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This PPT is all about TCS and its CRM strategy provided to different industry=))

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  1. 1. TCS – Encouraging SFA use Sudhir Singh RajputPresented By:- Himanshu Shukla
  2. 2. Client Challenges Creating and Sustaining Loyalty of a demanding customer baseSustaining Profitability in highly competitive and rapidly changing environment Building and managing complex customer information
  3. 3. Technology Support By TCSTCS offer CRM solutions across the following industry verticals :- Banking and Financials High Tech Services Insurance Utilities Telecom Healthcare and Life Sciences Retail Travel, Transport and Automotive Manufacturing Hospitality
  4. 4. Retail :- Merchandising Solutions Current Challenges Intensifying Competition, Expanding Boundaries, Complex Global Supply Chain, and fickle customer loyalty What TCS provides Adapt to the changing dynamics in merchandising planning and execution Self & Space Planning
  5. 5. RFID Current ChallengesTraceability and Real time control to Retailers What TCS providesAccess real time, consistent and accurate information through its RFID technology
  6. 6. Supplier Relationship Management Current Challenges Changing Consumer Demands, Eroding brand loyalty and complex supply networks. Increase Efficiencies and find ways to get the right products in the right place at right time. What TCS provides Enable companies to synchronize supply with demand and leverage strategies sources to achieve cost efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.
  7. 7. Multi Channel Retailing Current Challenges Need to integrate and synchronize operations across retail value chains and optimize every touch point to deliver seamless customer experience What TCS provides By leveraging people, technology, process and infrastructure Enabling cross channel inventory management to synchronize
  8. 8. Retail Stores Current Challenges Need to realize efficiencies across chains Enhancing the quality of service Advanced merchandising strategies What TCS provides Seamless service to their customers Implement Smart store technology
  9. 9. Supply Chain Current Challenges Dynamic supply network to respond to unique customers requirements Supply chain Planning, Procurment, Inventory optimization, warehouse management, logistics distribution, and transportation Retailers can improve efficiencies and enhance productivity What TCS provides Transformation and integrated demand and replacement planning to warehouse management Retail companies manage seamless supply networks Cost effective Expertise and network delivery model
  10. 10. Master Data Management Current Challenges Mergers and acquisitions and the opening up of new markets and sales channels Data stored in disparate system Data synchronization is rapidly becoming imperative Accurate view of business What TCS provides Works with retailers across globe to help them gain a consistent view of their customers, suppliers, products, and employees Data strategy and consulting Data integration and product information management Master data management solutions
  11. 11. Travel Transport and Hospitality Current Challenges Expanding globally Creating an agile IT architecture Customers acquisition and interaction lifecycle Increasing portfolio of products and services Innovate new business model and improve competitiveness Green initiatives What TCS provides New transformational programme Modernization Re-engineering E-commerce Loyalty management solution Specialized flight system
  12. 12. Airlines Current Challenges Sustaining and surviving crises Making uniqueness in enhancing customers experience Network airline and cargo traffic What TCS provides Airline service delivery platform Simulators and airlines massage adapters Strong domain understanding
  13. 13. Hospitality Current Challenges Guests expect personalized, differentiated and holistic experiences Developing an effective and balanced distribution Centralized operations and management Providing greater transparency to owner and franchisee stakeholder group What TCS provides Our global network delivery model Travel and hospitality innovation lab Various tools, frameworks, methodologies and best practices
  14. 14. Alliance Oracle Sap