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What Should You Take On A Bike Ride


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A short report...
A few suggestions for things you might carry if you go out for a bike ride.
Happy Pedalling!

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What Should You Take On A Bike Ride

  1. 1. What Should You Take On A Bike Ride?If you are going on a bike ride, thereare a few things you should carry withyou...On a longer ride you might want to takeall of this stuff. On a shorter ride justcarry the basics.Some of these will make your ride moreenjoyable, some will help you out if youhave a problem - some could save frompushing your bike home or searching fora bike repair shop...Puncture Repair KitPatches, rubber solution and tyre levers.My repair kit does not get much use since I fittedpuncture resistant tyres, but I still carry one just incase.PumpA mini-pump should be sufficient to get enough air into your tyre to get you home.Spare Inner TubeI try to fit a new tube if I puncture. This saves time and gets you moving again as quicklyas possible, especially important if its raining or cold.Repair the old one later, either at a cafe stop or when you get home.ToolsYou may need to carry out repairs on your bike while you are out.Allen Keys (4, 5 & 6 mm) and a small screwdriver are all that is usually needed to coverthe basics.You can get these as a multi-tool that folds up like a penknife.More sophisticated multi-tools will have spoke keys, chain tool and more.Buy the best multi-tool you can afford. © 2012
  2. 2. First Aid KitSimple stuff like band-aids and some antiseptic cream should do. Just enough to treatsmall cuts and grazes...Waterproof Cycling JacketA thin, breathable cycling jacket is best.The more packable the better. In colder weather it can be worth carrying some otherspare clothing.If you stop to fix your bike (or have to stand around while a friend fixes theirs), you canstart to feel chilled quite quickly.WaterIf you intend to ride for much longer than an hour, carry some water.A water-bottle in a bottle cage fixed to your bike is the best option.FoodIf your ride will last more than an hour or two, carry something to eat - an energy bar, aflapjack or a banana.Click here to read more about cycling nutritionHow are you going to carry this stuff?There are a few different types of bags that you can use for cycling.A small saddle bag will carry tools, snacks and a waterproof.For longer rides, especially in colder weather, you might need a larger bag.Click here to find out more about cycling bagsThis stuff should cover most eventualities...Carry some cash, a mobile phone and a credit card (if you have them). Then, in theworst case scenario you can call for help or even catch a train home.Happy Pedalling, pass this free ebook on to anyone who might find it useful... © 2012