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21 Ways to frustration-proof your life


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The burdens of work, unforeseen crises and unfulfilled expectation combined to produce tangled loop of frustrating events in your life. Well, if you're always feeling frustrated did you known you can transform frustrations into creative opportunities and unlock your innate power to succeed.

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21 Ways to frustration-proof your life

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  5. 5. 5 INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION Frustration Defined: Frustration: It’s a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems. It is an emotional response to circumstances where one is obstructed from arriving at a personal goal. It is said that there's more than one way to skin a cat. The same goes when you start tearing your hair out with all the frustration, grief, anxiety, and stress. It's a state of mental conditioning that is like taking that bitter pill down your throat, causing you to lose your sense of self, and worse your sanity. Just the thought of it can drive anyone off the edge. Frustration is an observable fact that you have to deal with on a daily basis. The burdens of work, family, unforeseen crisis and unmet expectations combined to produce tangled loops of frustrating events in your life. When you are frustrated your mind cannot work efficiently because instead of focusing on possibilities your mind focuses on impossibilities and your thoughts are not coherent at this stage. While there are certain things you can do to make your life run more smoothly, we must also understand that
  6. 6. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 6 as human you have limitations just like anybody that will incapacitate you in causing things to run smoothly as you would desire, these makes frustrating situations inevitable as you progress and navigate through the corridors of life. Our initial reaction to frustration is to yield to it and its negative consequences without taking action in the direction of our anticipated outcome. We also resist or ignore it altogether, putting up a protective defence and confront it as an enemy with which we feel we must do battle. The yielding, resisting, partially or completely ignoring this emotion and others like it is negative and can produce only negative results, we will find ourselves producing more frustration, anxiety, stress and fear than opportunities and productivity. As one stressed-out person to another, I know how it feels, and believe me there are many disparity when it comes to frustration. Coping with life, and carrying the problems that may or may not belong to you can scratch away the little joy and happiness that you can carry once you head out that door. You can't blame them for being like that; they have their own reasons, so much like we have our reasons to allow frustration to weigh us down. They say that frustration is all in the mind, well, what's bugging you anyway?
  7. 7. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 7 There are several ways to transform frustration into creative opportunities and unlock the power to succeed. This report will give you access to 21 ways that you can make use of today to frustration-proof your life against any personal and professional hazards as well as to succeed in all your pursuits making the difference between frustration and fulfilment.
  8. 8. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 8 “People who fail to achieve their goals usually get stopped by frustration. They allow frustration to keep them from taking the necessary actions that would support them in achieving their desire. You get through this roadblock by ploughing through frustration, taking each setback as feedback you can learn from, and pushing ahead. I doubt you'll find many successful people who have not experienced this. All successful people learn that success is buried on the other side of frustration.” Anthony Robbins
  9. 9. 9 21 W21 W21 W21 WAYS TOAYS TOAYS TOAYS TO FFFFRUSTRATIONRUSTRATIONRUSTRATIONRUSTRATION----PROOF YOURPROOF YOURPROOF YOURPROOF YOUR LLLLIFEIFEIFEIFE With the uncertainty in our world, economic crisis, job losses, with the voices of gloom and doom raging within and without. The rate at which most people are getting frustrated is on the increase daily. Consequently, it is imperative that we learn to how to frustration- proof our lives as we progress toward our desired intent. Here are 21 ways on how to frustration-proof your life, take the time to read through this report and then apply each one daily for the next 21 days and consistently revisit this report when you have any personal or professional frustration. 1. Asking Focused Questions: In everyday life we are susceptible to frustrations. Attempt to identify specifically what it is that I am frustrated about is critical to dealing with frustration. This is often associated with problems or unmet expectations. In other to translate this frustration into productive opportunities and unlock the power to succeed, series of focused and empowering question should be asked. It is interesting to note that questions could be empowering or disempowering consequently it is imperative that you put forward the right kind of questions because you will become more focused, clear, creative, purposeful,
  10. 10. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 10 aware and balanced. Questions can be used as tools to gather information and acquire knowledge about yourself, others, events, situations and places. Answers to such question are used to bring clarity and better understanding of the situation. 2. Acknowledge Frustrations: Most people tend to live in denial, often frustrated and angry because of unmet expectations play down this emotional disposition of frustration and act as if all is well. In other to frustration proof your life you’ve got to acknowledge it, admit the fact that you are frustrated but do not remain at that position. Acknowledging frustration will empower you to start finding ways to transform your frustration. Based on man’s natural propensity to fight or flight response, helps create an impetus that will enhance your performance at the right moment. Use frustration wisely to push yourself forward toward your anticipated desire. 3. Identify Root Cause(s) of Frustration: The law of cause and effect states that: “Everything happens for a reason.” For every effect in your life, there is a cause. Crises do not just erupt without causes. The perspective changes when you consider frustration as an effect with a cause or series of causes. Therefore in transforming frustration into creative opportunities it is appropriate to identify its root cause(s). For example there are many reasons why on a given day a car may not start in the morning on your way to an
