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VNRVJIET's NSS newsletter

Published in: Sports
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  1. 1. NSS VNRVJIET NEWS LETTERVol no: 1 Yearly January,2011.NSS was launched in the year 1969. In 1958, the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehrumooted the idea of having social service as a prerequisite for graduation. He further directed theMinistry of Education to formulate a suitable scheme for introduction of national service into theacademic institutions. NSS is now a part of Govt. of India that comes under Ministry of YouthAffairs & Sports.The motto of NSS: “Not me but you”NSS unit at VNRVJIET was started in the year 1997, and is rendering its services to the society till date.Special camps were started from the year 2008 with about 150 volunteers. Now the NSS unit isstrengthened with about 200 volunteers and a separate NSS room.Recently the J.N.T.University recognized a second NSS unit in VNRVJIET with regard to the activities takenup by the NSS unit.The significance of NSS symbol: The symbol of the National Service Scheme, as appearing above is based on the ‘Rath’wheel of the Konark Sun temple in Odisha. These giant wheels of the sun temple portraythe cycle of creation, preservation & release and signify the movement in life across timeand space. The design of the symbol, a simplified form of the sun-chariot wheel, primarilydepicts movement. The wheel signifies the progressive cycle of life. It stands forcontinuity as well as change and implies on the part of NSS for continuous striving forsocial transformation and upliftment.
  3. 3. Principal: “I am happy to know that the NSS cell of VNRVJIET is bringing out a souvenirhighlighting the activities undertaken by it during the academic year 2010-2011. It is indeed, a matter of pleasure to note that the NSS cell of VNRVJIET has carriedout an excellent work in the sphere of extension and has made significant contributions tocommunity service and nation building through its innovative programmes. I congratulate the programme officer and the fraternity of NSS volunteers on the occasion. Dr.C.D.Naidu I wish their endeavors all success”.J.N.T.U.H. NSS prog.coordinator: “I am glad to know that the National Service Scheme(NSS) unit of VNRVJIET, is bringingout a newsletter highlighting the activities organized by the college NSS unit, for the benefit ofstudent volunteers and community. I am confident that under the leadership of Sri.B.Narendra Kumar, programme officerand the college authorities will continue the activities of NSS in the college in serving theneeds of the society. I wish you all the best”.NSS programme officer: “I am pleased to learn that the NSS unit of VNRVJIET is bringing out a souvenirhighlighting important activities taken up during the years 2007-2010.The NSS volunteersof VNRVJIET have been participating actively in various programs of NSS under regularactivities as well as special camps. These attempts are helping the society and developingthe personality of NSS volunteers. Narendra kumarI convey my best wishes to NSS volunteers of VNRVJIET”.NSS body president: “NSS gave me an opportunity to not only serve my countrybut also to improve my personality through social service which I think this is veryimportant for every engineer”. Venkata Karthik SEVAKRITI 3
  4. 4. In this edition: 52nd NSS day celebrations 5 NSS Special camp: Door to door survey 6 Mega Health Camp 7 Career Guidance 8 Blood donation camp 9 Other activities of NSS 10 Future activities 12 “Working with the team like NSS makes us feel who we are……… For me it was the first building brick for confidence. In the camp which I was a part, taught me how to interact with different kinds of people and of different age groups, the blood camp which was organized by our team helped us in knowing about how to manage people around us….these are just small examples but indeed working with NSS gives a self-satisfaction and builds up many lucrative skills” - Amulya Racharla ECE 2nd year. “Once as a part of the NSS camp I visited a government school, I was shocked to see the children and their parent’s attitude towards education. Many of the children were not aware of the options and opportunities“I am very glad and proud that I am working for available after their school study. NSS gave me an opportunity to make theNSS since my first year and the self-satisfaction children and their parents realize the significance of higher studies. NSSyou get by serving needy and working out team supported me a lot in playing my part which makes me feel proudsomething useful for the society can’t be about myself. NSS provided me a platform to serve the society and also toexchanged with anything in the world. With the develop myself”.special camps and guest lectures and otheractivities we can share knowledge and discuss --D.Tirupati Reddyissues having a chance to live better in the social EEE 2nd year.environment around us. I am happy I was andwill be a part of the NSS team”. Editorial board: S.Hemanth Raju EEE 2nd year. Prativa Rani Saha (H&S Dept) S.Balachander (IV year ECE) K.Sai Srunjitha (II year IT) R.Amulya (II year ECE) K.Subhash (II year EEE) SEVAKRITI 4
