Grooming, Deportment & Power Dressing Ver2.1


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edge academy™ Grooming, Deportment & Power Dressing - Ver2.1 Handouts for download.

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Grooming, Deportment & Power Dressing Ver2.1

  1. 1. GROOMING, DEPORTMENT & POWER DRESSING – VER 2.1 1 Presented by, Mr. Sudhir Udayakanth President & CEO, edge academy™
  2. 2. “A SHORT HISTORY” Louis XIV's gardener at Versailles was faced with a serious problem: he could not stop members of the nobility from trampling about in the delicate areas of the King's garden. edge academy™ He finally attempted to dissuade their unwanted behaviour by posting signs called “etiquets” which warned them to "Keep off the Grass". When this course of action failed, the King himself had to issue an official decree that no one could go beyond the bounds of the signs. Later, the name "etiquette" was given to a ticket for court functions that included rules regarding where to stand and what to do. The word 'etiquette' has evolved, but in many ways it still means "Keep off the Grass". Remaining within the flexible boundaries of civil behaviour allows relationships and us to grow like flowers in Louis' garden. Moreover, it lets us present ourselves with confidence and authority in all areas of our professional and personal life. Great Grooming is all about how we look; groom ourselves and how other people relate to these things. These are genderless grooming tips and are great reminders for everyone.
  3. 3. GROOMING, DEPORTMENT & POWER DRESSING  What is the corporate dressing all about? How to wear a tie? How to choose the right colour for a business impact? How to choose the right suit? This module focuses on the outer self like your edge academy™ clothes, hair, styling, the way you walk, sit, carry yourself and many more to create a powerful impact.  The Language of Clothes  How to accessorise your look  Wardrobe Planning & Maintenance  Mannerism  Body Language  Body Care & Style Choices  Appearance  Dressing for Success
  4. 4. ANATOMY Hair Face HEAD Eyes Ears Mouth Elbows Neck Wrist BODY edge academy™ Arms Palm Shoulders Fingers Stomach Nails Hips Waist Butt LEGS Thighs Knee Calves Ankle Feet Soles Toes Nail
  5. 5. HEAD-TO-TOE MORNING GROOMING CHECKLIST For a Man For Men & Women Head  Beard and/or mustache well  Hair well brushed, well combed, well cut & trimmed clean  After shave applied  Face well washed  Trim nostril hair  Ears clean  Neck washed  Eye brows combed/done edge academy™ Body  Clean shirt  Body well washed  Collar & Cuffs checked for fraying  Deodorant applied  Spotless well tied tie  Clothes spot-free & well pressed  No buttons missed  Clean Handkerchief  Check for dandruff "fallout" Hands  Nail well trimmed  Hands washed  Nails clean & in good shape  Hand lotion applied  Rings clean & free from soap film  Watchband in good shape Legs &  Clean socks pulled high  Shoes well-polished & free of scuff marks Feet  Laces on Shoes or Tassels on  Shoe heels in good condition loafers in good shape Handbag  Leather clean & polished  Hardware polished
  6. 6. FACE SHAPE & HAIR STYLE edge academy™ 1. Round Face - Your face is as wide as it is long. This may vary a little but generally the measurement is close. 2. Rectangular or Oblong - Longer than it is wide. 3. Heart or Diamond- Narrow at jaw line, wide at cheekbones/and or forehead. 4. Triangular – Reverse of the heart Shape. 5. Square - your face is about as wide as it is long. 6. Oval - Length equal to one and a half times width.
