Bc ii chap 13 proposals


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  • Bc ii chap 13 proposals

    1. 1. Chapter : 13 Proposal MQhttp://www.slideshare.net/Subjectmaterial
    2. 2. Chapter Final ExamS. No. No. Q. No. Chapter Heading Date Introduction July 2, 2012 1 11 1,2 Short Reports July 4, 2012 2 12 3,4 Long (Formal) Reports July 9, 2012 3 13 5 Proposals July 11, 2012 Strategies for Successful Speaking and Successful 4 14 6 Listening Strategies for Successful Informative and Persuasive 5 15 7 Speaking 6 16 8 Strategies for Successful Interpersonal Communication 7 17 9,10 Strategies for Successful Business and Group Meetings 8 18 11 The Job Application Process - The Written Job Presentation 9 19 12 The Job Application Process - Interviews and Follow-Up
    3. 3. PROJECT
    4. 4. classes mid term evening final paper Last class2nd july 23-26 july 3-5 aug end ? august 1st week after eid
    5. 5. Assign NumberSr. No. NameA: Alpha 1 JawedB: Bravo 1 m. RashidC: Charlie 1 JahanzaibD: Delta 1 MudassirE: Echo 1 m. UsmanF: Foxtrot 1 Ali MurtuzaG: Golf 1
    6. 6. Why Study Communication?• TAKE AWAY – Make of Proposals Purpose your profile / resume – Make accounts on twitter and linked in – Business communication role in our life Parts of Proposals – Why do you make a long report Short and Long proposals that you include in a long report – What are the headings – What is the final project – 15 marks Writing Style andbe done • How would it Appearance • expectations
    7. 7. Kinds of ProposalsResearch Proposal Business ProposalAcademic BusinessProfessors, or the school for Addressed to an organizationwhich they work desire to mentioning that youobtain a grant m response to a understand the organizationsrequest or an announcement problem and that your firm orfrom the government or you arc qualified to solve itexternal agency successfully.
    8. 8. Improving To const met parking Communicating To sell property, engineering and structures, buildings, strategic issues such as airplanes, bridges, water systems, just-in-time (JIT.) throughout the machines, buildings complete power plants,performance within highways company a company Planning and basic To plan and Preparing To survey water research before construct airport international areas for possible developing an baggage conveyormanagers for work oil fields automobile factor) systems in Asia in Mexico Constructing-as a To clean up the subcontractor- ground soil at buildings as part of military airports a large project
    9. 9. • Be realistic, avoid exaggerating your and your company’s capabilities• Be specific about methods of meeting all goals• Be precise with the time schedule• Be clear on how you will evaluate your work, production or product• Give exact scope : what you will do and what you will not do
    10. 10. Organizing Proposals Direct Type of Approach Indirect Solicited Unsolicited Interested Type of Audience Uninterested© Prentice Hall, 2008 Business Communication Today, 9e Chapter 13 - 10
    11. 11. Pr Executive Draft Table of Title page Summary, Abstract, Synopsis Contract Contents EquipmentIntroduction Background Procedures and Facilities Personnel Budget Appendices
    12. 12. Executive Title page Summary, Draft Contract Table of Contents Abstract, Synopsis• the title page • the executive • In long proposals • Brief proposals should include summary should - and if the usually do not the title, the speak for the reader is require a table of name of the complete nonhostile- a contents. Long person or proposal, it draft contract proposals do company to should he able to may be inserted require one, as whom the stand alone, and after an well as a list of proposal is it should executive tables, figures, submitted, the summarize how summary and illustrations person objectives wilt lie submitting the met and what proposal, and procedures will the date be followed
    13. 13. Equipment and Introduction Background Procedures Facilities• Purpose: e.g. To • In longer • briefly state, • Show that you recommend a proposals, include without have thought format for Board background info exaggeration, how deeply enough to of Director you will meet the realize what Reports requirements of facilities will be• Problem: show your reader needed clearly that you understand the problem or problems• Scope: boundaries of your project• Project Team: listing of the individuals who will work on the project
    14. 14. Personnel Budget Appendices• If you did not include • While some budget • Add extra reading / brief information on sections maybe in information as the individuals tabular or even a appendix involved in the form of visual aid, it is project in the customary to include introduction, a longer a "budget section is appropriate justification" section, here stating in paragraph form a further rationale for your financial figures
    15. 15. Letter of TransmittalExecutive SummaryBody of proposal• Project Team• Scope of Services• Construction Contract pages• Computerized engineering system
    16. 16. While some budget sections maybe in tabularor even a form of visual aid, it is customary toinclude a "budget justification" section, stating thein paragraph form a further rationale for yourfinancial figures
    17. 17. Take AwayGeneral appearanceNeatnessSpecific appearance of• Table of contents• List of figures• Title page• Maps• Graphs• ChartsConsistency of styleTitle-does it properly describe the project?CompletenessProfessionalism
    18. 18. Take Away