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Improve Your Website - Sell what Your Buyers Really Want...


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What does a buyer want when they buy something?
It sounds like a stupid question - at first...

You'll make more money from your website traffic if you sell them what they really want!

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Improve Your Website - Sell what Your Buyers Really Want...

  1. 1. How to Improve a WebsiteSell What Buyers Really Want!What does a buyer want when they buy something?It sounds like a stupid question - at first...Youll make more money from your website traffic if you sell them whatthey really want!Why do some people spend hundreds of thousands on a car, when you can getone for a fraction of that money?Both will get you from A to B.Both will exceed the speed limit.Both perform the functions that we require of a car.The truth is, buyers are often motivated by something other than a rationalapproach.Often, our emotions play a bigger part in our purchases than we might like toadmit...Someone who spends a small fortune on a high-end automobile is not only buying a car.They want the rest of the world to view them as a success. They want respect.They may justify their purchase by droning on about comfort and precision engineering.But any mid-priced car would give you that too.They are buying something more than the features – they feel that there are otherbenefits to spending a small fortune.Benefits vs FeaturesFeatures are the actual physical attributes of a product.Benefits are what those features actually do for the buyer.If you were selling a car, a feature might be its electronic fuel management system.The benefit of that to the buyer would be spending less on fuel - i.e. Saving Money.A lawnmower may have "Tempered Steel Blades" - the benefit of that would be "lessmowing, more time relaxing..."Buyers often do not see the point of a feature. So by highlighting the benefit, youhighlight whats in it for them.A technically-minded buyer might understand what a fuel management system does. Foreveryone else, simply stating the benefit explains why we might want it too.
  2. 2. How to Improve a WebsiteBenefits are almost universal - things we all want...Making moneySaving moneyBetter healthSecurityAdvancementPleasurePrestigeMore leisure timeComfortFreedomPopularityRespectLess worryStudy the product or service you are trying to sell.Can it...Make them feel happy.Fix a problem.Teach them how to do something.Make them feel better.Make them feel more physically attractive.Make them feel safer.Help them find happiness.Satisfy some kind of human need.Make their life easier.Help them reach their goals in life.Study your target reader and write down all the problems that your product orservice can solve for them.If possible, present all the practical and emotional benefits that this product or servicewill bring to their life.How does it make their life better?Put your biggest benefit in your headline and pepper the rest of them through your copy.Focus on selling the benefits and youll sell more...You can do more to improve your website conversion rate