  7. 7. FACE – ROUND • Round Face - Your face is as wide as it is long. This may vary a little but generally the measurement is close. 1. Hair styles with fullness and height at edge academy™ the crown. 2. Off center parts 3. Short hair styles with a swept-back direction or hair styles that are longer than chin length. 4. Layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face, will give longer and narrower effect. 5. Avoid chin length and center parts 6. Also straight chopped bangs or fullness at side of ears
  8. 8. FACE – RECTANGLE • Rectangular or Oblong - Longer than it is wide. 1. Styles with short to medium lengths, edge academy™ shoulder or shorter. 2. Wispy bangs, fullness at the sides of your face 3. Layers add softness to the straight lines in your face 4. side parts 5. Avoid long hair- it adds length/height 6. Center parts look great
  9. 9. FACE – HEART • Heart or Diamond - Narrow at jaw line, wide at cheekbones/and or forehead. 1. Everything works with your face edge academy™ 2. You may need to leave weight in the back nape area 3. Don’t wear too much hair on your face
  10. 10. FACE – TRIANGLE • Triangular Face - Reverse of the heart Shape. 1. Reverse of the heart-shape, a edge academy™ dominant jaw line with narrowing at the cheek bone and temples. 2. Shorter hair that is full at the temples and taper at the jaws 3. Off center parts, wedges and shags look great. Styles which are full at the temples and taper at the jaw line looks nice. Try tucking hair behind your ears 4. Avoid long, full hair styles that draw attention to jaw line 5. Don’t add height at the crown
  11. 11. FACE – OVAL • Oval Face - your face is about as wide as it is long. 1. Any hair shape edge academy™ 2. Any length 3. Hair off your face look good 4. Avoid styles that cover or add weight to your face 5. No heavy bangs or too forward- directed styles.
  12. 12. FACE – SHAPE & HAIR STYLE HAIR 1. Start with your diet- introduce fresh fruits and green vegetables, drink plenty of water and cut short spicy or junk foods. 2. Take multi vitamins for a month or two if hair is very damaged edge academy™ 3. Use good quality hair brushes and wide toothed combs. Wet hair is damaged easily. 4. Use lukewarm water when washing hair 5. Always use a shampoo and separate conditioner according to your hair type 6. Shampoo well and use balls of fingers to clean scalp. 7. Use a separate conditioner and do not use it on the scalp 8. Always point the dryer down as you blow-dry your hair, as blowing hair upward can cause frizz. Use anti frizz serum for flyaway hair. 9. Excessive styling products can make hair dull 10.De-stress 11.Avoid sleeping in hair accessories
  13. 13. FACE – NECK If your neck is too short If your neck is too long 1. Avoid turtleneck. 1. Do not to expose too much of it. 2. Avoid long dangling earring, high 2. Dangling, round and bold necks, small scarves and chokers. earrings are best. 3. Make your jacket collar sits 3. Close neck on a heavy material edge academy™ slightly away from the neck and fabric is advisable low in the back, so your neck will 4. One button opened on a shirt has look longer a more dramatic effect than if it 4. If you have short hair and wear were closed all the way up the soft material like chiffon expose first button. some skin between hair and 5. Avoid deep U, off shoulder, V collar to diffuse the shortness of neck and strapless your neck. 5. Deep U, off shoulder, V neck, strapless have very good camouflage effect. 6. Long chain, single colour dressing, move focal point away from the chin.
  14. 14. FACE – ACCESSORIES – NECK TIES edge academy™
  15. 15. FACE – ACCESSORIES – NECK TIE KNOTS The Four-In-Hand Knot The Windsor Knot edge academy™ The Half-Windsor Knot The Bow Tie Knot The Ascot Tie Knot The Pocket Square Fold
  16. 16. FACE – ACCESSORIES – SCARVES edge academy™
  17. 17. FACE – ACCESSORIES – NECK TIES & SHOES edge academy™
  18. 18. FACE – ACCESSORIES – SUNGLASSES 1. Besides being useful, eyeglasses could be an accessory use to make your face beautiful. Their shape and colour are important to the face and the overall coordination to your clothing. 2. Oval face: Frames should follow the curve of the brow to balance the shape of the face. 3. Square face: Frames should not be small in size and never square. edge academy™ 4. Round face: Frames should be narrow and never round. 5. Pear-shaped face: Frames should be wide enough to create an illusion of width across the face. 6. Oblong face: Frames should be wide and has no up-curve to give illusion of width to the face. 7. If you have a choice, remember to coordinate the style and colour of your frame to your clothing. Metallic and earth tones are more flexible to different garment styles and colours. Buy something that doesn't contrast drastically with your hair and clothing.
