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  1. 1. SUDHIR REDDY (09311D0412)
  2. 2. INRODUCTION:- The main function of accumulators is to store hydraulic energy & on demand make the energy available again to the system. An accumulators is suitable for:- Hydraulic shock suppression & eliminating pressure ripple. Fluid make up in a closed hydraulic circuit. Leakage compensation. Source of emergency power in the case of power failure.  Holding high pressure for long periods without keeping the pump running
  3. 3. ACCUMLATORS IN A CIRCUIT:- A hydraulic system consisting of a pump, an electric power, an electric motor, valves & actuators, as a hydraulic power is generated is immediately used or converted to heat. few important cases where accumulators are very often used by designers, 1.Flow Compensation. 2.Maintaining Pressure. 3.Leakage Compensation 4.Shock Suppression. 5.Application in Press Circuit.
  4. 4. 1.Flow compensation: Fluid energy stored in accumulator is made of to compensate additional requirement of a hydraulic circuit if system demand is higher than the pump output. 2.Maintaining Pressure: During the cycle of operation, a machine may experience a phase when it needs additional fluid to maintain certain specific load.
  5. 5. 3.Leakage Compensation: Stored energy of the accumulator can be easily used to make positive loss of energy due to leakage or due to drop in pressure. 4. Shock Suppression: Accumulators are used to suppress shock in a hydraulic circuit. Hydraulic shock in a circuit, specially in a high pressure system, may cause undesirable damage to the system. Shock may arise due to sudden stoppage of high velocity oil .
  6. 6. 5.Application in Press Circuit: Accumulators are very often used in hydraulic circuit for forming tools used in hydraulic circuits for forming tools & other pressure.
  7. 7. Important Points To Note Regarding Accumulator Selection: •Piston type accumulators do not react as quickly as a diaphragm or bladder type accumulator , but they can be mounted in any position , adapted for high temperature applications and catastrophic failure is mostly uncommon. •Diaphragm type accumulator are commonly found in the aircraft industry. •Bladder type accumulator have to be mounted vertically. •An inert gas like dry nitrogen is used. Compressed air is never used because of danger of exploding