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Dimdim Overview, Version 5.5

                                         The iPod of Web Conferencing                      ...
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Easily without compare.
Count the ways you’ll save time and money.

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Dimdim Overview


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Dimdim Overview

  1. 1. Dimdim Overview, Version 5.5 The iPod of Web Conferencing Incredibly Affordable. Remember how hard it was to What good is easy, open software if no one can MEET get your music into your pocket afford it? Dimdim Pro - our customizable, before the iPod? You know how professional version for small businesses is only difficult it is to use WebEx? Well $25 per month and Dimdim Webinar - our Meet The Best Way to Work. we made it our mission to version for large events up to 1000 participants is Face-to-face meetings used to be create an easy, open, only $75 per month - a least 1/4 the cost of the only way to get things done. affordable web conferencing WebEx. And because we really do want to make Now the best way to save money, system as simple to use as the the world a better place, we also provide a totally time and travel is to collaborate iPod. If you can browse to a webpage you can free version to meet an unlimited number of times over the Web with Dimdim. Push collaborate using Dimdim. A very simple user with some features - like video and whiteboards - button simplicity lets everyone interface lets you focus on great meetings and that aren’t available at any price from instantly increase their productivity: not on the technology. Finally the people you GoToMeeting. And you can try any of our host or attend live meetings, demos invite to your meeting do not have to install premium products for 30 days - also free! (no and webinars using just a web anything to join. Amazingly, meeting hosts also pesky credit card needed.) browser Give presentations, share don’t need to install anything - even to web pages, whiteboards, voice, broadcast audio or video or record See and Hear Everything. video – even record your events - their sessions (Our myScreen See the presenter’s live video and with no software to install and with plug-in is required only if you want desktop while hearing multiple no hassles. to share your desktop.) voices over IP (VoIP). Or for larger meetings, use the included free Ridiculously Easy. teleconference service. All attendees can The first time you join a Dimdim web event you simultaneously annotate a presentation, mark up will see what we mean by easy: click an URL and a whiteboard, send instant messages and boom, you are in a web meeting in under 8 broadcast their audio and video if permitted by Why Dimdim? ✓ The easiest to use seconds! Amazingly, it’s just that easy to host the host. ✓ Nothing to install your own meetings. Use myScreen to share your ✓ One click to share your: screen instantly - no need to schedule a meeting Open Roadmap. - Microphone & Webcam or send invitations - just IM, phone, Dimdim shares what we’re - Computer screen Skype or Tweet your very own working on so you can help. - Docs, website, whiteboard - Public & Private Chat Smart URL. We labor over We’ve already delivered amazing ✓ Free for small meetings Dimdim’s usability and we love it recording and playback controls, ✓ Extremely Affordable when people appreciate our multiple presenter workflows, and cool widgets - ✓ Free Audio Conferencing relentless focus on ease of use. all because you asked for them. Now tell us what ✓ Free Meeting Widgets we should do now, and we’ll be glad to oblige. Why Not WebEx? Dimdim is: Really Open. ✓ Much less expensive or Free! Dimdim’s mission is to enable web collaboration Problem Solved. ✓ Much easier to use for everyone. To achieve this goal we provide We know you want to save money, travel and the ✓ Mashable with Open APIs access to open source and publish our open APIs planet by using web conferencing to augment ✓ No install to host, join, record so anyone can mash-up Dimdim with everything traditional face-to-face meetings, events or ✓ Just as good on Mac ✓ Starts at only $25 per month from Twitter and Facebook to Zimbra and classes. And like you when we tried those other YouTube. We also pride ourselves on our open web conference or online meeting solutions we roadmap - taking your suggestions to build all our found them exceedingly expensive, difficult to future product enhancements. implement or impossible to customize (sometimes all of the above.) That's why we created Dimdim - not only to be the easy, open and affordable web conference solution - but also to make the world a better place.