  5. 5. nd 52 NSS day celebrations On the eve of 52nd NSS day, in order to celebrate the day, a guest lecture wasorganized by the NSS team on “RTI Act – Right to Information Act 2005”. Mr. Rakesh Reddy Dubbudu, thefamous RTI Activist was invited to deliver the lecture in order to spread the awareness on the Act. On the day the NSS team and the huge crowd were eagerly waiting for Rakesh Reddy Dubbuduto carry on with his lecture. It was informative and interesting and the audience sat motionless throughout thelecture. Some of the points which drew the attention of audience were:  Salient features of the RTI Act  Strong nature of the Act  Flexibility of the Act  Success stories of Act  Consequences of the RTI Act. Mr. Rakesh stressed that “a person should only seek information but is not supposed to question any person or individual”. His lecture was followed by the doubts raised by the audience. With the final remarks, Mr. Rakesh was presented a memento by the NSS coordinator, Mr.Narendra Kumar. SEVAKRITI 5
  6. 6. NSS camp—16th, 17th & 18th June’2010Door to door survey: The 3rd NSS camp was held at Muturajpally village, a village near Narsapur in the MedakDistrict of AP. With about 50 NSS volunteers the team landed in front of Ramanaidu Agricultural Collegehostel which hosted their 3days stay. Having all their doubts cleared by the NSS officer about how to carryon with the survey, the team set out to Muturajpally village for conducting a survey on the health status ofthe villagers. “I feel proud that I am a member of the NSS unit of VNRVJIET. Being a part of it helped me a lot in knowing the prevailing conditions in the society very well. It was great experience being a part and conducting the medical camps, plantation programs. I would thank our NSS programme officer Mr. Narendra Kumar who motivated us and helped in planning different events”. Balachander, th ECE 4 year.At first it was quite a difficult task to answer the villager’s questions but after a while they were comfortablein communicating with them. Many of the villagers couldn’t even identify their age and many needed theteam’s assistance to identify their health problem. Ensuring every door knocked they left the village andreturned to the hostel. The food provided at the hostel was good and tasty. The first day ended with theteam discussing about the survey reports.SEVAKRITI 6
  7. 7. Mega Health Camp:After having the breakfast they reached the village to organize the medical camp in the government schoolnearby. As everything was well planned and streamlined the NSS team found no trouble in carrying theevent. In spite of a heavy rain about 600 villagers turned up for the free mega health camp sponsored byNTR Memorial Trust. Free medicines were supplied to the patients of the village which were prescribed bythe highly qualified doctors from IMAGE hospitals, Hyderabad. Being happy about the success of medicalcamp the unit returned to the hostel a bit tired.After getting refreshed, the team visited the nearby forest and later interacted with the students of theagricultural institution.SEVAKRITI 7
  8. 8. Career guidance: The third day commenced with the visit to the village. After reaching the Government Schoolthe team was shocked in seeing the situation of students sitting in the classrooms and being inspired by theirattention towards them, they started to move closer with the children. The children were very enthusiasticand curious to clear their doubts about how to study and reach their goals. The team also clarified children’sdoubts in mathematics and science subjects. They distributed chocolates to children and then assembledthem in the ground. Few of the school teachers shared their experiences and some of the volunteersexpressed their views with the press.They returned to the hostel by the evening and had a camp fire that night. The night rocked with volunteerssinging and playing around the camp fire. The next day morning the NSS unit left the place with a hope to goto the village next year and see the changes. That way the camp left many past memorable moments with much to look forward…SEVAKRITI 8
  9. 9. Blood donation camp: “By donating blood you lose nothing instead gain 350ml of new blood” The NSS unit of VNRVJIET organized the Blood Donation Camp on 25th August in thecampus. The camp was inaugurated by Dr. C.D Naidu, Principal of VNRVJIET. Blood Donation Camp wasconducted along with LIONS CLUB OF HYDERABAD, who brought the necessary materials required for thecamp. 132 people including students and staff donated their blood on that day. The blood samples weretested and the blood group was made known to the donor before they were ready to donate. The NSSvolunteers helped the donors to overcome their fears of blood donation. The collected units were handedover to NTR blood bank. Refreshments were given to the donors to pick up their strength followed by theissue of certificates for donating the blood. The camp ended up by 5pm in the evening. ‘A healthy person can donate blood every three months’ “Donate blood, Save life”SEVAKRITI 9
