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  • @marciatgriffith you def want to leave space for comments at the end of your tweet. Etiquette/courtesies:
    1. Promote yourself, but promote others too.
    2. Join in conversations, but don’t overdo it.
    3. If you find a link helpful, give it credit. Retweet it #RT
    4. Dont' complaine BEE positive!
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  • Looks great... I need to be a better Twitter user and this is motivating me to do so. Question.. I thought I heard somewhere that even though you can tweet 140 characters, the message should really be 120 to leave space for hashtags? true?
    And... do you have any advice on twitter etiquette/courtesies?
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  • @kbonilladutra awe Kristine so nice to connect w you here. I had a blast teaching Pinterest to 300 women in Boston. Love the energy of Spark and Hustle and everything Tory stands for. Will I see you in June in Boston? Would love to connect live message me
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  • Hi Sue!
    I just wanted to tell you I love the video you did for the Spark and Hustle crew.Thanks for your creativity!
    Woohoo and Sparkle on...hehehehe
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  • @leahjantzen so glad you enjoyed it!
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  • Twitter Basics

    1. 1. Twitter Basics
    2. 2. my TWEEPS You gain access to people that you would never have otherwise. Curate your own stream of information. Real time stream of information coming to your hand held or computer on your terms. You choose who you “Follow”
    3. 3. Download these Free Apps Flip Board & Twitter on your Phone Flipboard is a social magazine application
    4. 4. Profile Use a current pictureYou want people to recognize you. A professional photo is best. Just YOU! Profile Bio Creatively write who you are/what you do
    5. 5. Who to Follow • People in your industry • Competitors • Thought Leaders • Brands you Love • People who Inspire • Your Blog Readers • Potential Customers
    6. 6. What to Tweet • Content is King • Interesting Articles • Product Links (Yours as well as others) • Links to your Blog • Engage....ask questions! • Retweet RT • Be personal- Positive tweets should be your standard
    7. 7. How many characters can you Tweet? You're allowed 140 characters with or without a link • Shorten the words (similar to texting) • Shorten the link ( •
    8. 8. Your Tweets • No negative Tweets! • Be Engaging/Interactive • Join Relevant Conversation
    9. 9. What is a #Hashtag? #Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. #Hashtags make words searchable
    10. 10. Twitter Symbols @Reply: A public tweet where the target person receives a notification about the tweet. It starts with the @ symbol. It does not show up in the timeline of all followers. @Mention: A public tweet where the person who is mentioned receives a notification. It also shows up in the timeline of everyone who follows the tweeter. It does NOT start with @ but starts with anything else. RT To repost another user's tweet making it visible to your followers and in your profile MT is a modified tweet DM Direct Message to YOU only #FF (Follow Friday) When people use #FF, they are telling their followers to follow people on fridays.
    11. 11. @suebdogal is navigating you through #twitter basics #suebdoes