  19. 19. BODY – ARMS/HANDS For thin arms For heavy arms 1. Good: Long sleeves, full sleeve, 1. Good: Loose or full sleeves such bishop sleeve, Cardigans, as dolman, and padded sweatshirt shoulders. 2. Bad: Strapless, halter, 2. Details that give attention to edge academy™ sleeveless, tank, long vertical the necklines are excellent necklines, snug knits, clingy camouflage. fabrics, big hand jewellery. 3. Bad: Heavy fabrics, thick sleeves, snug sleeves, sleeveless, horizontal stripes designs, big polka dots, oversized hand jewelleries. Nail care… 1. Keep it short to medium. 2. Clean and buffed 3. No chipped polish or infected nails
  20. 20. BODY – ACCESSORIES – WRIST WATCHES edge academy™
  21. 21. BODY – IF YOUR SHOULDERS ARE… Wide Square Sloping Narrow 1. Avoid cup sleeves, 1. Horizontal and 1. Anything with soft 1. Seam lines should be shawls or any sort striped pattern are shoulders are not at the outer edge of of puff sleeve not advisable. good. your natural 2. Prefer softer fabrics 2. Soft fabrics like silk 2. Anything off shoulder shoulders. across you blouses with gentle are nightmares 2. Avoid sleeveless line shoulders gathering at the yoke 3. Tailored shoulders because they disguise edge academy™ 3. Minimize use of are advisable. with padded shoulder with their grace and shoulder pads. 3. Raglan (cut from are perfect fullness. 4. Full skirt and full neck to underarm, no camouflage. 3. Cap sleeves, tops that pant silhouettes sleeve cut) sleeves 4. To give an illusion have gathering create an illusion of emphasize underneath always attached to the perfect proportion. squareness. use shoulder pads. shoulder line, 4. Avoid the use of 5. The halter neckline, tailored and crisp padding. collarless styles are fabrics are good. 5. Full skirt and full not advisable. 4. Padded shoulders are pant silhouettes 6. Crisp fabrics create advisable specially if create a perfect good illusion of the your have sloping illusion. underneath. sloping shoulders. shoulder 5. Wide collars designs 7. Wide collars, sailor, are good camouflage. winged pleated, 6. Avoid anything with capped and pushed- soft of sloped up sleeves are good. shoulders or 8. Stand up straight, Strapless , off- because slumping shoulders are not exaggerates sloping recommended. shoulder.
  22. 22. BODY – STOMACH If you have a protruding abdomen 1. A-lines and empire waistline are effective cover-ups. 2. Sewn-down pleats have a controlling girdle effect. 3. Straight skirts tend to cling under the stomach. edge academy™ 4. Side slash pockets divert the eye from the center of the tummy. 5. Skirt with gentle little gathers at the sides of the skirt front slimming effect. Good Bad 1. Waistless dress, empire, 1. Clingy fabrics and halter tops. chemise, wrap dresses with Avoid narrow skirts and diagonal closing, overblouse anything fitted. Avoid hip belt. and tunics, loose sweaters and blouses, pleated trousers, A-line skirts, dark belts, long and full coat.
  23. 23. BODY – HIPS 1. You will look hippier with straight skirts and pants. 2. Blouse covering part of the hips from the rear is a very good camouflage. 3. Avoid details in the pocket. 4. Back pockets make you look round. edge academy™
  24. 24. BODY – ACCESSORIES – WAIST BELTS Belts can transform your outfit into a flattering ensemble. The accent of a belt sometimes acts as a focal point of an outfit. Tips 1. Wear belts, both wide and narrow, only if your figure allows. 2. Decorative buckles are good (glitz or detail to belts) only if you edge academy™ have a small waist 3. If you're short-waisted, large belts will make you look ever shorter. 4. Match your belt colour to your top it you're short-waisted. 5. Match your belt colour to your bottom if you're long-waisted. Note: Shirt over belt can hide a thick or short waist. It creates a good silhouette of your body and can make an outfit flow in your waist.
