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System thinking


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Published in: Technology, Business
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System thinking

  1. 1. System Thinking Subhash Chandra Gupta National Institute of Design
  2. 2. Aim - Identify different issues and understand how system works. Methodology - Identify product and study in details about it from what, how & why perspective to know the best insight.
  3. 3. Why do we need system?Every problem, however small or big, can be handled through System Thinking. It serves as atool to approach a problem and bring about a change in the system by arriving at a solution. Butthere is no fixed formula to look at a problem and System thinking allows you to adapt your ways ofapproaching. A system is made up of small and big components and every component will havedifferent issues at different levels. As nothing works in isolation, each of these elements aredepended on the other to deliver optimum output and functioning. According to System Thinking,small change made at the right point can bring about a major change in the structure and thus, inthe entire environment and society.
  4. 4. School Education Programme 1st Assignment Identify one component to solve the whole problem
  5. 5. brainstorming
  6. 6. Understanding leverage points
  7. 7. Design a keyring 2nd Assignment Issues with keyring Loosing Heavy Discomfort Identification Insertion of keyrings Damage to clothes
  8. 8. Concepts
  9. 9. Why do we need Structures?Structure helps us understand complex situation very clearly. Often problem solvers cannot visualize a situationwell. A clear recognition of a complex situation increases efficiency of Problem Solving.With this one can find out loop holes easily and also know where one needs to push to get the work done better. Anunorganized body of elements might not function to its optimum efficiency levels while if organized into a welldefined structure with a certain work-flow, it might prove to work much better. Having an understanding ofstructures in a system increases the efficiency of work, saves time, money and efforts and helps in making a better
  10. 10. Studing auto walas at Gandhinagar 3rd Assignment Understanding structure its solution and alternatives
  11. 11. Class Discussion
  12. 12. Implementing some ideas in class
  13. 13. When is growth unhealthy?To me growth of anything comes with a cost as they say “no gain without pain”. Take any case such asover production of food grains, vegetables, milk, raw material; the list isendless but we hardly care about the cost of the growth. What kind of artificial mineral is being used toincrease food production, which kind of injection is injected intovegetables to make it ripe in a day to get ready for market next day, how many hormones in a day, aregiven to buffaloes to extract more milk? Growth is not good or bad.It is when growth exceeds that need; than it becomes a problem.
  14. 14. 4th AssignmentPurposeIntoducing a new way of increasing sales of Coconut water as a commercial beverage.Product profileCoCo’U....... Main Ingredients: Coconut waterIs a 100% natural and nutritious fruit juice to refresh and give all the benefits of a healthybody and mind. Brand communication: CoCo’ U to suggest the nature of the drink and canalso mean a healthier alternative to artificial beverages like coke etc.
  15. 15. Existing Scenario India 3rd largest Coconut Producing Country Area ------------- 1.78 Million hectors Which Grows --- 7562 Million Coconut Every Year
  16. 16. Health benefits and Energy
  17. 17. AvailabilityLocal Street SellerRegion BoundNo Popular BrandsSupply strategyTargeting........ Consumer SegmentHospitalsAll Pharmaceuticals SportsmanSchool and college canteen PatientsCorporate TravelersAirports, Railway Stations Health Conscious WomenAirlines CorporateLocal Vendors SchoolsHotels Youth
  18. 18. StrategiesPricingBrandingDistributionMarketingNutrition profilesTarget consumersDaily Supply StrategyVia News Paper VendorVegetable Vendor
  19. 19. Co-operative model Employment opportunity v v v v v Consumer Transportation Shops Loading vSource v Collection center
  20. 20. Revenue ModelCoCo U Fastrack PVR CinemasCoconut water Coupon Customer Airtel Brand promotion HolidayInn (Daab) DLF League
  21. 21. CoCo fit
  22. 22. Customer Experience
  23. 23. Make world a better place 5th Assignment
  24. 24. Thankyou