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Introduction to hardware hacking and Arduino

  1. Introduction to Hardware hacking and Arduino Sudar Muthu Research Engineer, Yahoo! Labs
  2. Agenda  Why hardware for a software hacker?  Isn’t it tough?  Anatomy of a hardware hack  Arduino  Demo #1  Talking to internet using YQL  Talking to mobile  Some projects which I have done  Some hack ideas  Thank you & Questions
  3. Why hardware for a software hacker  Ability to interact with the physical world.  Removes the different layers of abstraction.  It’s very satisfying to see objects obeying your command.  Open lot of possibilities, especially in mobile space.  It’s Fun!
  4. Isn’t it tough? NO!
  5. Isn’t it tough? NO! And I will show you how 
  6. Anatomy of a hardware hack Sensors Motors Processor
  7. Motors
  8. Sensors
  9. Processor
  10. Arduino  Visual Basic for hardware  Includes both Hardware and software Photo credit Arduino team
  11. Demo Let there be LIGHT
  12. Hardware setup
  13. Code
  14. Talking to internet What you need? An Ethernet Shield or A Wifi Shield
  15. Talking to internet You can also use YQL  Both JSON and XML parsers are also available
  16. Talking to mobile (Android) What you need? ADK board or Arduino and USB Host Shield
  17. Other ways to make them talk  Over Bluetooth  Over WIFI  Over USB  ADK  Normal Way  Over Audio Jacket  Over GSM  Over C2DM  Over NFC  Others (Intermediate computer etc)
  18. Some hacks which I have done  Asimi – Arduino bot controlled by Android -  iAndroidRemote – Control an Android phone using an Apple remote -  MissileLauncher – Control a USB MissileLauncher from Android -  WiiRemote – Control Arduino using WiiRemote - Full list available at
  19. Hack ideas  Get whether data and show it creatively  Control a bot using Yahoo Messenger  A creative way to show Messenger buzz  Share business cards using NFC  Snail mail alert  A plant that pings you in Messenger when it needs water  Get a ping in Messenger when your pet/child goes out of the door Most importantly have fun 
  20. Programmable watch - Chronos ez430 Yes I was controlling the PPT using this watch 
  21. Questions Thank You Sudar Muthu