Fresh ones tissues


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Fresh ones tissues

  1. 1. DESIGN PROJECT<br />PRODUCT RESEARCH ON FRESH ONES TISSUES<br />Subhash Chandra Gupta & Anvika kapoor<br />Strategic Design Management (NID)<br />
  2. 2. Design Brief:<br />Perform design research involving users, functions, interactions, environment and technological issues.<br />Develop a design brief<br />Ideate solution directions and solutions<br />Model and prototype solutions Aim–To understand the design process and various steps involved in achieving and realizing a product or service<br />Evaluate solutions<br />Revisit the brief<br />Document <br />Present the solutions<br />Discuss the management issues in implementing the solutions<br />Concluding presentations and discussions<br />
  3. 3. Purpose:<br />The processes of design management can be carried out effectively only if there is a deeper appreciation of the design process practiced by designers. <br />Aim:<br />To understand the design processes and methods with a hands-on project-oriented approach.<br />Objective: To redesign a user friendly and eye catching fresh ones wet tissue box for domestic and export market.<br />User group: Women and men between the age group of 16 years and above working and studying in different fields.<br />Methodology:<br />The learning is project-based that would include exploration and research on real-life products and services, and their relationship with design management.<br />
  4. 4. About Product<br /><ul><li>Fresh Ones are a pack of 50 wet wipes.
  5. 5. Size of one tissue 220mm x 140mm.
  6. 6. Size of the pack is 110mm x 80mm.
  7. 7. Material used for the pack is polypropylene.
  8. 8. Manufactured through injection moulding.
  9. 9. It comes with a pull-out component used to pull out tissues for first time use.</li></ul>Problem Situations<br />IMAGERY<br /><ul><li>Feminine image to be changed. </li></ul>PACKAGING<br /><ul><li>Poor finishing
  10. 10. Poorly assembled components
  11. 11. Surface has dents and modulations
  12. 12. Size too big for a travel pack</li></ul>PRODUCT-USER INTERFACE<br /><ul><li>No facility for easy tear
  13. 13. Too wet while trying to tear off
  14. 14. No indication for perforation marks
  15. 15. Purpose of break-seal is lost</li></li></ul><li>Problem Situations<br />IMAGERY<br /><ul><li>Feminine image to be changed. </li></ul>PACKAGING<br /><ul><li>Poor finishing
  16. 16. Poorly assembled components
  17. 17. Surface has dents and modulations
  18. 18. Size too big for a travel pack</li></ul>PRODUCT-USER INTERFACE<br /><ul><li>No facility for easy tear
  19. 19. Too wet while trying to tear off
  20. 20. No indication for perforation marks
  21. 21. Purpose of break-seal is lost</li></li></ul><li>Problem Situations<br />FORM/SIZE/SHAPE<br /><ul><li>Too big to fit into a small handbag
  22. 22. Form is too rigid
  23. 23. Space wastage in packaging</li></ul>ERGONOMICS:<br /><ul><li>Both hands are used for operating
  24. 24. Too much pressure is applied to open the cap and tear off the tissue
  25. 25. Cap is openable only at an angle
  26. 26. No indication for the pack getting over</li></ul>GRAPHICS/ BRANDING<br /><ul><li>Non appealing graphics
  27. 27. Information graphics too cluttered
  28. 28. Visual hierarchy not maintained</li></li></ul><li>User groups<br />Female<br />Male<br />16 – 30years<br />31 years and above<br />20 years and above<br /><ul><li>Business executives at lunchtime, Picnickers, vacationers, travelers, students etc..
  29. 29. High school students
  30. 30. College going girls
  31. 31. Women in workforce
  32. 32. E.g. Corporate, celebrities , beauticians, hospitality industry etc.
  33. 33. House wives and nursing mothers etc... </li></ul>Environments – Homes , offices, vacation and picnic destinations, colleges etc..<br />WHY – AIM of re-designing<br /><ul><li>Revamping the product to increase sales
  34. 34. To provide a better product to the customer
  35. 35. To provide satisfaction to the customer and build a bond of trust with them.</li></li></ul><li>Designer’s Task<br />What is to be accomplished<br />IMAGERY<br /><ul><li>Should look like a unisexual product
  36. 36. Should have the visual appeal of a personal care product</li></ul>PACKAGING<br /><ul><li>Refilling should be possible
  37. 37. Material used for the pack should be recyclable
  38. 38. Size to be made appropriate for a travel pack
  39. 39. Better finishing to be achieved to make it look more sophisticated
  40. 40. Pack should be air-tight and dust proof</li></ul>PRODUCT-USER INTERFACE<br /><ul><li>Better indication of perforation marks
  41. 41. Wetness to be controlled
  42. 42. Neatly folded tissues should come out
  43. 43. Provision for easy tear
  44. 44. Purpose of break seal to be made clearer
  45. 45. Control over the amount of tissue to be pulled out</li></li></ul><li>Designer’s Task<br />What is to be accomplished<br />FORM/SIZE/SHAPE<br /><ul><li>More dynamic form to be achieved
  46. 46. More compact, should be able to fit into the pocket
  47. 47. Should facilitate ease of storage, transportation and display</li></ul>ERGONOMICS INVOLVED<br /><ul><li>Should be able to use with one hand
  48. 48. Pack should open with one hand even when placed on a surface
  49. 49. Some indication to tell if the pack is getting over
  50. 50. Less pressure should be applied to open the cap and tear off the tissue</li></ul>BRANDING<br /><ul><li>Graphics should be trendy, summery, cool and fresh
  51. 51. Variations to be made available for other aromas of the same product
  52. 52. Visual hierarchy to be established for information graphics
  53. 53. Product should attractive and eye-catching
  54. 54. Graphics should make it easily standout on the shelf of a general store, supermarket or medical store.</li></li></ul><li>Critical Success Factors<br />DESIRABLES<br />SHOWSTOPPERS<br /><ul><li>Plastic clip breaks
  55. 55. Box starts locking in moisture causing tissues to dry up
  56. 56. Increase in tissue quantity
  57. 57. Better T.V. commercials
  58. 58. Different surface finish
  59. 59. Disposability
  60. 60. Refilling should be possible
  61. 61. Exclusive forms for male and females
  62. 62. Information graphics need improvisation</li></ul>REQUIRED<br /><ul><li>Air tight container
  63. 63. Flip open mechanism
  64. 64. Sanitary fragrance
  65. 65. Appealable graphics
  66. 66. Quantity indicator
  67. 67. Easy pull out mechanism
  68. 68. Size reduction by optimum space utilization</li></li></ul><li>MOOD BOARD<br />
  69. 69. Final packaging design for women<br />For men<br />Option-1<br />Option-2<br />Option-3<br />
  70. 70. INITIAL MODELS<br />
  71. 71. Different parts of final prototype<br />
  72. 72. FINAL PRODUCT<br />