  11. 11. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 11 important appointment. Your expectation is the normal situation which is the car should start while the effect is the car refuses to start, now the cause or root of the problem could be faulty ignition, flat Battery, No fuel, Electrical Problems or even the weather. Identifying these causes can solve your problem, which then eliminate your frustration. 4. Change Your Attitude: Attitude is everything. Attitudes, whether positive or negative, have the power to impact profoundly the success of an individual or an organization. Attitudes are contagious, attitudes impact the bottom line, and it affects your every thought and the results that your thoughts bring. Positive mental attitude is indispensable and appropriate in today’s competitive and changing marketplace as well as your personal endeavours that it has become imperative to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude regardless of the circumstances that militate against you in life. Once you realize that your attitude is not supporting you in your overall scheme of things, you need to be able to change it so as to frustration-proof your life. 5. Always Seek To Understand: If it is a person or group of people that are responsible for your frustration either at home, workplace or marketplace always seek to understand before you are understood by you having to ask a simple question to make
  12. 12. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 12 sure these individuals understands what has been discoursed and get their feedback so that there will be no surprises. One better way to deal with this is to seek to understand before you seek to be understood. One other way to deal with frustration is to understand that this emotional disposition is common to everyone and not you alone or certain groups of people. What sets you apart from others is the way you respond to the emotions when they occur. Take a profound look at what is making you frustrated to find if there are ways that you are contributing to it and take action to remedy the problem. 6. Self-examination: Frequent Self-evaluation is of inestimable value. As we interact daily we tend to imbibe ideas, habits and thought patterns that are not in harmony with our core values and expectations. Frustration often occurs when the ideas and thought patterns that we give admission to are not in harmony with those that we have held for a long time. For instance, Mr. Robert Xerox amazed at why his belief system kept producing these negative outcomes and how he has become desperate, frustrated and cynical when his expectations are not met. This situation was now at the point where personal and professional life is endangered by it. He then decided to go on self- examination to evaluate himself so as to find out what the problem was. Hence, self-examination can help to detoxify from all the
  13. 13. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 13 impurity that can affect our beliefs negatively and realign our priorities. When you are overwhelmed with frustration take the route of self-examination and you will be able to identify the root of the frustration and transform into creative opportunity and unlock the power to succeed. 7. Change Your Mental Focus: Mental focus is the general term used to describe a person’s thought processes. If you must transform frustrations into creative opportunities and unlock the power to succeed you have to change your mental focus. For instance, when frustrating events occurs there is always this tendency to begin to form images and focus on the negatives outcome that in turn reinforces the frustration. By taking control of your mental focus and focusing on the desired expectation and on success you can master frustration and transform it into creative opportunity. 8. Focus on the Lesson Learnt: With every undertaken there are always lessons to learn weather it was a positive or negative outcome. Life is actually a compilation of lessons learned from every spectrum of life. It is imperative that you focus on the lessons learnt rather than focusing on the negative outcome. This will give you a proper perspective on how to take further action for the realization of your goals and expectations. You want to pay close
  14. 14. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 14 attention to the lessons that your experiences affords as it will serve your purpose in future endeavours. 9. Define The Object Of Frustration As A Goal: Take a minute or two to actually define the problem. Once you have identified the object of frustration, that is, what is responsible for your frustration, you should now define and view that challenge as a goal to be achieved. For instance, it could be your lack of skills in that particular Endeavour that results to ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the tasks or assignments. You could now set acquiring or upgrading your skills and ability as a goal so that you are effective and efficient in achieving yours tasks and objectives. It is often more effective to ensure you understand the problem, its symptoms and causes before proceeding. 10. Reinforce Your Belief: When faced with frustrating situations having a supportive belief system will help you frustration-proof your life and achieve extraordinary success that you deserve. To reinforce your beliefs to overcome frustration you must turn disempowering beliefs into empowering beliefs by focusing on beliefs that serve your purpose and also ask empowering questions such as what do I need to believe about myself or circumstance that will reinforce the beliefs that are congruent with the core beliefs that are serving my ultimate outcome.
