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Self - Discipline


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In order to be successful in life, one leads to have loads and loads of self-discipline.

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Self - Discipline

  1. 1. The Miracle of Self-Discipline
  2. 2. Discipline weighs, ounces, but regretsweighs tons
  3. 3. The Discipline of Clear Thinking – Fast Peopledecisions are usually wrong people decisions
  4. 4. The Discipline of Daily Goal Setting – Focus &Concentration are the essential qualities forsuccess
  5. 5. The Discipline of Daily Time Management –Every minute spent in planning saves tenminutes in execution
  6. 6. The Discipline of Courage – “Do the thing youfear & the death of fear is certain.”
  7. 7. The Discipline of Excellent Health Habits – Thekey to health & life can be summarized in 5words, “Eat less & exercise more.”
  8. 8. The Discipline of Regular Saving & Investing: Thekey is for you to save 10%, 15%, & even 20% ofyour income throughout your life
  9. 9. The Discipline of Hard Work - Rule: Work all thetime you work!
  10. 10. The Discipline of Continuous Learning – To earnmore you must learn more
  11. 11. The Discipline of Persistence – Persistence isactually self-discipline in action
  12. 12. Thank you – S.Iyer