Building robots using android and arduino google devfest


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Slides from my talk about Arduino and Android which I gave at Google DevfestX

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Building robots using android and arduino google devfest

  1. Building Robotsusing Android and ArduinoSudar MuthuResearch Engineer, Yahoo! Labshttp://sudarmuthu.com
  2. Agenda• Let’s start with a demo• Anatomy of a robot• Android• Arduino• Making them talk – Over Bluetooth – Over WIFI – Over USB wire – Over Audio Jacket – Over GSM• Summary• Questions
  3. Let’s start with the demo Demo
  4. Anatomy of a RobotSensors Motors Processor
  5. Android can act as a ..Sensor – Accelerometer – Camera – Magnetic Compass – GPS – etc.Processor – Native Java App – Android Scripting Environment (ASE)
  6. Missing part is..
  7. Missing part is.. Motor(and that’s where Arduino can help)
  8. Arduino• Visual Basic for hardware• Includes both Hardware and software Photo credit Arduino team
  9. We have Android (Sensors &processor) and Arduino (Motor)
  10. We have Android (Sensors &processor) and Arduino (Motor) Let’s make them talk
  11. Making them talk• Over Bluetooth – Serial Socket• Over WIFI• Over USB – ADK – Normal Way• Over Audio Jacket• Over GSM• Over C2DM• Over NFC• Others (Intermediate computer etc)
  12. Over BluetoothYou need• Bluetooth Shield (or just a Bluetooth Dongle)• Library – Amarino -• Or create a Bluetooth SocketAdvantages• Wired connection is not needed• Can work from Android 1.5• Two way communicationDisadvantages• Power consumption is high• Slightly slower when compared with others• Range is limited
  13. Over WIFIYou need• Wifi Shield• Wifi ConnectionAdvantages• Wired connection is not needed• Two way communication• Can work from Android 1.5Disadvantages• Both should be present in the same network• Power consumption is slightly high
  14. Over USB Cable - ADKYou need• ADK Board or USB Host Shield• ADK SDKAdvantages• Native support from Android• Two way communicationDisadvantages• Will work only in 2.3.4 +• Wired Connection is needed
  15. Over USB Cable – Socket & LogcatYou need• USB Host Shield• Library – Microbridge -• Works in older versions as well• Two way communication (Socket & Logcat)Disadvantages• Wired connection is needed• The bandwidth is slower
  16. Over Audio JacketYou need• Male Audio Pin• Pre-encoded Wave/MP3 files• using-audioAdvantages• Very compact• Less power consumptionDisadvantages• Slightly difficult to get it to work• Baud rate is slow
  17. Over GSMYou need• GSM Arduino Shiled• Two sim cardsAdvantages• Range is unlimited• Very simple to setup• Two way communication is possibleDisadvantages• Operating cost (SMS)• Potential to abuse
  18. Over C2DMYou need• Ethernet or Wifi Arduino Shield• C2DM accountAdvantages• Good for notifications• Very easy to setup in Android sideDisadvantages• Only one way communication is possible• Works only from v2.2+• Need Wifi connectivity
  19. Over NFCYou need• NFC Shield• Phone which has NFCAdvantages• Very easy to setup• No connection needs to be setupDisadvantages• Works only from v2.2+• Very short range
  20. Other OptionsSome notable alternate options• Using Computer as a intermediate transmitter• USB Host support (in case of tablet or rooted phones)• Serial VGA (You can project from an Android phone)
  21. Don’t throw awayyour old phones ;)
  22. Links• Arduino –• Microbridge –• Amarino –• USB Host Shield – shields/usb-host-shield-2-0-for-arduino/• Using Arduino as ADK – board-as-googles-adk-kit• My articles about Arudino –• Demo source code –• Demo Project page –• Cellbots –
  23. QuestionsThank You Sudar Muthu