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SOA at Enterprise Level

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. SOA - OVERVIEWPrasad Narasimhan – Technical Architect
  2. 2. Components of SOA
  3. 3. Ideal SOA
  4. 4. Why SOA
  5. 5. What SOA does
  6. 6. SOA Road Map
  7. 7. How is SOA mapped
  8. 8. SOA Enabled applications
  9. 9. SOA Pyramid
  10. 10. EA & SOA
  11. 11. SOA basics
  12. 12. Services in Enterprise - Categorized
  13. 13. SOA Drivers
  14. 14. Service Maturity
  15. 15. SOA Usage
  16. 16. SOA Architectural Patterns
  17. 17. Principles of SOA
  18. 18. Service MetaModel
  19. 19. Kinds of Services
  20. 20. SOA Enabling from Solution Perspective
  21. 21. IBM SOA Entry Points
  22. 22. Oracle AIA Service Structure
  23. 23. Oracle AIA – Inventory Explained
  24. 24. IBM Stack Area WebSphere Product Expertise Messaging WebSphere MQ WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Application Servers Process Server, WebSphere Message Broker,, WebSphere Adapters , WebSphere Transformation Extender, Application Integration WebSphere DataPower Appliances, WebSphere Integration Developer. BAM WebSphere Business Monitor WebSphere Business Services Fabric, WebSphere BPM Business Modeler, WebSphere Business Integration Modeler. WebSphere Commerce (Enterprise, Professional, Commerce Express) Enterprise Service Bus WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus B2B WebSphere Partner Gateway
  25. 25. Service Interaction
  26. 26. Process Decomposition
  27. 27. Meet in the Middle
  28. 28. RUP for SOMA
  29. 29. SOMA
  30. 30. SOMALoosely coupled modular services to support both business and ITrequirements. Startup / Adoption JService Portlet WSRP B2B Other<< Input from: Business Analysis & Existing Assets>> consumers Service Consumer Identification of Candidate Services and Flows business processes process choreography Specification services of Services, Components, and Flows atomic and composite Service Provider Realization service components Decisions, Solution Templates & Patterns, Architecture, Technology Feasibility operational systems Packaged Custom OO Implementation Application Application Application Build/Assembly, Testing Composite Service Atomic Service Deployment Registry Packaging and Provisioning
  31. 31. SOMA Inventory
  32. 32. SOMA Approach
  33. 33. Rational SOMA
  34. 34. SOMF 2.0
  35. 35. Bottom Up Service Identification
  36. 36. Service Identification
  37. 37. Service Capabilities
  38. 38. Service Architecture
  39. 39. Sample Architecture Overview
  40. 40. Webservices• "Web services are a new breed of Web application. They are self-contained, self-describing, modular applications that can be published, located, and invoked across the Web. Web services perform functions, which can be anything from simple requests to complicated business processes. … Once a Web service is deployed, other applications (and other Web services) can discover and invoke the deployed service.” IBM web service tutorial
  41. 41. IBM Toolkit WebSphere BI Modeler Development Platform WebSphere Integration Developer Rational Application Developer Business Performance Management Services WBI Monitor Interaction Services Process Services Information Services WebSphere WebSphere Process Server DB2 Information Portal Server Integrator Enterprise Service Bus WebSphere MQ SI Bus Web Services Gateway WBI Event/Message Broker Business App Services Application and Data Access Services Partner Services WebSphere Adapters HATS DB2 II Classic WBI Adapters WebSphere WebSphere Partner Gateway Application Server Business Application and Data Services Enterprise Applications and Data Infrastructure Services
  42. 42. Web Services - Explained
  43. 43. An Approach
  44. 44. Sample Service
  45. 45. Two Approaches
  46. 46. Webservices "server" bind (SOAP) Service provider Service Consumer publish (WSDL) "client"
  47. 47. Webservices Implementation