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Information + insight = action

How the information is revolutionizing the decision process and how to take advantage of it

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Information + insight = action

  1. 1. Information + insight = action PRASAD NARASIMHAN – TECHNICAL ARCHITECT
  2. 2. Preface Would like to think future how we grown ourselves from no-data to Huge-Data. The Action if taken with proper analysis based on the information from various systems Analyzing the date from multiple folds to understand the pattern and make decisions based on it will be the major trend carry forward. Some organizations are ready to leverage this information revolution in consuming data and using it in decisions. Identifying the critical Gaps in achieving the advantage will be the major focus.
  3. 3. Information
  4. 4. Architecting IT Process
  5. 5. IT – Manufacturing – Factors & Process
  6. 6. IT – Decision Support Systems
  7. 7. Decision -> Action
  8. 8. Information Overload
  9. 9. Handling large data
  10. 10. Data Analytics & Market Segments