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Building and Maintaining A Remote Workforce - A Startup Story

A remote workplace offers a multitude of benefits and challenges. In this presentation, we'll touch on some foundational elements that contribute to a strong team, streamlined processes, and organic growth opportunities for distributed organizations.

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Building and Maintaining A Remote Workforce - A Startup Story

  2. 2. 2 THEN vs NOW Then - 2008-2010 Now – 2015 (YTD) SUCURI
  3. 3. 3 SUCURI A BALANCED FOUNDATION "Either a company is growing or it is dying. Always good to be on the growth side..” ~ Daniel Cid “Be the constant in a constantly evolving space!!" ~ Tony Perez A clearly defined balance between growth and stability guides every choice that we make as an organization Picture of Daniel and Tony
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. 5 SUCURI PROMOTING an AGILE workforce How do we find our unique brand’s balance between good posture good people and responsible, responsive growth? 04 FEEDBACK Data saves lives & strengthens companies 05 ADAPTABILITY Out-smarting disaster 01 COHESION A strong brand is built from within 02 FLOW 06 GROWTH The when, why, and how of getting bigger 03 INDIVIDUALIZATION The benefits of providing choices Perfection in processes
  6. 6. 6 SUCURI COHESION: CREATING CULTURE A sense of identity allows a digital workforce to function more easily as a unified force within any market or situation Mission statement Provide answers to the “existential questions” History Origin stories actually do make for better superheroes! Teamwork Nothing brings people together more quickly than shared goals The human element Fun has a very important function A culture of “yes” Failure is a possibility, but it’s also a fast-track to refinement Accountability Everyone onboard a successful ship has a personal interest in keeping it afloat
  7. 7. 7 SUCURI FLOW: ELIMINATING “NOISE” Save yourself and your team members time by keeping your processes lean and concise Workflow Does it happen often? Might it happen sometimes? Everyone should know what the plan is or where to find it Resources Everyone appreciates the option to be self-reliant Reasons It’s amazing what explaining “why” can do! Prioritization Thriving companies are full of triage specialists Efficiency A complex task is more likely to be done poorly (if at all)
  8. 8. 8 SUCURI INDIVIDUALIZATION: THE BENEFIT OF DIVERSITY Providing choices is a win, win, win Clients win The ability to come to you comfortably, no matter what their experience level is Employees win A sense of identity and responsibility as unique and valuable components within the organization Many viewpoints = many sources of feedback Each experience with your company gives you a new perspective
  9. 9. 9 SUCURI FEEDBACK: THE MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE Collecting and using this information effectively will allow for faster and more effective adaptations as your market environment or your role within it changes Make it painless Simplicity = volume Make it global Just because you don’t need the information now doesn’t mean it won’t be useful in the future Consider the “dark matter” Absence of data may indicate unconsidered opportunities Make it known when it counts Feedback should be celebrated. It also makes for an excellent instructor
  10. 10. 10 SUCURI ADAPTABILITY: WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Something will go wrong – something always does. Accounting for potential pitfalls will allow you to stay one step ahead of disaster Testing Find the “holes” before someone else does Cross-training Increased workload? Employee crisis? Having a few people ready to help out might save the day Backups and redundancies Keep your data and site and resources safeguarded against potentials by creating secure backups Proactive v. reactive stance Give yourself and your team the gift of forethought
  11. 11. 11 SUCURI GROWTH: IT DOESN’T HAPPEN IN A VACUUM What’s next for your company? Responsible growth allows companies to maintain stability while refining and rising to new challenges Every gap is an opportunity Let the “you are here” picture define places you are not and ways in which you can expand or increase refinement Responsible disclosure Use discretion when disclosing the details of smaller movements until you’re sure of the details to avoid “noise” or disappointment . Use that feedback! Goals and ideals are fantastic and inspirational things, but use the data to create a realistic set of opportunities Promote from within Allow employees to organically transition into new roles and team functions Nobody is an “expert” Assume the viewpoint of someone who can always stand to learn more, and encourage your team to do the same Hire for the future Choosing people with a range of potential skill applications can simplify the growth process
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