6 tips to improve google search traffic


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6 tips on How to Increase your website traffic-This Post will describe Few tricks to increase your web traffic from Google. Presented by Sudip Nandy, SEO Consultant of Eclipse Technology Solutions.http://www.theetsindia.com/

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6 tips to improve google search traffic

  1. 1. 6 Tips to Improve Google Search Traffic
  2. 2. Points to Consider ! • On Page Analysis and implementation • Site Architecture & Analysis • Off Page Optimization • Social Media Optimization • Competitive analysis • SEM & Paid Search Marketing • Conclusion
  3. 3. On Page Analysis and implementation • Create unique and strong product titles • Implement meaningful meta descriptions for your websites • Generate xml sitemap and submit • Implement alt & title tag for image optimization • Robots.txt file • Create a custom 404 error page • Create unique & strong contain for your website • Implement h1 tag in your website
  4. 4. Site Architecture & Analysis • Create search engine friendly Url’s • W3C Compliance • Page Speed • Compression • Domain Age
  5. 5. Off Page Optimization • Sitemap Submission • Manual submission to all the major Search Engines • Search Engine Directory Submission • Directory Submission • Press Release Writing and Submission Service • Articles Writing and Submission • Forum Posting • Video Submission and Promotion • Blog Posting and do Follow Blog commenting Service • Social Bookmarking • Popular Local Directory/Classifieds submission
  6. 6. Social Media Optimization • Twitterize Your Website • Let Your Visitors Connect With Facebook • Make Your Website “Brand Central” • Make Sharable Content & Encourage Sharing • Live Streaming • Encourage Your Visitors To Socialize With Each Other
  7. 7. Competitive analysis Why it's so important ? • “By knowing what your rivals are doing in their SEO and social media space, not only will you have a better knowledge of their online marketing strategy, but you can also emulate what is working for them, and generate internal ideas to stay proactive,” says Loren Baker, Editor in Chief of successful web advocates the Search Engine Journal, So it’s clear without it your website could quickly fall behind So how you can analysis your competitor ? • Analyze the competition’s sites in terms of online presence, design, and usability. • Review their current SEO structure • How are their title tags, and their content? Are they PAYING for placement? • Research the effectiveness of their keywords versus your keywords • Find more recommended, relevant and unique keywords to get the ahead of the competition. • Compare their use of inbound links, calls to action and indexed pages with your own. • Summarize findings in step 1-5 and create actionable items that you can stick to getting done
  8. 8. SEM & Paid Search Marketing What Is SEM & Paid Search Marketing? • SEM is the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It is also called paid search and sometimes referred to as CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, because most search ads are sold on a CPC / PPC basis. Which are major ad platforms that you can use to generate traffic with PPC. ? • Google AdWords • MSN adCenter • Facebook Ads.
  9. 9. Conclusion! • Focus on the right keywords • Focus on site architecture • Have great keyword-rich content • Build links (particularly through link baiting & social media) • Spend that Page Rank wisely within your site • Measure the right things • Continually monitor, benchmark, & don’t be afraid to test
  10. 10. Now What ? What can you do tomorrow that will improve your site’s SEO? • Confuse -Don't be, We are here for help you Eclipse Technology Solutions http://www.theetsindia.com/