Skizzleville Digital Marketing Plan


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Skizzleville Digital Marketing Plan

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Skizzleville Digital Marketing Plan

  1. 1. High-Level Marketing Campaign OutlineSkizzleville Experience Developing a Web Strategy Introduction 1. Situational Analysis I. Web Analytics II. Competitor Analysis 2. Setting Objectives 3. Strategies - Digital Marketing Multi-Channel Matrix 4. Measurement of KPIs 1
  2. 2. IntroductionUnderstanding the target market and defining objectives in advance allows us to create and measure the value that is generated by investing time, money and resources for creating & advertising Skizzleville online.A useful way to prepare, execute & monitor our Digital Marketing Strategy is to think in terms of a model with 4 essential points:1. Situational Analysis2. Setting Objectives3. Strategies – Digital Marketing Multi-Channel Matrix4. Measurement of KPIs 2
  3. 3. 1. Situational AnalysisAn online situational analysis would include:• Once Skizzleville is launched, current web presence of (indicated by first 3 month’s organic web traffic).• Offline activity (if any), e.g. Fliers in schools, Posters in schools, Community Billboards etc.• Online market categorization from point (1) into active & inactive users• Key competitors• Pages on site most visited (does it indicate any relevant latest trend(s) in technology, any specific game which becomes most popular in time frame of 3 months etc.)• Time and budget ($) we need to accelerate growth, increase organic web traffic and take it to the next level (VC funding essential) 3
  4. 4. 1.1. Web AnalyticsFor an existing site, we will use web analytics (Google Analytics) data to understand:Where our traffic is coming from: Traffic Sources > Direct Traffic > Referring Sites > Search Engines > Keywords (Search Engines)Which content is popular? Content > Top Content 4
  5. 5. 1.2. Competitor AnalysisCompetitor websites like Farmville, Whyville etc. will vary between countries and market segments in their overall reach, but they include indirect competitors like games boards and other niche gaming platforms (e.g. in India which is extremely popular in Asia only).We can identify our key competitors by:• Using our existing knowledge of the market• Searching for the most popular keywords identified in the market analysis to see who is ranked well• Using a specialized tool like, Google AdPlanner 5
  6. 6. 2. Setting ObjectivesThe objectives are the key measures of the success for the project and should be related to overall business objectives as well.Objectives should be:• Specific• Measurable• Realistic• TimedExample:• Increase in monthly total visits on by 20%• Reducing monthly bounce rate on by 15%• Increase in monthly total registrations on by 14%• Increase in weekly email registrations inside site by 10% 6
  7. 7. 3. StrategiesStrategies are how we wish to meet the business objectives laid out in the previous slide.Modern online marketing or digital marketing Strategies include using a comprehensive multi-channel communication matrix (given in next slide), which would include:• Search Engine Organization (SEO) of site whilst developing• Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Google Ad Words PPC advertising for chosen keywords• Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Facebook fan page, Twitter a/c, LinkedIn profile for online branding and creating a buzz• Advertisement Networks (Ad Networks) for display ads – Web (CPM, CPC, CPA ads) – Mobile (CPM, CPC ads)• Email Marketing campaigns• Mobile apps (iphone, ipad) 7
  8. 8. Digital Marketing Multi-Channel MatrixChannel Web2.0 Engagement/StrategySkizzleville website Comprehensive integrated campaign site, design effectiveness, usability & user experience testingSearch engine optimization (SEO) Search optimized for top-target keywords for geo-target US, accounted for Google, Yahoo!, Bing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google Ad WordsSearch engine marketing (SEM) Keywords, Budget($) YouTube channelSocial media marketing (SMM) Official fan page with coupons, events, polls etc. Twitter account with DAILY updates, events etc.Acquisition Email Marketing Call-for-action for subscribing to single-opt e-newsletter (emails collected during registration)SMS/MMS Mobile Marketing Digital Agency partnership recommended - Text Ads, Expandable Ads on mobile phonesCommercial Email Marketing Digital Agency partnership recommended – Targeted mass mailers (B2C) for getting visits to site > registrationsMobile devices compatibility Campaign site stripped down form on iPhone, BlackberrySurveys Functional surveys (can be inside site or using SurveyMonkey)Display Advertising (Ad Networks) Digital Agency partnership recommended 8
  9. 9. 4. Measurement of KPIsControls are how we measure progress against our previously laid-out objectives.Some of the measurements maybe Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as number of registrations, number of emails collected etc.Other controls will be measurements such as the number of Unique visits to the site per month. While these may not be key to running the business, they do give a good idea of how a particular online marketing channel is running or contributing to overall traffic to site.Typically the data for the controls is taken from Google Analytics reports. 9