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Dale G. Thomson-Home Biz Coach Online Marketers Personal Development & Training E-Book

Dale G. Thomson-Home Biz Coach provides articles about personal development, motivational material, online marketing training as well as tips and tricks to help you create the lifestyle that you want.

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Dale G. Thomson-Home Biz Coach Online Marketers Personal Development & Training E-Book

  1. 1. Dale G Thomson Home Biz Coach Training For The Online Marketer Who Do You Admire & Why? Mine Is Jim Rohn January 17, 2015 • Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 15 seconds We all have mentors or people we look up to or admire in our lives and one of mine is Jim Rohn. Over the past few months I have been spending a bit of time in the mornings watching one of his videos. The way he tells stories and connects with me on a deeper level like he is sitting right across from me at the kitchen table and we are having a chat. In a later post I will share some of my favorite videos from Jim Rohn but in this post I felt compelled to share some of my favorite quotes. Continue reading How W. Clement Stone Has Impacted My Life January 16, 2015 • Estimated reading time: 1 minutes, 24 seconds I came to know of W. Clement Stone when I went to work for a company called Combined Insurance Co which he founded in I believe 1922. As part of training we took an in depth look at Mr. Stone and his philosophy of success. Continue reading Making Money Online Basic Phone Prospecting Pt3-Establishing Authoritative Voice-Figure January 15, 2015 • Estimated reading time: 1 minutes, 16 seconds In the previous segments of #makingmoneyonline basic phone prospecting we have covered #basicphoneprospecting, building confidence building rapport. In this segment we are going to talk about helping you to be the authoritative voice and figure in your perspective team members mind. So as before, turn off your cell phone, turn off Facebook and get a pad and paper/pen and click the video below. Continue reading What is Fear? January 13, 2015 • Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 38 seconds
  2. 2. Why do we allow it to take over our minds like a virus? Once we know that fear doesn’t in all reality actually exist we can eradicate it from our daily existence and lead a life full of passion and prosperity. Let go of fear and follow your heart’s innermost desire to thrive and be your better self. Don’t let an imaginary idea such as fear be your Master and Controller. Don’t live the LIE that is fear but live by your Truth of Hope and Glory. Continue reading How To Tun Your Passion Into Extra Income At Home January 12, 2015 • Estimated reading time: 1 minutes, 33 seconds Turning your passion into extra income at home is not very difficult click video below to see how. Whether you are looking to #makeextraincomeathome or build a cubicle busting job crushing walk away income the steps are the same. It will not happen over night but it will happen…IF you are consistently doing income producing activities. Continue reading My Motivation For Today January 11, 2015 • Estimated reading time: 1 minutes, 2 seconds Think YOU don’t matter…lack motivation? With Approx 7 Million People in the world, need a little motivation to think you matter and stand up and be counted? Watch this. video above with an open mind. Let your mind go and feel it’s message. Continue reading 2 Motivational Favorite Videos About Life and Inspiration January 9, 2015 • Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 22 seconds We all have days where we would rather just crawl up in bed, pull the covers over our head and tell the world to go away. I know I have had more than my fair share, as we all have. It is during those times that these 3 videos inspire me and get me going and focused on what it is I need to accomplish for the day. It is my hope that these videos will help get you going as well. Continue reading Are You Sabotaging Big Results Your Home Based Business? Pt.1 Yourself There are many ways people sabotage big results in their home based business. These range from not building a list, not using auto responders correctly to not being the person they need to be in order to see the results they want. Which brings me the point of this blog post. Are you ready to start getting big results in your home based business and give him money?
  3. 3. If not…(you have a BIG problem) Click on the video below and I will explain what I mean and an easy way that you can change that and start getting big results from your home based business Continue reading Making Money Online Basic Phone Prospecting Pt2-Building Report & Trust January 7, 2015 • Estimated reading time: 0 minutes, 57 seconds Today in part 2 of #makingmoneyonline basic phone prospecting in the video below we are going to discuss #buildingrapport and why that is critical to the success of your business. Click the play button, get a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil and turn off facebook, close email and listen up! Continue reading Next Page →