional social media site geared toward engaging with business connections. Learning how to Network will help you market your company and yourself to qualified customers.
  3. 3. Creating a Profile: Make it look and sounds professional with a professional headshot and a completed Resume with your experience and what you are currently doing today. Don’t forget to link your professional website or blog to your profile page!
  4. 4. Import Contact: Select Network then Add Connections. Use your email address to import contacts. Choose your connections wisely! More ≠ better Connect with leaders in your field and your market
  5. 5. Join Groups: Join groups related to your niche and/or career goals. There are groups for everything! Remember your target market and join their groups! Join my group! DIY Online Business Promotion for Women for open discussion about online media tips for business.
  6. 6. Create a Group: Demonstrate leadership in your field. Use key words in your group name so it is found in search. Invite your connections & market on other social media platforms. Don’t be afraid to ask people more than once. Keep your group active! Post open questions, talk about current issues, or celebrate success.
  7. 7. Group Engagement: You must stay active in a group to display thought leadership. Being attentive in your group or other people’s groups to demonstrate your expertise!
  8. 8. Tweet this: #linkedin is one of the best way to market your #biz and yourself to qualified customers Visit for more free online media tips!