  25. 25. BODY – ACCESSORIES – WAIST BELTS edge academy™
  26. 26. BODY – ACCESSORIES – WAIST BELTS edge academy™
  27. 27. BODY – ACCESSORIES – BAGS 1. Match your bag with your shoe and this can carry you on the trendy fashionable side. The match need not be perfect as long as colour- family are the same. 2. Bags should coordinate with your clothing. 3. Small bag for a big woman or vice versa is a big mistake. 4. Straps on shoulder bags should be kept shorter on petites. edge academy™ 5. Neutral colours like beige, brown, black, gray goes with almost everything. 6. Buy a bigger size if you plan to overload. Bloated small bag is awkward 7. Generally, non-glitzy clutch can be used in almost every occasion. 8. Small clutch are elegant for evening. MUST in your big purse: 1. Tissues 2. Wet wipes 3. Sanitizer 4. Cream 5. Lipstick/kohl/gloss 6. Money 7. Gum/ mints 8. pins
  28. 28. BODY – ACCESSORIES – PERFUMES 1. Perfumes on skin pulse points (warm spots) - wrists, behind ears, inner part of elbows and knees, neck near the collar-bone Where 2. Perfumes last longer on oily than dry skin (Hence, before using perfumes use some Vaseline or oily cream) edge academy™ Summer perfumes - Fruity, reminiscent of spring , summer flowers • Fragrances are more intense when it is warm (therefore, in summertime use less perfume or use the lighter fragrance When Winter perfumes – All heavier fragrances • The musk scent 1. Perfumes are divided according to the content of the fragrance. i. Aftershave lotions and splash colognes used by men consists of 0.5-2% of perfume concentrate ii. Eau de cologne for men – 3-5%. What iii. Eau de toilette for women – 4-8%. iv. Eau de parfum for women – 8-15% v. Parfum for women – 10-20%
  29. 29. BODY – ACCESSORIES – PERFUMES – TYPES 1. These fragrances are the most popular and they also cause the least controversy as for their reception by customers. Floral 2. Floral fragrances are designed either around the scent of only fragrances one flower, e.g. lily in Diorissimo by Dior (1956), or around the floral bouquet, e.g. Pleasures by Estee Lauder (1995). edge academy™ 1. These fragrances are most often defined as fresh and light scents. 2. They use the aromas of melon, lemon, orange, tangerine, Fruit grapefruit, or orange blossom. fragrances 3. The most popular fragrances of this type are: Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfinger (1996) and Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1995). 1. These fragrances are the newest types of fragrances based on synthetic ingredients which smell like fresh ocean waters. Ocean 1. Green fragrances perfumes 2. Oriental perfumes 3. Chypre fragrances
  30. 30. BODY – ACCESSORIES – PERFUMES TYPES – OCEAN 1. These fragrances are made with distinctive and fresh aromas which Green remind you of environmental scents, for example: woods, grass, sour fragrances apples or lavender. Now the well-known fragrance of this type is Beautiful by Estee Lauder (1986). 1. These fragrances are associated with Far East. 2. Their base is designed around exotic spices and flowers, sandalwood and edge academy™ resin. 3. The first perfumes of such kind were introduced in 1925 by Guerlain under the name of Shalimar. Oriental 4. The oriental fragrances are very strong and in the eighties when there perfumes became very popular, they became also banned by the owners of some of the big companies in their office buildings. 5. Oriental scents are not in fashion all the time. However, those who like them are usually very fond of them. 6. The typical example here is Obssession by Calvin Klein from 1985. 1. These fragrances are the smallest yet the most unique group of perfumes. Therefore women who love this scent will always love it, and those who cannot stand it, will never wear it. Chypre 2. The basic note here is oak moss scent which gives it very specific aroma of fragrances soil. Then others notes of ciste labdanum are added. 3. The complementary notes are: patchouli, rose or bergamot. The examples here are: the classic Aromatic Elixir by Clinique (1972) and recent Rush by Gucci (1999).