  10. 10. Other activities:Plantation program:The NSS unit of VNR VJIET started its plantation programme on 27th of August 2009 at VNR VJIET, Bachupally. A target of planting around 200 saplings has been set. The plantation programme started in collaborationwith Cognizant Technological Services Pvt. Ltd. (CTS), supporting the “Go Green Concept.” The eco club, “Green Peace” that has been started and promoted by the CTS arrived at the VNR VJIETcampus at 10:00 am. The inauguration has been presided over by CTS team lead Mr. K. Srinivas, Principal ofVNR VJIET Dr. C.D. Naidu and Placement officer of VNR VJIET Partha Saradhi. The inauguration took place byall the volunteers taking an oath to protect the environment and preserve the nature in view of making theenvironment eco-friendly for its beings. The motto of introducing the plantation programme is to giveinformation regarding the prominence of trees for not just being the prerequisite of any life form but also forforming a strong foundation in the natural, ecological and economic development of the society and itssurroundings. It was targeted by the unit to plant around 200 saplings by the end of the day. Initially, 40 volunteers fromthe club and 7 members from the CTS foundation along with some faculty members from distinctdepartments of VNR VJIET started the programme by planting a ray of 40 trees within the college premises.The programme of plantation-in-bulk was to be held at a time set as 3 p.m. in the afternoon, aftertermination of the classes. There was an announcement made to gather the students at the venue. A largenumber of students from different departments arrived at the main grounds where they were directed towork out the process and implement the idea of planting the saplings all over the college grounds. Thecrowd was the major inspiration this time that incited everybody ebulliently to hit the target and achieve theaim of the day of grounding a total of 200 saplings. This was done randomly by about 150 students and thecampus was soon glowing with the little-greens. The day ended on a good note.SEVAKRITI 10
  11. 11. Helping flood victims: The NSS Unit of VNR VJIET collected money around a sum of Rs 1,61,000( Rs 1,00,000 from Management and Rs 67,000 from Staff ) brought food items and distributed them to 750flood affected families in rural areas of Kurnool District on 14th October , 2009 .Clothes were donated bystudents and staff .  With a philanthropic attitude , the NSS Unit of VNR VJIET collected the funds to the tune of Rs 6,52,000/- from the students and presented to Mr.K.Madhava Reddy a final year student of EEE branch , to meet the expenses for the surgery of Bone Marrow Transplantation ( Cancer) operation .  80 students from II , III & IV B.Tech NSS Volunteers of VNR VJIET wrote intermediate examinations on behalf of blind students as scribes. The subjects were I year Intermediate Telugu and Sanskrit and 2nd year Intermediate Telugu.Voter Registration Program: was conducted with the help of LETS Vote Organizationduring 2 Jan to 18 Jan 09. 500 Hundred Students & Staff registered their names.Distribution of Swine flu medicines: NSS unit also distributed 2000 samples ofhomeopathy swine flu medicines free of cost. “Most of the members of the NSS unit are also working as mentors in the DnE program of an NGO,“BHUMI – Center for leadership excellence”.SEVAKRITI 11
  12. 12. Future activities:  Career counseling for Govt. school students.  Digital literacy.  Special camp 2011.  Blood donation camp.  Plantation program.TAKE AWAY: Every individual who has completed two years of work under NSS will be awarded acertificate for their service issued by J.N.T.U Hyderabad. This certificate is of great worth and adds greatweight to your resume. The best example is, all the 4th years of NSS unit being placed in different MNC’s. FAQ’S:  Do I need to pay any registration fee to join NSS? Ans: Absolutely not.  Why should I join NSS? Ans: To serve society as a responsible citizen and to master yourself personally.  Difference between NSS and other student bodies? Ans: You can fulfill your zest to serve the society, which gives you immense satisfaction which no other student body can give.  How many hours do I need to work for NSS in an academic year? Ans: A student enrolled in NSS is expected to put in atleast 120 hours of social service in an academic year and shall be entitled to get a certificate from the university on completion of two years term i.e 240 hours.  What are all the benefits apart from certification? Ans: You can gain skills like team work, leadership qualities, mass communication, public speaking capabilities and most memorable moments.How to apply:If you are wondering how to join the VNRVJIET NSS team all you need to have is the thrust to serve andenthusiasm to walk into NSS room …. Contact : Tirupati Reddy D (+919177922345) Hemanth Raju S (+919703406588)SEVAKRITI 12