  2. 2. Now even easier. New Version! The push button meeting has arrived. 5.5 What’s New in Dimdim 5.5 Dimdim myScreen™ Screen Sharing Dimdim Smart URL & Profile Page myScreen Example: Welcome to the easiest way to share your Now every user gets their own personal, short You are on a phone call with your screen. Now you don’t even need to launch a permanent Smart URL: team. You want to show everyone a browser or start a DimdimID. Here is why we call this a Smart document you are working on and get important feedback. meeting. Just click our URL: if a meeting is running this link lets people new persistent tray or join instantly. If no meeting is running, the link 1. Click “Share myScreen” menubar icon to points your guests to your new profile page 2. Tell everyone to go to*. instantly share your where they can register for future public events 3. Everyone now sees your screen. Now paste your or wait for your meeting to start. When the screen. It’s that simple. short, permanent owner of the room goes to their URL, they are Now you want to share a Dimdim Smart URL via instantly signed into their account or if they are collaborative whiteboard and ask a an IM message or tell using myScreen the screensharing session private chat question to your boss. your partners on the upgrades to a full Web meeting. Easy, smart and Go to phone to join you. fast. Just like everything else about Dimdim. Your video camera springs to life, Pause and play your screen using a new, public chat and private chat are now beautiful floating control palette. Dimdim Pro Make Money with Dimdim available in your Dimdim room. users can seamlessly switch from sharing Last year we helped countless *Dimdim ID = blizzard their desktop to a full Dimdim meeting businesses save money, avoid room and can instantly lock their expensive travel and helped them meetings with a random code. The new keep their businesses open Dimdim myScreen plug-in even automatically during the tough flu and blizzard Our Webinar Widgets are the easiest updates itself so you’ll always stay current. season. Having saved money for way to organize and promote your our customers, we took the next logical step: events. A single click embeds them in Meet in a Web page now we’re helping them make money. That’s FaceBook, etc.. No one else has them! Unlike all other web right, all Dimdim customers now earn cash conferencing solutions, Dimdim simply by holding meetings or by referring their is 100% browser-based. This colleagues. (Check out this blog post to learn means that if you can view a web page, you can more.) And we even wrote this short, free eBook host or attend a Dimdim web meeting. There is to show you how you can charge admission to never any software needed to join, attend, host your Dimdim events and make even more. or even record your meetings. (although you may want to install our new myScreen plug-in.) 500% Faster! You can share and link to web pages while you We’ve always been faster to host are chatting and talking live, and now even your and join meetings than every other browser Refresh, Back, Next buttons work. product out there, so we could only The widget changes- when the event is Amazingly if your browser crashes (as they break our own speed records (which live anyone can join with a single click. sometimes do), just open a new one (even from we did!) Now we remember you when you another computer) and your meeting keeps return so your meetings start in a literal flash! going. Every time Webex or GoToMeeting Hundreds of tiny tweaks, bug fixes and crashes, your meeting ends and all your guests performance enhancements make this version are dropped: not so with Dimdim. Now of Dimdim the fastest - and best - ever. more Web browsers are supported including Windows More Mashable Than Ever 7 Firefox, IE, and Chrome. Mashup meeting widgets and recordings in your site with one click. Easily integrate with dozens of web services such as Flickr, PollDaddy, YouTube, EtherPad,, and more live After the event is over, the widget can within your meeting. After all, only Dimdim lives promote your recording & transcripts. in the browser.
