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Where business meet’s IT


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How the IT system can match with meeting demands of fast growing needs to business and some essential parameters which could help them in achieving it.

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Where business meet’s IT

  1. 1. WHERE BUSINESS MEET’S IT Prasad Narasimhan – Technical Architect
  2. 2.  IT should be a facilitator for business  Disruptive IT should bring new lines of business  Information needed should be at door steps for all major decisions  IT should support all the product lines and it should help consumer to do business in a comfortable way WHERE?
  3. 3.  IT has its own way of execution (Strategy, Execution ,…)  IT may not have integrated system in terms of data , application ..  IT Solutions may not totally extendible , not plug – play, slow turn around, every additional solution costing more investment.  Business Team has their own aggressive targets and deadline which IT finds difficult to match CHALLENGES
  4. 4.  After a lot of transformation in IT we are marching towards the solution. This is a long term one which if adapted we would be there.  Enterprise Governance (Data , Application, Infrastructure) aligning to (Enterprise Vision, Mission,…).  Self Service applications to Business Users.  Information should be available as Service or API which any application or end user can access to. IS THERE A SOLUTION?
  5. 5.  Look at where we stand  Do a GAP Analysis to reach the vision  Defined well defined metrics in terms of Governance targeting mission , vision..  Try to make the application self configurable by Business Users and they can tailor the Business rules & data based on their need. HOW TO GET THERE?
  6. 6.  Adoption of TOGAF, Zachman Enterprise framework for defining the Governance model.  Troux Kind of tools can be used to collect the Metrics and validate the Enterprise Performance against standards FRAMEWORKS/TOOLS.
  7. 7.  Please do pass on you comments and suggestions THANKS