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E learning content quick-overview

  1. 1. e-Learning Content- at a glanceby: sudharshan rao (sugudugu@in.ibm.com)
  2. 2. 01. LMS Standards02. LMS – Content Communication03. SCORM content structure04. AICC content structure05. Common Issues06. LMS Content Testing Tools
  3. 3. 01LMS - eLearning Content Standards AICC (Aviation Industry for CBT Committee)Evolved as first eLearning Content standard and based on the 4 Flat Files. Mostly used in the industry. SCORM 1.2 / SCORM 2004Advanced eLearning Content standard based on XML files. Mostly used in the industry. Microsofts LRN IMS QTI
  4. 4. SCORM Courseimsmanifext.xmlSco’s (.html files)apiwrapper.jsscofunctions.jsLMS (Learning Mgmt. System)LMS_DBMajor Tables• Learners• Courses• Progress (Learner’s Progress)• SCORM_Data (Student’s SCO levelData for each course)CMIData(Ref: ADL RTEDocument)SCORM RTE / Data Model APILoginCourses List02 LMS – Content Communication
  5. 5. 03 SCORM content structureMust and should be inRoot Folder
  6. 6. 123
  7. 7. Metadata.xml
  8. 8. 1. Metadata.xml2. Orgnizations
  9. 9. 1. Metadata.xml2. Orgnizations3. ResourcesOptional
  10. 10. 04 AICC content structure
  11. 11. Mastery ScoreFor SCORM Content:Mastery Score tag in Manifest should be as below:<organizations default="TOC1"><organization identifier="TOC1"><title>Working With Others</title ><item identifier="I_SCO0" identifierref="SCO0"><title>undefined</title><adlcp:masteryscore>80</adlcp:masteryscore></item></organization></organizations>For AICC Content:2) Mastery score should be added to the .AU fileWe should give the Mastery Score in .AU file like below:Example AU File:"System_ID","Type","Command_Line","File_Name","Max_Score","Mastery_Score","Max_Time_Allowed","Time_Limit_Action","System_Vendor","Core_Vendor","Web_Launch","AU_Password""A1","Assessment","","https://learningzone.testcraft.com/Assess.aspx","100","90","","","Ingenious Group Testcraft","","aid=TMOV001&apass=WELCOME1",""
  12. 12. 05 Common Issues1. When we extract the SCORM package the imsmanifest.xml should be in the Root Folder. This is must.2. Still getting Error - Then open the manifest in IE and check till end of Manifest and ensure that there are no errors. If Error shown thencheck the line num and go to manifest look for what is issuePossible reasons are:1) Any Special Characters /2) We cant have &, >, <, ! as it is they should be treated with & - &amp; and etc3. Still getting Error? - Then look this line in manfest under Resources Tag and check the pasth for index.html (Starting File for thecourse)For Ex: <resource identifier="SCO0" type="webcontent" adlcp:scormtype="sco" href="resize.html">4. Still Getting Error - Check the imsmedata.xml is placed and path is given properly5. Must and should we zip the files from insider folder where manifest lies:1) Select all the files2) Right Click - > Zip6. OPTIONAL TAGS - We can Delete the lines which start as below in the Resources Tag. Remove till </resource>For Ex: <file href="AC_RunActiveContent.js" />1) Ensure there is no space between filenames for XML, if there pls remove and make changes in manifest accordingly2) In content they put PDFs docs...etc... and for them also no spaces and & - or special chars..... so better is always to remove the extraunwanted resource tags ...except keeping the starting file tag...
  13. 13. 06 LMS Content Testing Tools,Authoring Tools, ContentPackaging tools- ADL test suite- Reload Editor- SCORM.com cloud- Open Source LMS(OLAT/Moodle)- Manifest Maker-SCORM Producer Plus-Articulate-Lectora-Outstart LCMS
  14. 14. ThankQ…For any queries: mail me at: sugudugu@in.ibm.com