  15. 15. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 15 11. Know Exactly What You Want: Knowing what you want helps you to determine your priorities. A lot of folks are frustrated most of the times because they do not actually know what they want. The dilemma is that we assume that these individuals know what they want out of life. In challenging times with unmet expectation to frustration-proof your life you have to know exactly what you want, what your priorities are and go all out to achieve them. 12. Avoid Stress: Stress in excessive amount is a negative emotional disposition that weakens you and it is related and can lead to frustration. You have to pay close attention those stressors both internal and external. Most of the things that you are stressed about will not necessarily turn out the way that you fear it might. Understanding this, you will be empowered to overcome stress and transform frustration into creative opportunities and the power to succeed. Frustration-proof yourself by recognizing stress in others and limiting your contact with them. Or if you've got the inclination, you can become a resource and teach them how to better manage themselves. 13. Learn from The Best: When people around you are losing their mind, who keeps calm? What are they doing differently? What is their attitude? What language do they use? Are they trained and experienced? The truth of the matter is these
  16. 16. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 16 individuals are not exempted from frustration but that they are determined and have learnt how to frustration-proof their lives. Consequently, learning what these individuals do differently, the attitude they possess and their self-talk is invaluable if you must frustration-proof your life. Figure it out from afar or sit them down for a chat with these individuals. Learn from the best stress managers and copy what they do. 14 Take Time to Exhale and Inhale: You can lead your body into relaxing by using the technique of heavy breathing. Whenever you are frustrated just simply inhale slowly for a count of 7 then exhale for a count of 11. Repeat the 7-11 breathing until your heart rate slows down, your sweaty palms dry off and things start to feel more normal. Taking the time to breathe in and out helps to release tension and frustration assisting you in refocusing on your priorities and what it will require to achieve your desired outcome. When you are frustrated just breathe in and out. 15. Give Frustration Thoughts the Red Light: Whenever frustrating thoughts arises in your mind take action immediately to negate those thoughts with positive ones. It is possible to entangle yourself up in a frustration knot all by yourself and beside most of these things never happen, so why waste all that energy worrying needlessly? Give frustrating thought-trains the red light and stop
  17. 17. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 17 them in their tracks as you frustration-proof your life from its negative consequences. 16. Know Your Trigger Points & Hot Spots: The following are some frustration triggers; presentations, interviews, meetings, giving difficult feedback and tight deadlines et cetera. My heart rate is cranking up just writing these down! Make your own list of frustration trigger points or hot spots. Be specific. Is it only presentations to a certain audience that get you worked up? Does one project become more frustrating than another? Knowing what causes you frustration is powerful information, as you can take action to make it less frustrating by asking questions like, do you need to learn some new skills? Do you need extra resources? These questions will help you to frustration-proof your life and unlock the power to succeed. 17. Burn The Candle At One End: Lack of sleep, poor diet and no exercise wreaks havoc on our body and mind. Kind of obvious, but worth mentioning as it's often ignored as a stress management technique. Listen to your mother and don't burn the candle at both ends! So having stress can be a total drag, but that should not hinder us to find the inner peace of mind that we have wanted for a long time. In any case, one could always go to the Bahamas and bask under the summer sun.
  18. 18. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 18 18. Focus On What Matters and What Works For You: You don’t need to learn how to do everything in life. Most people want to know so much about everything and this result to disappointments and frustration to say the least. In other to frustration-proof your life and produce creative opportunities you have to endeavour to know much and focus on what matters and what works for you rather than wanting to be a jack of all trade. In other to frustration-proof your life you've got to focus on what matters and ignore the rest. 19. Change Your Physiology: Your physiology is your physical being: the way you stand, sit, move, breath etc. Once you meet someone you can you usually tell how he feels even before you are told. This is so because you unconsciously notice his physiology. With that said, it is imperative to understand that every emotional state exhibit a certain physiological state. For instance, someone frustrated will exhibit a physiological state different from someone that is motivated and enthused. Hence, to frustration-proof your life you have to change your physiology in the direction of your desired outcome, controlling your posture, the way you move and your expression as against the physiology that results from the frustration. 20. Be Thankful In All Things: The Bible states, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with
  19. 19. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 19 thanksgiving, let your requests be made know unto God.” That’s it right there, be anxious for nothing as this will obliterate your attitude of gratitude and create an atmosphere that breeds frustrations instead of thankfulness. George Herbert stated, “Thou hast given so much to me give me one thing more, a grateful heart.” You can begin your day with this frame of mind. If you can focus on those things that are good and that can be good, you will only bring more positive things into your life. Attitude of Gratitude is one of the life lines of any extraordinary achiever and will cause frustration to dissipate into the ether and unlock your power to succeed. 21. Take Action: As I counsel and coach across the nations of the earth just one vice constantly emanates and that is inaction. I fin that there are a lot of people that are knowledgeable in many aspects of life but are masters of none. The dilemma is that these individuals never take action in applying the knowledge and expertise that they have acquired in solving the issues of life that affects them. When you are frustrated having a strong bias towards taking action to remedy the situation with the knowledge you have is invaluable. If you do not have the knowledge and expertise, take action to acquire it from the arsenal of information that abounds in the universe. Take action to solicit for help and you will be amazed number of those that will be willing to help you in ways that will
  20. 20. 21 Ways To Frustration-proof Your Life 20 astound you. Just take action, do something positive and the claws of frustration will be broken. To your success$Richard.Onebamoi-8- “Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do” Pope John XXIII
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