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How to create a Mastermind Group


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A Mastermind Group is a safe space for brainstorming, educating, accountability and support to create business growth and success.

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How to create a Mastermind Group

  1. 1. Mastermind Groups
  2. 2. Mastermind Groups are A safe space for brainstorming, educating, accountability and support for you and the members. It is used to put many business brains together to achieve success.
  3. 3. The General framework Achieve business success in a hyper-focused setting 1-2 day workshop Each member gets a set amount of time to ask the other members for help with business questions. The members then set goals to grow their business success
  4. 4. The 5 C’s of Masterminding The first, Compassion: the members must have a genuine interest and passion in the success and growth of other members work. Members must be looking to benefit and grow from members input.
  5. 5. Community Community, members function as a peer support group, they are each other’s cheerleaders and use their own networks to benefit members in the group.
  6. 6. Confidentiality Confidentiality: members must feel comfortable about sharing business information and keeping share details confidential.
  7. 7. Commitment Commitment: Members are committed to each other’s success and help create and sustain accountability measures to ensure group members succeed in their goals.
  8. 8. Collaboration Collaboration: Members brainstorm creatively together. They help create new ideas for evolving business. Members with many different specialties can share a wealth of knowledge from different fields.
  9. 9. Mastermind Takeaways 1. Invite business owners whom you admire to your group. 2. Get together in a quiet place where you cannot be interrupted by business or personal distractions. 3. Create a Twitter #hashtag for your group to track your progress on social media platforms. Check out mine at #teamdoit
  10. 10. A mastermind group can help you achieve business goals beyond your wildest dreams #suebdoesit