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How to embed Instagram badges on your website


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Click here to learn how to add instagram badges, or graphics, that link directly to your Instagram account to your website or blog.

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How to embed Instagram badges on your website

  1. 1. How to Embed Instagram Badges on a Website
  2. 2. Instagram is a photo-sharing social media application for Android and IPhone. Embedding an Instagram badge makes it easy to your online followers to fine your instagram profile.
  3. 3. Visit Here you can get code for Instagram Badges. Badges can be used to easily link your account. Be sure to be logged into your profile.
  4. 4. First, Select the Badge that you want to use. There are multiple sizes of the instagram logo as well as the “View on Instagram” Button.
  5. 5. Take this code and Copy it to your website or blog. Use this as an easy marketing tool!
  6. 6. See here the badge on a Sue B. Zimmerman Wordpress Blog Post!
  7. 7. Tweet this: Use #Instagram badges to promote your #socialmedia account and gain followers for your #biz For more FREE Online Media Tips Visit