  31. 31. BODY – ACCESSORIES – PERFUMES TYPES 1. Do not splash perfumes on silk because it leaves stains. 2. It is better to perfume your body before you get dressed because you can spray more of your body then and it will not leave stains on your clothes. 3. Most perfumes are designed to last for about four hours. 4. Some of them may last longer but they will change their scent then. 5. Therefore it is advisable to use perfumes once or twice more during the How edge academy™ day. 6. Spray cologne onto the back of your knees before getting dressed, as scents tend to rise. 7. Try to keep your perfumes in dark and cold places so they can remain long-lasting. 1. Look for colognes that list all-natural ingredients free from synthetic fragrances. 2. Spray it on your handbag or your hair or the parts of clothing which do not touch your skin directly. 3. If you want to find out if you are allergic to some fragrances, spray it Sensitive gently on your wrist or inner part of your elbow. Skin 4. If after about an hour you notice some reaction, it means that the perfumes are not for you. 5. Recommended brands: "Eruptable" by Volcanic Earth, "Gents Cologne Balm," "Polo Blue" by Ralph Lauren
  32. 32. LEGS – THIGHS, HEM/ANKLES 1. Big thighs - Remember to buy pants one size larger for comfort and to avoid that stretched look. 2. Hem length is one of the most effective illusions of form. Here are some rules: edge academy™ 1. The shorter the legs, the shorter the skirts. 2. Colour and fabric weight elongate or shorten the length silhouette 3. The darker the colour or the heavier the fabric, the shorter you should wear it. 4. Lightweight fabric such as silk can be worn a bit longer to distract its float and won't appear short. 5. The colour of your stockings and shoes affect or exaggerate the length of a hemline.
  33. 33. LEGS – TROUSERS Some basic rules for pant's length 1. The front hem should touch the top of the shoe covering the entire instep. 2. The back pant hem can be a little longer maybe a quarter of an inch. edge academy™ 3. Too short hem length on dress pants looks ridiculous
  34. 34. edge academy™ LEGS – GENTS' FOOTWEAR
  35. 35. edge academy™ LEGS – LADIES’ FOOTWEAR
  36. 36. LEGS – FOOTWEAR Shoes demand the same careful consideration as other wardrobe choices. Shoes can draw the eye downward so take advantage. 1. Nothing clumpy edge academy™ 2. Open toes - pedicure must 3. With winter wear, always opt for closed shoes 4. If you have fat feet, strappy and cutout styles are good. 5. If your feet are small, bright colours or coloured appliqués are good. 6. If you are in for a long walk, avoid squeezing into narrow shoes.
  37. 37. LEGS – YOUR SOCKS Color of Socks Appropriately worn with o White o White suits in summer o White Sweat Socks o Athletic shoes, boat shoes and loafers in leisure activities edge academy™ o Black Navy, or Dark Grey o Business suits o Brown o Brown or Khaki suits o Pastels o Summer suits of poplin, khaki and seersuckers (for sharp dressers) o Bright coloured and argyle o Blazers or sports jacket with gray flannels, or with corduroys or khakis for leisure wear only o Black Sheer o Black-tie suits
  38. 38. GENERAL INFO 1. Outdated and loose jackets are a no-no 2. Complete matching is tacky 3. Everything should be well-tailored 4. Colours should be soothing 5. Should make you feel confident edge academy™ 6. No shoulder pads 7. Cut-offs with boots are a bad choice 8. Nothing stiff and uncomfortable 9. Flowing fabric with soft flares, fitting but relaxed silhouettes are in 10.Short skits and covered pumps are not pleasing 11.Monochrome in shades, mixed textures always good 12.Muted shines are lovely 13.Suede plus suede - no-no 14.Ankle length skirt with closed shoes is usually hit n miss 15.Long flowy skirts with heels that don’t show are great 16.Uniformity in colour and print elongate and slim the body
  39. 39. GENERAL INFO 1. Sequins, when used well- are a super accessory 2. High waist, pleated/bunched bottoms enlarge the bottom and look graceless 3. "Practical" sandals are usually unflattering 4. Summer clothes should be light, flowy. pair with light but big ear- rings edge academy™ 5. Mixing print - combine light and dark and use a connecting colour 6. Red and black combo is passé 7. Black accessories for light clothes - too sever and cheapen the look 8. A long skirt is best worn with flat shoes, ballet slippers or backless slip-ons. 9. Pumps of medium height work the best when you are off to work. Round, square or slightly tapered heels will give a professional look. 10.Straight glamorous pants look the best when they are worn with strapped, high-heeled sandals. 11.Boots, chunky-soled shoes or sneakers go well with jeans as well as corduroy pants. 12.For a party look, team your dressy outfit with a glamorous pair of sandals.
