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2 brief hisory of needling


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brief hisory of needling

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2 brief hisory of needling

  1. 1. DR. SUBHANJAN DAS, PT +91 8967549104 Dry Needling Instructor MPT (Musculoskeletal & Sports) Assoc. Prof., BIMLS, Burdwan
  2. 2. Also in the series         
  3. 3. Timeline  1828 -Inspired by acupuncture English physician Churchill tries needling of points of maximum tenderness in “rheumatalgia”, published a book with his findings.  1882-Sir William Osler, professor of medicine at Oxford University describes dry needling for lumbago in his book ‘The Principles and Practice of Medicine’,  He inserted, ‘needles of from three to four inches in length (ordinary bonnet needles sterilised will do). . . Into the lumbar muscles at the seat of the pain’.
  4. 4. Timeline  1938- Kellgren injects procaine (LA) directly into trigger point and deactivates them  1940’S- Janet Travel uses the term dry needling  1955- Sola & Kuitert injects saline water in trigger point, they opine: ‘the use of normal saline has none of the disadvantages often associated with the use of a local anaesthetic but appears to have the same therapeutic value’
  5. 5.  1979: Karel Lewit becomes one of the first physicians to employ Dry Needling for pain relief. The use of acupuncture needles is a refinement of the earlier methods which used hypodermic needles. This significantly reduces the risk of haematoma and bruising associated with hollow needles  1980- Frost et al finds out saline water fared better than local anaesthetic  1984: Maryland becomes the first US state to allow needling by PT’s.
  6. 6. Schools  Because dry needling originated in various geographic locations simultaneously, multiple models of needling has developed.  Popular models are Radiculopathy model of Gunn, trigger point model, spinal segmental sensitization, Neural needling, twitch obtaining IMS
  7. 7. Radiculopathy model  Canadian physician Chan Gunn is the proponent of the radiculopathy model.  In Gunn’s view, shortening of the paraspinal muscles, particularly the multifidi muscles, leads to disc compression, narrowing of the intervertebral foramina, or direct pressure on the nerve root, which subsequently would result in peripheral neuropathy.
  8. 8. TrP Model  Myofascial pain originates from myofascial trigger point. Deactivating the trigger points by needling is the management.
  9. 9. SDN  Peter Baldry started SDN where the needle is inserted only a few mm.
  10. 10. Other models  The spinal segmental sensitization model and neural acupuncture involves exclusive use of injections, which are outside the scope of physiotherapy