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How to share a previously posted instagram to other platforms


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How to share a previously posted instagram to other platforms

  1. 1. How to share a previously posted Instagram to other platforms.
  2. 2. Instagram is a Free Photo application to instantly share images with followers. Forget to share your post to Facebook or Twitter? You can share an Instagram after it has already been posted.
  3. 3. Account Button The fifth button on the right is the Account Tab. Below your Bio, you will see all of your Instagram Posts. Click into the post that you want to share.
  4. 4. I have selected the post that I want to share to other platforms. Scroll to the bottom for the back-end options to get started.
  5. 5. These are the back end options that come up on your own Instagram Posts. Click “Share Photo” to send the Instagram post to other social media platforms.
  6. 6. You can change the description, if you want, and then select the platform that you want to post to. Click “Share” in the upper right hand corner to send it over to Facebook.
  7. 7. Make the most of your Instagram posts and share to multiple Social Media platforms! Click Here to Tweet this tip For more FREE Online Media Tips Visit