  40. 40. ACCESSORIES What accessories can do: 1. It can make your wardrobe seem larger. 2. It can update your basics. 3. It can add colour or splash 4. It can focus the observer's eye for the emphasis you want. 5. It can change the outlook of your situation in a short time. edge academy™ 6. It can make or break an outfit. TIPS 1. Buy always the best quality that you can afford. 2. Don't ignore workmanship. 3. Make sure you have the poise to carry through whatever you wear. 4. Accessories should be proportionate and harmonize with the size, shape, and colour of your outfit. 5. Too much of a one colour sometimes looks awkward. 6. Don't overdo.
  41. 41. ACCESSORISE THE POWER DRESSER…  Perfume  Hair Pens Under Garments edge academy™    Mobiles / PDAs  Shirt  Wrist Watch  Tie/Tie Pin  Spectacles  Belt  Chains/Cuff links  Trousers  Rings  Suit  Wallet  Socks  Bags  Shoes  Handkerchief
  42. 42. ACCESSORIES – IN YOUR DESK OR LOCKERS  Comb & Brush  Nail File & Nail Clipper edge academy™  Hand Cream  Toothbrush & Paste or mouth freshener  Makeup/Shaving Kit  Nail Polish/Lacquer  Hair Spray  Lint Brush  Facial Tissue  Safety Pins  Small Sewing Kit
  43. 43. ACCESSORIES – JEWELLERY / STOLES / SCARVES Jewellery Tips: 1. Wear contrasting shape all the time if you have a round body built. 2. Anything dangling such as earrings make a body silhouette slim. 3. Gold tones fit almost any skin colour. edge academy™ 4. Don't overdo. Stoles/scarves 1. Scarf is interesting and fun to wear, but they take practice to make them stay perfectly in place. 2. Anchor scarves secretly with tiny safety to stop it from slipping. 3. Loop a scarf more than once to keep it steady. 4. The triangle in the back of the scarf can be tucked inside the collar. 5. You can wear a larger square scarf loose in a middy effect by tying the square knot lower down on your chest. 6. A wool scarf hanging loosely over a coat looks nice.
  44. 44. IF BUYING CORPORATE WEAR, ASK YOURSELF…  Is it appropriate for the kind of job?  Is it a fashion statement or my style? edge academy™  Can I afford it?  Is it okay for my kind of physique? Is it comfortable?   Is it right for this season, in this climate?  Is the fabric of real good quality?
  45. 45. STYLE – INDIAN FASHION STATEMENT… edge academy™
  46. 46. STYLE – INDIAN FASHION STATEMENT… edge academy™
  47. 47. STYLE – MORE FASHION STATEMENT… edge academy™
  48. 48. STYLE – MORE FASHION STATEMENT… edge academy™
  49. 49. FABRIC – IT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU THOUGHT!  Wool, Polyester, Cashmere, Flannel, Corduroy, Linen, Cotton, Viscose, etc…  Wool blends for traditional formal edge academy™ suit  Warm days, lightweight woolen blends like tropical worsteds  Linen – ideal for warm, humid days / tropical countries  Avoid poor quality, pure synthetics
  50. 50. COLORS… edge academy™  Dark, Solid colors (Navy blue, Black, Steel Grey) for the first suits  Pinstripes, Herringbones, Checks for the additional suits
  51. 51. DID YOU KNOW?!! Jackets • Jackets can be traced back to the early 18th Century • Grey and Black jackets came in due to soot and muddy edge academy™ roads Tuxedo • The single breasted jacket is a direct descendant of the tailcoat • The Tuxedo made its debut in USA in 1896 when a celebrated dandy named Griswold Lorillard wore it to a white-tie-and-tails ball at an exclusive country club in Tuxedo Park, New York (founded in the 1880s by a group of prominent and wealthy New Yorkers)
  52. 52. THE THREE TRADITIONAL SUITS • Natural shoulder suits American popularized by the Brooke Brothers edge academy™ • Slightly padded British shoulders, shaped and with vents • Slightly higher Italian shoulders, clings more tightly and is usually without vents
  53. 53. MAKING OF A SUIT… THE TRIM Shoulder Pad edge academy™ Lapel Roll Arms & Sleeves Front / Chest Piece Buttons Lining
