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Exploring raspberry pi serial port


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Talk about using Raspberry Pi's Serial port

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Exploring raspberry pi serial port

  1. 1. Exploring Raspberry Pi’s Serial Port Sudar (@sudarmuthu)
  2. 2. I am going to assume • You know what is Raspberry Pi • You know what is Arduino • You know what is a serial Port
  3. 3. Raspberry Pi has a serial Port
  4. 4. Using Raspberry Pi’s Serial Port • To login via serial console • To communicate with other devices like Arduino
  5. 5. Raspberry Pi’s pins or only 3.3V compatible. Don’t connect 5V directly You will brick your Raspberry Pi
  6. 6. Using Serial port to log into RPi • • • • You need a USB-to-serial adapter If not 3.3V then you need a logic level convertor Connect Tx of RPi to Tx of adapter and Rx to Rx Power up RPi and you can login using the serial console. • If you don’t have a USB-to-Serial adapter, then you can use Arduino
  7. 7. Using RPi’s Serial Port to communicate with devices • By default this is disabled. • You need to enable it. Use • Connect Rx of RPi to Tx of your device (Arduino) and Tx of RPi to Rx of your device • Use a simple serial echo program • You can use screen in Rpi • Profit 
  8. 8. Thank You