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Sucuri Webinar: How to account for security with customer projects


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Often, clients are not aware of some of the inherent security risks involved with managing a website. Dre will provide concepts that will empower website creators and agencies to manage client expectations and identify points during a project lifecycle where security principles and its importance can be introduced. He’ll also provide some actionable tips on how sustainment and security can be handled by you, the service provider as as part of the project and beyond with sustainment agreements.

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Sucuri Webinar: How to account for security with customer projects

  1. 1. WELCOME!
  2. 2. KRISTEN THOMAS Engagement Manager @kdthomas327
  3. 3. HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS • Q&A • Place questions in Q&A box • Ask Questions right away • Use #AskSucuri on Twitter to engage • Brief survey at the end of the presentation • Presentation of Webinar will come next week
  4. 4. How to Account for Security With Customer Projects #AskSucuri
  6. 6. EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT • What does success mean to your client? How about you? • Communication beginning to end means success. • Don’t Assume! Formalize requirements and approvals.
  7. 7. ESTABLISHING THE PROJECT LIFECYCLE • Contact & qualification • Estimate/Proposals • Service agreement • Discovery • Project plan • Design • Development • QA • Deployment
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITY BEYOND THE PROJECT • They came to you for a reason, right? • Low overhead, long-term contracts. • Establishing value is simple • Expectations still apply
  9. 9. MAINTENANCE AND SUSTAINMENT • Who can you support? • What services can you offer? • When do you introduce your service?
  10. 10. LEARN YOUR AUDIENCE • Who can you support? • Existing clients • Onboard new clients • Partner with companies
  11. 11. PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHES • What services can you offer? • SEO • Education • Software Updates • Uptime Monitoring • Security
  12. 12. EDUCATION AND AWARENESS • When do you introduce your service? • From the first engagement • Evangelize the entire lifecycle • Encourage M&S Demo’s • Close prior to going into production
  13. 13. WHY SECURITY?
  14. 14. Security is also a continuous process, not a static state.
  15. 15. THE RECAP •Set expectations •Establish a project lifecycle •Think beyond the project •Build M&S into your lifecycle •Make security I a requirement