  54. 54. MAKING OF A SUIT 1. Layers of animal hair & Felt 2. Hanger test for quality & rigidity 1. Shoulder Pad 3. Hanger sewn onto collar fabric 4. Zero puckering 1. It’s a roll not a fold! 2. Lapel Roll edge academy™ 2. Stitched with zigzag & blind stitch 3. Achieved by a 3D pressing process 1. Your hand is not a stand for your suit! 2. 100% cotton felt & hair interlining Arms, Sleeves 3. 3. Sleeve to end ½ inch above wrist & Lining 4. The inner lining helps in forming a perfect sleeve head roll 5. Lining – Silk, Acetate, Polyester or Synthetic 1. Your suit is not an amour!!! Floating 2. Fusing 4. 3. Innovative 3 layers floating chest piece Chest Piece 4. Front canvas with 100% flannel felt 1. Break resistant Corozo buttons 2. Wax coated silk gutterman threads 5. Buttons 3. Perfect symmetry for button hole 4. High quality 100% Acetate body lining
  55. 55. STYLE - POWER DRESSING… Observation: Lapel (collar) & number of buttons Single-breasted Single-breasted Single-breasted One-button Suit (SB1) Two-button Suit (SB2) Three-button Suit (SB3) edge academy™
  56. 56. STYLE - POWER DRESSING… Observation: Lapel (collar) Double-breasted Double-breasted Double-breasted single working button double working button three working buttons edge academy™
  57. 57. STYLE - POWER DRESSING… Observation: Length, cut, pockets & number of buttons edge academy™
  58. 58. STYLE - POWER DRESSING… Observation: Cut, pockets & number of buttons edge academy™ Wrap skirt / Wrap around skirt
  59. 59. edge academy™ STYLE - POWER DRESSING…
  60. 60. STYLE - FASHION STATEMENT… 2 button suit Blazer Suit with 4 buttons edge academy™
  61. 61. POWER DRESSING…  Formal shoes & shirt when shopping for suit  Business, wear a single-breasted suit, not a blazer / sports coat  Always un-button the bottom coat button edge academy™  Breast welt pockets are not for your Pens  Flap Pockets not for mobiles or brochures  Avoid a button down shirt with your formal suit
  62. 62. GETTING THE BEST WEAR… (MAINTENANCE)  Dry clean only if apparently dirty  Never fold a suit edge academy™  Never store in a plastic cover  After each wear, air out the suit  Gentle brushing with light strokes
  63. 63. POWER DRESSING…  Short slim people  avoid heavy or medium patterned fabric edge academy™  Tall people  wear bulky fabrics like unfinished worsteds, tweed & flannels  Athletic people  herringbone patterns & subtle stripes  Heavy torsos  Two buttoned single-breasted jackets
  64. 64. HINTS FOR “NO-BRAINER” DRESSING  Purchase all the components for an outfit at the same time, including accessories  Co-ordinate pieces that can be mixed together for different looks edge academy™  Select the outfit and hang it outside the closet the evening before  Take time periodically to examine and repair your garments  Make regular trips to the cleaners
  65. 65. FASHION MISTAKES  Wearing the wrong colors  Wearing too much makeup Wearing clothes that are too small edge academy™   Chipped nail polish  An old-fashioned hairstyle or messy hair  Messy Shoes or wrong shoes for your outfit  Roots that show  Bras and bra straps that show  Mismatched hose  Wearing inappropriate clothes
  66. 66. KEEP IN MIND – WARDROBE  START by simplifying your wardrobe  Discard outgrown clothes  Discard/donate clothes you never wear Repair things immediately edge academy™   Take care of clothing according to their label cleaning instructions (dry clean or hang dry, etc.)  Don't buy clothes with exaggerated designs and colours- can’t repeat them often  Toilet habits  Eating habits  Politeness
  67. 67. POINTS TO REMEMBER  Grooming starts with cleanliness, body care, posture  Understanding your figure - it’s plus and minus points - and showcasing suitably  Planning ahead when possible - iron/polish/accessorize edge academy™  Building your wardrobe - collect a few classic items that will help for non-inspired days  Only the best - discard everything that is damaged, out-dated, unflattering, ill-fitting Mixing colours as nature would - be imaginative without jarring   Confidence - every item in your closet should make you happy BRANDS:  Quality shows... and lasts. If it is a brand, flaunt it tastefully  If it is not, go for discreet or no-logo products. Worn well, almost anything will look nice