  3. 3. Easily without compare. Count the ways you’ll save time and money. How Dimdim is better. We’re often asked how Dimdim stacks up to other web 6. Meeting Widgets. We automatically create widgets you post conferencing players with one click on your own webpages, Facebook, Twitter, etc. like WebEx and so your guests sign up where you live. The other guys make GoToMeeting so we created your guests register on their site - why would you want that? the following to explain it. We call this the Dimdim Dozen: 12 eggceptionally unique 7. Embed recordings. We record your Pro meetings in Flash features no one but Dimdim offers. We know you’ll eat it up. which you share via email or embed on your site just like a YouTube video. They make you use a special video player and proprietary codec which is messy and difficult. 1. No install. Nothing ever needs to be installed to host, attend or even record a Dimdim event. Those other web conferencing apps requires you to install software just to attend a meeting. 8. Crash-resistant & browser-based. All anyone needs is a modern browser and Flash to attend, host and even record events. (They force an install on everyone - even to join.) If your 2. Totally free version. Yes, you can meet as long as you want browser crashes, just open another and the meeting keeps as many times as you want for Free. That’s $0.00. When they going. When WebEx crashes, everyone goes home, sad. say “free” they mean one 14 day trial. When their trial ends, it costs you or your are locked out. Not so with our trials. 9. Mac Equality. We provide all the same features on Mac as PC. They don’t - their Mac versions are missing major key features. 3. myScreen Instant Screen sharing. Share your screen with one click even if your browser isn’t open or you haven’t started 10.Make Money. Every time someone joins based on your a meeting. No one else has this simple but necessary feature. Dimdim referrals you earn money. Simply hold meetings to get paid! 4. Smart URLs. Now there is need to remember long and difficult meeting URLs that change from event to event. 11.Mashable. Instantly embed Dimdim widgets and recordings Anyone can join you via your Smart URL permalink. on your site or mashup other web content like YouTube videos 5. Public Profile page. Publicize your public meetings and take and Polldaddy polls into a live Dimdim meeting. event registrations on your new Profile page. Visitors who visit 12.Open Source. Download, install and integrate your own your Smart URL see your profile page whenever you are not in Dimdim server for free. Not possible with any other players. a meeting. Compare. Rave. Dimdim Dimdim "Dimdim worked so well “The Best for Web Free! Pro Webinar in my tests that I can't Conferencing: Dimdim” imagine paying for a - Inc. Magazine Maximum Attendees 5 50 1000 service like WebEx again." - PC World "Dimdim Webinar's feature Basic Meetings and Events ✓ ✓ ✓ set is comprehensive, easy- to-use, attendee friendly and Customize & Secure Rooms ✓ ✓ "I used WebEx and affordable in comparison." Meeting Reporting & Analytics ✓ WebEx is not nearly as good as Dimdim..." “Dimdim is better WebEx.” Cost per month $0 $25 $75 - Kevin Rose, Diggnation - Rob Enderle This symbol denotes a feature available only in Dimdim Pro.
  4. 4. Details. FEATURES Participants 50 25 15 Price $25/month $49/month $49/month Buy Pro Version Trial 30 Day, no CC 14 Day Credit Card Req’d 20 Participant Free Version! ✓ To join, Participants: Just click a link Must install s/w Must install s/w Browser Based ✓ Short, Smart URL ✓ FREE! Public Meetings Profile Page ✓ myScreen Instant Screen Sharing ✓ Sign Up Share Docs & Whiteboards ✓ ✓ Co-browse Web pages ✓ Same on Mac, PC, Linux ✓ Mac lacks features Mac, Linux lacking Free Audio Conferencing ✓ ✓ ✓ Automatic Meeting Widgets ✓ Secure meetings ✓ ✓ ✓ Record and embed events ✓ Must Download s/w Must Download s/w Create Mash Ups ✓ Dimdim Pro Customize with your logo & brand ✓ Extra Fee Buy Open Source Version ✓ Free API Access ✓ Video Conferencing ✓ ✓ Basic Meeting Reports ✓ ✓ ✓ 1000 Person Event Room ✓ Separate Product Separate Product Event Registration Widgets ✓ Dimdim Webinar Advanced Event Reports ✓ Separate Product Separate Product Buy Advanced Event Analytics ✓ Separate Product Separate Product User Administration ✓ Premium Support ✓ Dimdim Enterprise Private/White Labeling ✓ OEM & Onsite Versions ✓ Custom API Integrations ✓ Dimdim Product Information Sales Inquiries 900 Chelmsford Street Lowell, MA 01851 Phone (978) 735-2110 © 2010 Dimdim, Inc. All rights reserved. Dimdim is a registered trademark of Dimdim, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Dimdim Web Meeting, “Meet freely.” and myScreen are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dimdim, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.