  68. 68. KEEP IN MIND - GROSSIES  Dirt, stickiness/ wetness  Odours - body, oral, unpleasant products edge academy™  Hair - sticking out of nose/ears  Unclean nose, ears, teeth.  Goop in corners of the eyes and mouth.  Lipstick on teeth  Torn clothes  Tight clothes - camel toes, strained stretch material, bulges
  69. 69. KEEP IN MIND - COLOURS  Balance of light and dark colours offer the best effect. For instance, exposing light skin at the neckline when wearing a dark dress.  Strong colours like red and orange can dampen other colours. So used in small amounts it can make a solid colour stand out. edge academy™  An outfit will look smaller in a dark colour (dark colours seem to move away from you)  They appear larger in a light colour (these appear to come forward). So white is more expansive than black.  Colours look dramatically different depending on lighting (natural/artificial), indoor/outdoor).  The same colour worn from head to toe (monochromatic) has slimming and elongating effect.  Dressing in contrasting colours and blocks or patterns i.e. dividing the body into numerous colours, shortens and widens.
  70. 70. KEEP IN MIND - CAMOUFLAGE You can direct the viewer's eye to flattering spots- focal points. For instance:  Earrings, dramatic makeup or a ruffled neck top can draw the eye to the face edge academy™  Slits and high heels can draw the eye to the legs  Jewellery against dark clothing can draw attention away from the body flaws  So can vets, jackets, sweaters, shawl/stoles
  71. 71. KEEP IN MIND – TALL & FULL Do Don’t 1. Clothing must fit well, 1. Don't wear skin-tight or too accentuate curves loose clothing 2. Black, navy, brown are good 2. Avoid front-pleated trousers, or dark colours for slimming, but pleated skirts. edge academy™ it must suit the weather and 3. Avoid too many details - occasion pockets, neck/collar details, 3. Do monochromatic ruffles, pleats, gathers, tucks. 4. De-emphasize the top-heavy 4. Avoid short flowy skirts, figure by wearing simple, instead, opt for fitting ones uncluttered styling for tops 5. Avoid empire cuts (flowing from 5. Hip or mid-thigh length jackets, just below the bust) coats, long cardigans are good. 6. No packed sequin dresses - 6. Simple, soft draping sleeves, these tend to enlarge figure dark colours and tones are advisable. 7. Patterns should be small and muted.
  72. 72. KEEP IN MIND – TROUSER FIT  Baggy makes you look smaller  For long waisted - Always wear high waist with plain belt  For short waisted - Low rise with a belt that matches the top of your outfit edge academy™  For low hip bumps - Avoid snug fit, use straight legs instead  For short legs - High waist, fitted full length create longer line  For protruding stomach - Stretch without side and back zippers. No buttons.  For large derriere - Avoid fancy detailed large back pockets.  For flat derriere - Fancy detailed large back pockets are good.  For heavy thighs - Snug fit with back pockets. Avoid anything very loose.  For thin thighs - Baggy front pockets are essential.  For thick waist - Avoid pleated and wide waistband with or without belts.
  73. 73. KEEP IN MIND – SKIN CARE  Your skin is your best base and accessory  Basics - Exfoliate, Epilate, Moisturise  Bleach every 4 weeks for that glow Also, know your skin type (oily, combination, normal, dry, edge academy™  etc) and treat/ use make-up accordingly  OPTIMUM SLEEP  DRINK LOTS OF WATER
  75. 75. BOOKS FOR REFERENCE  Letitia Balridge’s New Complete Guide to Executive Manners – Letitia Balridges edge academy™  Power Etiquette – What You Don’t Know can Kill Your Career – Dana May Casperson
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